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Hire Out Your Boat

If you are a boat owner who would like to hire out your boat, read below to find out more information!

Here are just some of the great reasons to get your boats online with us:

  • Free to list

    At Borrow a boat we never charge to list your boats on our platform, and you can cancel the listing at any time without charge. We work on a commission basis on each booking, and we do not ask for commission on anything else but the charter fee.Free to list
  • Easy to use

    Our platform has been designed with ease of use for both charterers and boat owners as top priority. We are constantly developing and updating the site with an in-house team of tech experts to make it even easier to navigate.Easy to use
  • Marketing & Social Media

    With our strong presence on social media and search engines combined with out ingenuitive marketing campaigns, we are the hottest topic in the industry right now. The best bit about being part of this? It doesn’t cost a thing!Marketing & Social Media
  • You set the rules

    You set the rules for your boat, always. You can set your boat to always be captained, if you want to ensure you or a representative will always be on board. If you want no pets, no groups, no leaving the dock, or any other bespoke rules, you can!You set the rules
  • You set the price

    You always choose your own price point for your boats. If you want to make comparable to similar boats in your region, or higher or lower depending on your preference for earning vs sharing the boating love, go for it!You set the price
  • You can say no to any booking

    You have the option to turn any booking down, whether the dates are impossible for you or you just don’t get the right feeling from vetting the potential charterer, you can say no to any charter request, always.You can say no to any booking
sustainable boating

Putting your boat up for charter on Borrow a Boat is a great way to help your fleet earn more or help you to start covering the marina fees and maintenance costs that come with owning your boat. Borrow A Boat is the perfect marketplace to enable you to place your boat up for hire in the most easy and efficient way possible. We’re basically an extra, free, and easy to use marketing channel.

Borrow a Boat is the online marketplace for boat charter, bringing variety to the charter market and getting the world out boating. We currently have over 45,000 boats globally - including charter fleets, bespoke operators and privately owned and managed vessels. A centralised and simplified booking system, a bit like Airbnb meets Amazon meets Uber, for boats!

silent yachts

Research has shown that when potential clients are looking to book a boat, they get tired of searching through the many charter company websites out there in order to get the right deal for them. What they would like is to be able to see all of their options in one place, as they can already in so many other industries. We’re here to do that, bridging the gap between boat owners and clients looking to shop in one spot.

The system is easy to use. Users can search for their perfect boat, message with any queries, and then book and pay through Borrow A Boat’s website. Owners can list their vessel(s), vet and message with potential charterers, and receive bookings and payments all quickly and conveniently.

So, are you coming on board?

We’d absolutely love to have your boats on Borrow A Boat, to be able to start sending you happy customers. It’s the best option on the market, it’s free for you, and you can always turn down any booking or cancel your listing if you’re ever unsatisfied, so why wouldn’t you try it? If you’d like support uploading your boat or fleet, please send us an email and a helpful consultant will be on hand to assist.

"Being able to charter the boat has meant we’ve been able to offset the cost whilst still being able to enjoy ourselves on board and at the same time being able to meet some great people… and being able to share some great experiences with them. It’s been fantastic".

- David hires out his Azimut Gobbi 425C in The Solent, UK

Frequently asked questions

What boats are eligible to list on Borrow A Boat?

We take safety concerns very seriously. Therefore we need to see a valid charter code compliance certificate, which is the annual safety certificate commercial boats need to hold. It covers the likes of life rafts, life jackets, flares and navigational equipment. We also need to see a valid commercial charter insurance certificate so if you hold just private leisure use cover you will need to upgrade to skippered or bareboat charter cover with your insurer. Ask us for recommendations in this area and we may be able to help. If you are based in the UK we would advise you to contact YDSA.

It is the responsibility of the boat owner to be correctly certificated for commercial activities based on local rules and regulations.

What if someone has an accident while using my boat?

Most boat owners will ask for a damage waiver / security deposit to cover their insurance excess in the case that a claim has to be made due to damage to the boat. You will add this cost during the listing process.

Am I responsible if the borrower runs into trouble on the boat?

As the boat owner, you will be the borrower’s main point of contact throughout the booking process and while they are hiring your boat. You may choose to become a member of a local marine breakdown assistance company so that they can help if a situation arises. Local support is available in certain regions for charter handover and facilitation.

If I can’t practically manage the bookings what are my options?

Through Borrow A Boat’s extensive list of contacts in the industry, in many locations we can recommend local charter facilitation support to cover boat hand overs, familairisation tours and boat cleaning.

This can ental full yacht management services including help with coding surveys, renewal, maintenance management and replacement of any failing parts. Ask for more details and availability in your area.