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Yacht Charter Lipari

Yacht Charter Lipari

On a Lipari yacht charter with Borrow a Boat you can explore the Aeolian Islands within an easy sail. Whatever you want from a Sicily yacht charter, from enjoying the vibrant culture to beautiful beaches, a Lipari sailing holiday is going to be a memorable trip

The largest and most populous of the Aeolian archipelago off the north coast of Sicily, Lipari is a dormant volcanic island that last erupted 1,400 years ago. It has signs of human habitation dating as far back as 7,000 years ago, and has been fought over by every empire that has ruled over this part of the Mediterranean.

With its pumice quarrying industry only recently brought to an end, tourism and fishing are the primary industries on Lipari island. A short ferry ride from Milazzo on mainland Sicily, you'll soon find yourself bewitched by this entrancing little island and its Aeolian neighbours.

For those who want to understand the culture of Lipari, a few hours at the Museo Archeologico Regionale Eoliano in the main town of Lipari on the island is in order. From there you should pay a visit to the churches, Greek and Roman ruins and the fort in the town.

Bring your walking boots on a visit to Lipari or any of the Aeolian Islands! You should climb to the top to see the world before you, and perhaps grab some pumice stone as a souvenir. Being volcanic, the island has thermal springs at Terme di San Calogero that was originally developed by the Myceneans but today isn't exploited at all - you just have to jump a wall to get in!

Explore Lipari By Renting A Yacht

Lipari is the perfect place to start a relaxed sailing adventure around the Aeolian Island archipelago. Most famous of all the islands is Stromboli, an active volcano that has been erupting for most of the last 2,000 years. On one side it is populated thanks to its predictability but on the other it sparks and belches fire. It is almost compulsory on a Lipari yacht charter to spend an evening just offshore with a glass of wine or two and to watch the fireworks!

Panarea is a quieter island than Lipari or Stromboli, though in July and August it can be overrun with day trippers. A place to hide from the world, perhaps with your significant other, it is an island that has a pulse albeit one you need to sit quietly to feel. You can walk to the island summit Punta del Corvo and relax on the beach. Don't rush at anything - that isn't the way things are done here!

Vulcano has volcanic activity and hot mud baths for those seeking deep relaxation. You can walk up to one of the craters, assured that you won't be burned to a crisp but smelling the intense smell of sulphur from the bowels of the Earth. Vulcano however holds a human secret - it is the destination for the ultra rich and ultra chic who need a break from socialising on Capri, a couple of days' sailing by superyacht charter across the Tyrrhenian Sea. As such you will see quiet villas with well kempt gardens that await their owners' visit, empty most of the year.

The three other islands of Salina, Alicudi and Filicudi make the likes of Panarea and Vulcano feel like Mykonos on a hot August night! Sparsely populated, laid back to the extreme and all wonderful escapes from your world at home. Your Lipari yacht charter will allow you to visit them at your leisure - book your charter yacht with Borrow a Boat today to see what we mean!

How To Get To Lipari

Catania Airport

There are no direct flights to the Aeolian Islands. The nearest international airport is Catania on Sicily and you will take a train to Milazzo on the north coast of the island. From here you will take a ferry on to Lipari, which takes just over an hour for the final leg.

Marinas In Lipari

There are three quays in Lipari where yachts can dock.

Marina Lunga

This is a quay to the north of the ferry terminal, administered by two private companies Yacht Harbour Lipari and La Buona Fonda. It is a yacht charter hub with charter company and boat owners offering yacht charter with crew and gulet as well as bareboat charter of monohull sailing yacht charter, luxury yacht charter, and motorboat charter.

Berth Characteristics:

80 berths

Max Length 60m (197 Feet)

Max Draught 5m (16 Feet)

List of additional services: Shore power, water, WiFi, shower/WC, launderette, garbage disposal, cash machine, restaurant.

Pignataro Marina

This is a small marina in on the NE of the bay that has a number of charter yacht rentals available that include catamaran charter, luxury yacht charter, monohull sailing boat and motor yacht rental.

Berth Characteristics:

80 berths

Max Length 35m (114 Feet)

Max Draught 5m (16 Feet)

List of additional services: Shore power, water, WiFi, shower/WC.

Marina Corta

This is a small marina in Lipari that has a number of charter boat rentals available that include catamaran charter, luxury yacht charter and motor yacht rental.

Berth Characteristics:

15 berths

Max Length 12m (40 Feet)

Max Draught 4m (13 Feet)

List of additional services: Shore power, water, WiFi, shower/WC.

Suggested Sailing Routes From Lipari

Whether on a sailing boat or motor boat on a bareboat charter or gulet charter you can explore the Aeolian archipelagoout of Lipari. Let's look at what this will involve.

