Hoppy Choppy Isla 40 (2022) in Nanny Cay

Map PinNanny Cay,Nanny Cay,Tortola,British Virgin Islands

6 Guests


3 Cabins

6 Berths

a boat

12m (38ft)


captains available

Skipper Available


  • Year: 2022
  • Numbers of cabins: 3
  • Model: Isla 40
  • Length: 12m (38ft)
  • Capacity: 6
  • Number of Berths: 6


Air condition
Solar panel
Water maker
Chart plotter


Compulsory Extras

BVI - Green Fee$10 per booking
BVI - Yacht Insurance (DRA)$50 per day
BVI - National Parks Fees$45 per week
BVI - VISAR$10 per booking
BVI - Dinghy Fuel$30 per booking
BVI - Reschedule Insurance$200 per booking
BVI - Cruising Tax (Per Person Per Day)$4 per day person

Optional Extras

BVI - Kayak single person$20 per day
BVI - Kiteboard$20 per day
BVI - Surfboards$20 per day
BVI - Casting package$10 per day
BVI - Ukulele$80 per booking
BVI - Beach toys$10 per booking
BVI - Noodles$2 per booking
BVI - Fishing License$60 per booking
BVI - Beach Chairs$20 per booking
BVI - Sleep Aboard$75 per booking person
BVI - Beach toys$10 per booking
BVI - Chef$200 per day
BVI - Skipper Instructional$275 per day
BVI - Bean bag chair$50 per booking
BVI - Pack n Play $50 per booking
BVI - Snorkel vest$10 per booking
BVI - Yoga mats$20 per booking
BVI - Ice$5 per booking
BVI - Skipper$250 per day
BVI - SUP Board$25 per day
BVI - Beginner Windsurf$40 per day
BVI - BBQ Propane$13 per week
BVI - Kite harness$40 per booking
BVI - Trolling Package$15 per day
BVI - Sunchill float$100 per booking
BVI - Boogie board$20 per booking
BVI - Gaff$20 per booking
BVI - Floating mats$20 per booking
BVI - Intermediate Windsurf$50 per day
BVI - Dinghy ladder$50 per booking
BVI - Lazy Buns Floats$20 per booking
BVI - Kayak 2 person$20 per day
BVI - Free wing$25 per day
BVI - Water carpet$100 per booking
BVI - Checkout Skipper$175 per booking
BVI - Umbrella$15 per booking

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