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Yacht Charter Biograd na Moru

The Mediaeval capital of Croatia, the Mediterranean town of Biograd na Moru has deep history that buzzes 24/7 in the summer.

In the 11th Century King Koloman of Hungary was crowned king of Croatia in Biograd, and for many centuries after the town in northern Dalmatia was the capital of the country.

In 1521 and 1646 it was razed during the Venetian-Turkish wars. You will find relics of its existence before that at the ruins of the Basilica of St. John the Evangelist (11th Century) on the peninsula where the remains of the old town can be found. The town was rebuilt and survived until the Croatian War but was rebuilt again after this.

Today you will find Biograd is a town that lives quietly by day and a little more loudly by night! Its beautiful beaches are a draw to sun worshippers including Kumenta and Bosana pebble beaches and the Crvena Luka sand beach.

Nautical tourism is one of the town's main industries with a charter fleet of over 300 vessels based at the marina, from where you can set off on your perfect sailing vacation. You will soon leave the buzzing atmosphere behind, mooring in a quiet lagoon, fishing village or laid back marina every evening.

Explore Biograd By Renting A Yacht

A Biograd na Moru yacht charter is simple to organize. Whether on a captained yacht charter or bareboat charter you will pay your fee, present any qualifications required, inspect the boat and off you go!

A yacht charter vacation, whether on a catamaran charter, motor yacht charter or sailing yacht out of Biograd is about the best way to appreciate the region. Though Biograd itself is a buzzing vacation town and port, as soon as you leave the dock and get onto the Pasman Canal on the Adriatic you enter a world of natural wonders.

The Pasman Islands are just a few kilometers off the coast, dominated by the largest Croatian Island - the 70km long Pasman Island. Agriculture, fishing and tourism are the main industries of these islands, which are in sight of the most beautiful islands in Croatia, the Kornati Island archipelago.

Island hopping is the name of the game on a boat rental, with a wide range of islands, beautiful beaches, national parks, and quiet fishing villages on the Adriatic Sea. Just up the coast in northern Dalmatia is Zadar with its international airport and equally deep history and cosmopolitan culture.

How To Get To Biograd

Zadar Airport is just 20km from Biograd na Moru and has international flights throughout the summer from several European cities. You can take a bus or taxi to the marina from there.

Split Airport is 120km from Biograd but has more flights from more countries than Zadar. There are no buses from Split Airport to Biograd but you can take one to Split Bus Station and then on or go via Trogir on to Biograd.

Marina In Biograd na Moru

Marina Kornati is the only marina in Biograd but is widely held as one of the best in Croatia. There are over 300 charter boats based in the marina, that can take more than 700 boats at any one time. It should be noted that there are no spaces for vessels of over 23m in length.

Marina Kornati:

Berth Characteristics:

705 berths

Max Length 23m (75.45 Feet)

Max Draught 6.5m (21.3 Feet)

List additional services: Water, electricity, waste disposal, fuel, restaurant, bar, market, spa, taxis, excursions, foreign exchange, laundry and bike rental. Parking for 700 cars, 24/7 security.

Suggested Sailing Routes From Biograd

There are hundreds of islands to visit out of Biograd by sailboat or motor boat which is the center of one of the best sailing areas on the Mediterranean. On a 14 day trip you can get as far south as Split and the party town of Hvar. Here we will give you a flavour of some of the highlights of a 7 or 14 day sailing itinerary on a sailing vacation with Biogradas a base.

7 days: On a 7 day sailing trip, you will almost certainly visit Murter Island. This is the largest island in the Sibenik archipelago that has 250 islands in the chain. The towns of Murta, Jezera, Tisno and Betina are small towns where you can moor, exploring the island on foot. Vodice on the Adriatic coast to the south of Biograd has a romantic old townwith a very good marina. To the north of the charter base is the ancient town of Zadar with its Roman ruins and great cafes. Across from the Pasman Islands is the legendary Kornati archipelago - arguably the most beautiful islands in Croatia.

14 days: On a 14 day sailing vacation you can get as far south east as Split, island hopping and exploring the Croatian coast and its picturesque bays. Spend time exploring Krka National Park on the Dalmatian mainland and stay in the quaint town of Skadrin. To the south of Split is the famous vacation resort of Hvar, and then you can loop back NE towards the Kornati Islands and the fishing port of Sali on Dugi Otok. Do stop at the island of Vis on the way up to Dugi Otok, which was the town remodelled for the movie Mamma Mia 2 as a 'Greek island' in 2017.

Best Times To Rent A Yacht In Biograd na Moru

The sailing season runs from late April to October with July and August being the busiest months for yacht charter. The ACI Marina chain also adds 20% to their berthing fees at this time of year. If you can charter outside of the peak period you will find it far quieter and less expensive. The climate is mild most of the sailing season with occasional rain showers.

Sailing Weather In Biograd

April and May: There will be occasional rainy days but temperatures sit between 22-28C or higher. Winds are generally NW, 10-20 knots

June-August: You'll be unlucky if you see any rain, though it could be welcome in the summer heat! Temperatures are from 26C and up to the mid 30s. Wind is generally NW 5-10 knots

September-October: In this part of the world it rains more in October and the temperature falls away to 10 degrees C in the evenings, though it can get up to a comfortable 20C on an autumn day. Winds can get up to 20 knots.

Frequently asked questions
What should I consider when renting a Yacht or Boat?

The main points to consider are what is your budget, have you got the necessary sailing experience and qualifications to manage the boat if it's not going to have a captain, whom you are taking sailing, where exactly you wish to go and what will the weather be like on the proposed dates of your trip.

What are the Marinas in Biograd na Moru?

Marina Kornati is the only marina in Biograd. This has 705 berths and is one of Croatia's main yacht charter centers.

When are the best times to rent a boat in Biograd?

July and August are the peak months, but you could do well to rent a boat outside of school vacations when it is cheaper but still great for sailing. Consider May and September as it is still very warm but not so busy.

Do you have to pay a deposit when renting a Yacht in Biograd?

You will typically pay 50% up front on reservation the yacht rent and the balance on arrival. You will either pay a security deposit with your credit card on departure or can get insurance covering damage in advance. In some cases (such as the recent Covid situation) charter companies may be more flexible but this depends on the individual charter companies themselves.

What happens if my Yacht breaks down?

If you are at sea and in danger, call MAYDAY on VHF Ch16 or ring the coast guard on your phone if you have reception. If you have a mechanical fault and can make it to or are on a mooring you will be able to phone a help line number given by the boat charter company.

What should I think of before I rent a Yacht or Boat in Biograd na Moru?

You should consider do you have the experience to handle the yacht charter or boat rental before you book and where do you want to go along with what the weather will be like. Bring warm weather and cool weather clothing if it looks like the weather can be cool as well as warm and remember at sea it can be cool on most evenings.

What Qualifications Do I need to rent a boat or yacht?

If you want to sail without a captain then you will need relevant qualifications like RYA Day Skipper/International Certificate of Competence (ICC)/ASA 104 Bareboat certificate or the US Sailing Certificate. For small 'day boats' or if you choose to have a captained on board your yacht charter you typically don't require licences.

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