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Yacht Charter and Boat Rentals in Lymington

Lymington town is nestled in the New Forest on the South Coast with easy access to the Solent. Thanks to its location it is an important sailing town and also has a ferry service direct to the Isle of Wight.

Tourism forms a large part of the town's economy and with its large marina development, Lymington wakes up in around April for the sailing season and dozes off into a slumber after the summer season.

Ashore, you will find the unique local culture of the New Forest with its birthrights to locals and traditions almost unknown elsewhere outside of UK Royal Forests that were set up and protected for hunting and as supplies for the Royal Navy in days gone by.

Do be careful on the open roads - many wild ponies and deer lack road sense and can cause a lot of damage to a car hitting them at speed. Cyclists and walkers love the wilderness too, so it pays to drive at a leisurely pace even if in a rare moment you can travel a little more quickly.

Explore Lymington By Renting A Yacht

Effectively the western most sailing port of the Solent, a Lymington yacht charter allows you to access much of the UK water sports capital in just a few moments from leaving the dock.

After leaving the saltmarshes on your yacht charter you are rapidly in open water and can reach the other sailing centers of Cowes, the Hamble River and Beaulieu River in a short sail. The first week of August is traditionally the Cowes Week boating event, and Lymington hots up for the week of racing. Just beware that as well as marina berths you may well have to book tables and pubs as you arrange your itinerary ahead of time.

A luxury yacht charter on a captained charter basis can allow someone else to take the responsibility while you enjoy your time afloat. On a crewed motor yacht you could end up having guests around after watching a boating event from near the start/finish line - a great networking opportunity for all. Your Solent yacht charter could well be a mix of sailing vacation and business in one hit!

How To Get To Lymington

Car: Lymington is around half an hour from the A31 and access to the national motorway network via the adjoining M27.

Train: There are two train stations in Lymington, Lymington Town and Lymington Pier. Both are on a branchline that connects to mainline Brockenhurst. From there you can head to London (90 minutes) or the West Midlands via Bournemouth (30 minutes to Bournemouth).

Air: Bournemouth Airport and Southampton Airport both have airline connections to much of Europe. They are around an hour by public transport from Lymington.

Marinas In Lymington

There are three major marinas in Lymington that are home to boat charter fleets for your Solent yacht charter. You can bareboat charter or take a captained yacht charter on a catamaran, monohull sailing yacht or motor yacht out on the out to the Jurassic Coast, Channel Islands or Solent with these as a base. They all have excellent marina facilities. In addtion Lymington Town Quay welcomes up to 100 visiting yachts. You can also moor at a mooring buoy.

Lymington Yacht Haven

Berth Characteristics:

600 berths

Max Length 60m (197 Feet)

Max Draught: 2m (6.5 Feet)

List additional services: Shore power, water, laundry, WiFi, restaurants and bars, supermarket (nearby), boatyard, boathoist, chandlery, fuel

Lymington Marina

Berth Characteristics:

350 berths

Max Length 25m (82 Feet)

Max Draught: 2.5m (8.2 Feet)

List additional services: Shore power, water, laundry, WiFi, restaurants and bars, supermarket (nearby), boatyard, boathoist, chandlery, fuel

Berthon Marina:

Berth Characteristics:

280 berths

Max Length 45m (150 Feet)

Max Draught 5m (16.4 Feet)

List additional services: Shore power, water, laundry, WiFi, restaurants and bars, supermarket (nearby), boatyard, boathoist, chandlery, fuel

Lymington Town Quay

Berth Characteristics:

100 berths

Max Length 25m (82 Feet)

Max Draught: 2m (6.56 Feet)

List additional services: Shore power, water, laundry, WiFi, restaurants and bars, supermarket (nearby), boatyard, boathoist, chandlery, fuel

Suggested Sailing Routes From Lymington

Where would you like to go on a Lymington yacht charter? Many sailors are happy just to stay within a few miles, such are the delights to be had of the local waters! The Jurassic coastline or the Isle of Wight are less than a day's sail away - though you could reach the Channel Islands on a longer run. Whether on a captained charter or bareboat charter, on your luxury yacht charter sailing vacation the choice is yours.

The Solent - 7 days: On a seven day trip down the Solent you can see the best of the yachting centers and laidback backwaters too. Chichester Harbour is on the eastern edge of the Solent that is a quiet spot, as is the Beaulieu River just to the east of Lymington. If you want the hustle and bustle of yachties in summer, Cowes and the Hamble River are important spots as is Southampton and Portsmouth. The sailing is excellent - you don't have to travel far for a good time.

Best Times To Rent A Yacht In Lymington

The sailing season runs from late March to mid September on the UK South Coast, though you will see hardier types afloat throughout the year. There can be gales at any time of year, with Westerlies especially fierce along the Jurassic Coast and the Solent. In the peak boat rental season of July and August it can still be fun sailing, though the bars and marinas can be expensive and full.

The New Forest can be extremely busy in July and August. When the Fishbourne ferry arrives several times a day in the summer months this can cause traffic problems. As such a Lymington yacht charter outside of these months may well be recommended.

Sailing Weather In Lymington

April and May: Westerlies prevail but you will often find warm days with brisk sailing conditions of a F4-5. Gales will come through earlier in the year. This is Britain - expect rain!

June-August: In June there will be southerly and westerly gales at times but these tend to die out in July and August with the Azores High moving north and providing settled conditions and light easterlies. Expect temperatures in the high 20s C range with the odd few days at 30C plus. As ever, keep your oilies to hand as even in the height of summer things can change.

September-October: Grey skies and gales start to return. While often in the high teens Celsius in September with some great sailing conditions, the westerly procession of lows start coming up the English Channel and things can get a little uncomfortable by early October.