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Superyacht charter Italy

Whether sailing the Aeolian Island chain off the north coast of Sicily, or cruising the Italian Riviera coastline on a bareboat charter or crewed charter, an Italian yacht charter with Borrow a Boat is going to be an unforgettable experience. Book your superyacht charter Italy today!

Why a Superyacht Charter

The south and west coast and islands of Italy are a heady mix of fashionable resorts, beautiful coastline and the dolce vita that make for some of the best super yacht charter destinations on the West Mediterranean. If Michelin-starred restaurants and high fashion are your thing, you will find it on the likes of the Amalfi Coast and the Emerald Coast of Sardinia. Relaxing in a mud bath? Try the Lipari Islands or Phelgraean Islands. Sailing around beautiful islands on the West Mediterranean Sea? You'll be spoiled for choice for a perfect yacht holiday!


There are seven broad yacht charter destinations you can enjoy on an Italy luxury yacht charter. Let's take a look at them below.

Northern Italy - the Italian Riviera

Centred on the historic city of Genoa, the Italian Riviera and nearby Cinque Terre are among the most fashionable yacht charter holiday destinations in the world. On your yacht cruise you will enjoy beautiful cities and towns with others enjoying the good life. This stretch of Italy's coastline is doable as part of a sailing trip to the French Riviera as well - not far to the west, the French Riviera is another yachting destination to enjoy on a longer trip.

Tuscany and the Tuscan Archipelago

Another major sailing destination on the west coast of Italy, Tuscany is blessed with its wonderful climate, vineyards and a reputation for a relaxed way of life.

Just offshore, the Tuscan Archipelago is one of the busier island chains off mainland Italy's coast, but one where you can get away from it all nonetheless.

Pontine Islands

Between the French island of Corsica and the Italian mainland lie the Pontine Islands. Remote and wild, these were used by both the Romans and Fascists as places of exile for their enemies. You will find a former prison on one, and small, quiet villages on others. For those on a super yacht charter, a way of falling off the face of the Earth for a few days!

Sardinia - the Emerald Coast

The Costa Smeralda is centred on the fashionable marina development at Porto Cervo. On a Sardinia yacht charter you will find a mix of party and dining fun with the quiet and beautiful La Maddalena Islands. On a yacht charter Italy, the Emerald Coast has it all within just a few hours by sea!

Bay of Naples and Islands

Coming into Southern Italy now, the Bay of Naples is another wild mix of fashionable resorts and quiet retreats - with everything between. Naples itself is one of the biggest cities in Italy and has everything from ancient ruins to full on nightlife.

Overlooked by the legendary Mount Vesuvius volcano (and its Roman victim, the city of Pompeii), the Bay of Naples is a beautful yacht charter holiday destination.

Just off the northern end you will find the Phlegraean Islands where you might enjoy a volcanic mud bath and spa, while to the southern end off the Sorrentine Peninsula is the immensely fashionable island of Capri.

Sorrentine Peninsula and Amalfi Coast

From the popular holiday resort town of Sorrento is popular among British tourists and while it lacks any spectacular beaches, offers plenty to do for those on a superyacht charter. Its old streets and English speaking locals will make you welcome, and it has a wide array of shops, restaurants and bars to enjoy.

To the south is the world famous Amalfi Coast. Comparable in beauty to Cinque Terre with its towns and villages perched on steep hillsides, the coastline is perhaps best enjoyed by boat to avoid all the steps in getting to the roads high above! Expect high class boutiques, Michelin-starred restaurants and high fashion ashore, with some quiet beaches to enjoy too.

Sicily and Islands

A final Italian yacht charter destination is Sicily. Generally speaking the north coast between Messina and the Marsala is the most popular stretch of coastline as a yachting destination. You will find well preserved ruins from empires past, high quality marinas and a deep, complex culture that attracts millions of visitors every year.

Just to the south are the Aeolian Island chain of islands. Administered by the Sicilian government, they include the volcanic islands of Lipari, Vulcano and Stromboli. Whether anchored offshore watching the volcanic explosions at sunset or relaxing in a hot mud bath, there is plenty to enjoy here on your Italy yacht charter!

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Superyacht Charter Italy

With your luxury charter yacht as a base, the crew will look after your needs while you focus on fun and relaxation. On your sailing yacht or motor yacht you can access isolated, sandy beaches inaccessible to others in quiet coves or immerse yourself in volcanic mud on a Phlegraean Island.

You can go ashore at different locations to enjoy socialising and the best restaurants in Tuscany or Genoa and then perhaps disappear to rebalance off a quiet island like Elba Island the next. Often the boat charter will carry water toys such as a motor boat, windsurfing gear and jet skis for you to blast around a quiet bay and have fun out of the sight and sound of others.

An Italy superyacht charter is best enjoyed in the summer months between May and September with the peak season in July and August on your sailing yacht or motor yacht charter yacht.

An Italy luxury crewed yacht charter is one of the safest, most luxurious and most convenient ways to travel and enjoy beautiful locations from the quiet of the Pontine Islands to the buzz of Capri on your yacht charter holiday.