7 Days - Exploring the Aeolian Archipelago: From Lipari Town you spend the first day sailing to and exploring the quiet holiday island of Panarea. The next day you head to Stromboli and enjoy the evening offshore watching the active volcano. Salina will be your next destination, with its sleepy, laid back vibe. You then sail to Alicudi for another tranquil island experience. Vulcano will be your next stop, perhaps enjoying the mud baths. Your final leg will be a return to Lipari where you disembark.

14 Days - Mainland and Islands of Sicily: The ancient city of Milazzo will be your shakedown leg - take a day ashore to enjoy all it has to offer and well as visiting Messina while you're at it. Through the strait between Sicily and Italy next and round to Catania for another day's sailing. Syracuse will be your next port. Marina di Ragusa on the west coast is widely held as one of the best marinas on the main island, and then a long day's sailing on to Marsala the next day - it may well be worth exploring the wine shops here. Explore the small Egadi Islands the next day, and then the next a 25NM of sail to Palermo - a bit different to the quiet anchorage the night before. Spend the next day taking it all in. Capo d'Orlando will give you a cultural fix for the next evening after 30NM or so of coastal cruising. Your last few days will be in the Aeolian Islands, taking a few days at Stromboli and Vulcano to see the black sands and explosions before returning to Lipari.

Best Times To Hire A Yacht In Lipari

The sailing season in Italy is from May to October. Outside of the high season in July/August you will find many marinas have enough room to meet demand and will often be cheaper than Greece or Croatia.

In some parts of Italy's sailing meccas the prices rocket in July/August and you may end up paying hundreds of Euros for the last available berth if you're lucky enough to get one!

As such the best times to sail in Italy are during school term in September or October when the sea is still warm but the marinas and towns relaxed and quiet. If you want Italy at full throttle in the maximum heat of summer the high season may well be for you!

The Climate

Much of the sailing season you will find sea breezes that build during the day and ease off at night, making for a perfect sailing holiday.

The hot, humid southerly Scirocco can make things extremely uncomfortable at night in southern Italy and around Sicily from time to time. Expect temperatures to hardly dip at night from the high 30s in the day. Orange hued fog (coloured by Sahara Desert sand) is another issue, adding to the discomfort!

In July and August however, many of the winds seem to take a rest for the year. You could end up motoring for much of your sailing holiday!


What should I consider when hiring a Yacht or Boat?

The main points to consider are what is your budget, have you got the necessary sailing experience and qualifications to manage the boat if it's not going to have a skipper, whom you are taking sailing, where exactly you wish to go and what will the weather be like on the proposed dates of your trip.

What are the Marinas in Lipari?

There are three marinas in Lipari - with 80 berths each and taking vessels of up to 60 metres there is Pignataro and Marina Lunga, while the much smaller Marina Corta has 15 berths taking vessels of up to 12 metres.

When are the best times to hire a boat in Lipari?

While the sailing season runs from April to October in Sicily, it can get very busy and hot at the peak times of July and August with the marinas often very full and expensive. As such if you can get on a sailing vacation outside the school holidays, perhaps in May or September the sailing conditions are better and the crowds are less intense.

Do you have to pay a deposit when hiring a Yacht in Lipari?

You will typically pay 50% up front on booking the yacht hire and the balance on arrival. You will either pay a security deposit with your credit card on departure or can get insurance covering damage in advance. In some cases (such as the recent Covid situation) charter companies may be more flexible but this depends on the individual charter companies themselves.

What happens if my Yacht breaks down?

If you are at sea and in danger, call MAYDAY on VHF Ch16 or ring the coast guard on your phone if you have reception. If you have a mechanical fault and can make it to or are on a mooring you will be able to phone a help line number given by the boat charter company.

What should I think of before I hire a Yacht or Boat in Lipari?

You should consider do you have the experience to handle the yacht charter or boat hire before you book and where do you want to go along with what the weather will be like. Dress for warm weather but do have something for tropical rains - light but waterproof.

What Qualifications Do I need to hire a boat or yacht?

If you want to sail without a skipper then you will need relevant qualifications like RYA Day Skipper/International Certificate of Competence (ICC)/ASA 104 Bareboat certificate or the US Sailing Certificate. For small 'day boats' or if you choose to have a crewed yacht charter you typically don't require licences.

Frequently asked questions
What should I consider when hiring a Yacht or Boat?

The main points to consider are what is your budget, have you got the necessary sailing experience and qualifications to manage the boat if it's not going to have a skipper, whom you are taking sailing, where exactly you wish to go and what will the weather be like on the proposed dates of your trip.

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