Why a Superyacht Charter

Luxury, service, privacy and accessibility are just some of the benefits of choosing a luxury crewed yacht charter. Enjoy a vacation in unparalleled comfort and luxury as you sail to some of the world's most magical destinations; many of which are only accessible by yacht. Here are some of the advantages of choosing this type of trip over a villa or hotel vacation:

Freedom to Explore: A new horizon each morning, personalised 24/7 service, complete privacy, the freedom to sail and explore at leisure and the chance to discover the very best of the culture, cuisine and entertainment at each location.

Experienced Captain and Crew: Our captains and crew have personal experience of the world's best and safest anchorages and marinas, alongside in-depth local knowledge of cultural attractions, shore dining and entertainment opportunities.

Onboard Entertainment: a range of sophisticated toys all waiting for you in the tender garage. Get your adrenaline rush on the jet skis, paddleboards and kayaks.

Types of Superyacht charter

Here are a selection of charter yachts that you may choose from to enjoy on your Italy superyacht charter holiday, whether on a bareboat charter basis or crewed yacht charter boat rental basis. Connect with the yacht owner or charter company through us today to arrange your Italy superyacht charter!


Whether sailing yachts or power catamarans, these have a wide beam and shallow draft and make for spacious and comfortable luxury yachts. Even the smaller vessels (15m LOA and up) will have en suite heads in the cabins, and can often carry water toys like jet skis and paddleboards aboard. You can have a crewed catamaran charter or bareboat charter depending on the size of vessel and what you want from a sailing holiday.

Motor Yacht

From a catamaran to a luxury motor yacht charter these are faster and often have far more space. Expect a more comfortable, premium experience on motor yacht, ranging from a mini cruiser to top end superyacht charter vessels. You can have crewed yacht charter or bareboat charter depending on the size of vessel with the skipper and crewlooking after you.

The larger crewed yachts are often available on a corporate yacht charter or private yacht charter basis as a means of escaping to an out of the way place without distraction. A luxury charter yacht like this will have water toys such as a speed boat, jet ski and diving equipment so you can enjoy water sports even without having to go ashore.

Sailing Yacht

Whether a classic racing yacht or more modern cruiser racer sailing yacht, these sleek, stylish and more traditional sailboats still have the space you need but can sail in near silence with just the sound of the wind and waves as you move along under wind power alone. These can come as something smaller or a 30 metre plus private luxury charteryacht too with water toys and a skipper and crew looking after you.

Weather conditions in Italy:

Luxury yacht charters are best when augmented by great weather. The perfect time for a premium charter in Italy are:

Early Season (May to June): The NE maestrale from the Rhone Valley in France may cool the region a bit and the seas are cooler after winter. Sea temperatures can be 15 degrees C but air temperatures can touch the comfortable low 20s.

Peak Season (July and August): Sea breezes will make for great sailing but it can get very hot with temperatures into the 40s. There will be little in the way of rain, but you will be grateful for any in the heat.

Late Season (September and early October): The sea is going to be warm - in the 20s C - yet the air cools down to the high teens and 20s, making for a great time for a swim! Winds - notably the maestrale - can pick up and you may find it rains more too.

When to Visit Italy

For those who enjoy top end yacht racing, the 500 mile Palermo-Monte Carlo yacht race blasts up the Tyrrhenian Sea in late August. It may be possible to charter a yacht to join in this Mediterranean Sea epic race too!

July and August are when the marinas are at their busiest and most expensive. It is very crowded, even out on the islands. Most of the social events are at their best at this time of year though and the buzz is a good one.

For those after a quieter time after the crowds have gone, try to visit Sicily in September. The seas are bath-warm still and the sun is comfortably - not fiercely - warm. Though many shorreside establishments close, it can be a more authentic side to Sardinia.

Suggested itineraries

On your luxury yacht or superyacht you can enjoy the best of the north coast of Southern Italy and nearby islands.

Day 1 Depart Marina Piccola di Sorrento for Ischia.

Day 3 From Ischia head to Capri

Day 4 Sail south to anchor off the Aeolian island of Stromboli

Day 5 Portorosa on the north coast of Sicily

Day 6 Positano on the Amalfi Coast

Day 7 Return to the charter base at Sorrento

14 days - Southern Italy and Sardinia

On a longer luxury yacht charter Italy you can head up the Mediterranean Sea to Cagliari on Sardinia from Portorosa in Sicily. Perhaps taking in the top end resorts of the Costa Smeralda as part of your sailing itinerary, then head east to the Italian coast. Enjoy the Tuscan archipelago, Pontine Islands and the islands off the coast of the Bay of Naples. Perhaps with a stop in Napoli itself, visit the Amalfi Coast and then the Aeolian Island chain before returning to the charter base in Portorosa.

Luxury Marinas Italy

There are many marinas along the the west coast of Italy. Here are a select few in the key charter destinations we have touched on.

Italian Riviera

Marina Genova, Genoa has 500 berths for superyachts of up to 130m LOA


Marina Cala de Medici in Rosignano Solvay has 650 berths for vessels up to 36m LOA. Marina di Scarlino in Porto Scarlino has 580 berths for vessels up to 36m LOA.


Near Olbia, Porto Portisco has 589 berths for superyachts up to 90m LOA.

At the centre of the action of the Costa Smeralda is Porto Cervo. This has two marinas - the large Porto Cervo Marina has 720 berths for vessels up to 120m LOA, while the smaller Marina di Cala Bitta has 200 berths for vessels up to 27m LOA.

Bay of Naples

Marina Vigliena has 800 berths for yachts up to 80m LOA. Ormeggio Sena Napoli has 600 berths for vessels up to 30m LOA

Sorrento and Amalfi Coast

Marina Piccola di Sorrento has 300 berths for vessels up to 40m LOA. On the Amalfi Coast, Porto Marina di Cassano has 180 berths for vessels up to 56m LOA


The 650 berth Marina di Portorosa has berths for superyachts of up to 40m LOA. Meanwhile the Capo d’Orlando Marina has 553 berths for vessels up to 40m too.

Why Use Borrow A Boat For A Luxury Yacht Charter:

We are an independent company which ensures you receive the maximum choice of vessel at the most competitive prices. Alongside our passion for yachting, our commitment to service and decades of luxury yacht experience ensures your luxury yacht charter will be an unforgettable experience. Most importantly, all our luxury yachts and superyacht charters meet stringent and current safety and insurance requirements in their respective locations.

We will handle all logistical preparations to make your yacht charter the experience of a lifetime. We can help with logistics, including pre-and post- charter hotel stays in Italy

Our captains and crew have personal experience of the world’s best and safest anchorages and marinas, alongside in-depth local knowledge of cultural attractions, shore dining and entertainment opportunities. Choosing a luxury yacht charter gives you and your guests the opportunity to travel discreetly, with access to the most private coves and anchorages, far from the stresses of today’s busy life.

Frequently asked questions
What kind of yachts can I hire for a Superyacht Charter?

Our superyacht brokers have access to an impressive selection of crewed superyacht charters available to you in the world's most glamourous locations. Varying in size from 40m/130ft to megayachts of over 180m/590ft some of the most luxurious superyachts are fitted with a heli pad, gym, cinema room, spa, sauna and separate owners' decks.

What is the process for booking a Superyacht Charter?

Your first step is to decide how many guests you will have onboard, your location preference and your desired dates. Once you have decided on the basics you can speak to a yacht broker who will organise a detailed itinerary based on where you are travelling and your preferences.

Will I have to pay a deposit when I book a Superyacht Charter?

Yes, all charter companies require a deposit to book a superyacht. This is usually refundable if you have to cancel or make changes, as long as it’s at least 90 days in advance. Do read the cancellation policy small print and consider trip insurance if booking inside the cancellation window.

Where can I sail to on a Superyacht?

Anywhere you wish: your only limit is your imagination. Our luxurious superyachts are berthed worldwide in the most beautiful locations: Set sail from Tahiti, The Bahamas, the French or Italian Riviera, Maine and Florida. Or fly to the Caribbean or the Maldives for a relaxed cruise among the tropical islands. Many of our crewed superyachts also have the range, power and crew expertise to transport you and your guests to more unique locations such as Antarctica, Alaska and Patagonia.

What factors do I need to consider to book the best luxury superyacht charter?

How many people are in your party? This determines the size of luxury superyacht you need to reserve, so get a headcount before you start researching. The main points to consider are your budget, the number of guests, and the season at your intended destination.

What Is included in the charter rate?

Your charter rate will include the hire of your superyacht and its equipment, together with the services of its captain and all crew. The vessel will be properly insured against all marine risks. Additional fees not covered in the charter rate include: VAT, marina fees, local taxes, harbour fees, canal fees, fuel charges, electronic communications, provisioning and any other bespoke extras required. If you choose to embark at a different port to the superyacht’s home location, then you can expect to pay for delivery and/or return fees and expenses.

How long can I charter a superyacht for?

Superyachts are generally charted at a minimum for one week, but you can charter a superyacht for as long as you want, depending on availability.

How do I work out the charter rate?

Superyacht charter rates are always quoted weekly and vary from low to high season. Contact us for the most up-to-date rates.

How much do I pay the crew for gratuities?

We usually recommend 10% of the total charter fee, however gratuities are entirely at your discretion.

How many guests are allowed onboard the superyacht?

The size of your superyacht will determine how many guests are allowed onboard. Legally the maximum guest number on a luxury superyacht is 12. Speak to us if you have a large party and we will source a superyacht that has increased stateroom capacity.

How can I ensure all my requests for activities/food/excursions are met?

We will discuss all your transfer and onboard requirements when you make your booking and will send you a comprehensive questionnaire to complete. We will be in touch again just before your charter begins to ensure all your preferences and individual requirements regarding dietary needs, medical conditions and allergies have been covered. This also includes your requested activities, including toys, entertainment and offshore excursions.

What insurance do you recommend I take out?

Usually guests are covered under the superyacht owner’s own liability policy for damage, however we recommend taking out Charter Liability insurance as an extra buffer. Should you or your guests accidentally damage any interior fixtures and fittings, the hull, or any of the tenders/toys then you will be fully protected for any claims against you. Our dedicated insurance team will advise you.