Luxury Yacht Charter US Virgin Islands

Whether cruising St Thomas, St John and St Croix or on a longer Caribbean yacht charter, a United States Virgin Islands yacht charter with Borrow a Boat is going to be an unforgettable experience. Book your luxury yacht charter US Virgin Islands today!

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Luxury Yacht Charter US Virgin Islands

Whether cruising St Thomas, St John and St Croix or on a longer Caribbean yacht charter, a United States Virgin Islands yacht charter with Borrow a Boat is going to be an unforgettable experience. Book your luxury yacht charter US Virgin Islands today!

Why a Luxury Charter

The former sugar islands and now Leeward Island protectorate of North America are now an ideal location for a luxury yacht charter. The islands' white sand beaches, coral reefs and excellent sailing weather make for a near perfect location for a Caribbean yacht charter.

Possibly with crew at hand looking after the sailing and catering, you can enjoy a leisurely sail by day and the fun ashore (or in the water) in the afternoon and evening as you charter a yacht through these beautiful islands.


Whether a sailing yacht or motor yacht, you may have crew looking after your needs and sailing the vessel between locations as you enjoy your US Virgin Islands yacht charter or can go on a bareboat charter and explore for yourself.

St Thomas and St John

You will likely begin your US Virgin Islands luxury yacht charter from Charlotte Amalie on St Thomas, the capital of the archipelago. Here you will find the main cruise terminal, Duty Free shopping, and plenty of bars and restaurants to keep you happy late into the evening. There is beach fun to be had around much of the island with a variety of resorts and great beaches all around such as Magens Bay - an ideal spot for a sundowner as you enjoy the sunset.

Water Island is likely your first experience of 'serious chill' that the Virgin Islands are so famous for. Just off Charlotte Amalie, it is sparsely inhabited and a chance to relax from what can be a frenetic, fun time on St Thomas.

To the east of St Thomas lies St John. Two thirds of St John was made the Virgin Islands National Park in a request by the Rockerfellers who bought the island for the United States. The 'capital' is Cruz Bay, which is far smaller and way less busy than Charlotte Amalie!

From Cruz Bay you can explore the Virgin Islands National Park. Caneel Bay is one of the most famous resorts in the United States Virgin Islands but after being destroyed in the 2016 hurricanes the lease wasn't renewed. Now the main part of Caneel Bay you can visit is Honeymoon Beach, a laid back beach resort where you can enjoy all the facilities for a daily fee. Another white sand beach to enjoy on St John is Trunk Bay, which is routinely voted among the top ten beaches in the world.

St Croix and Spanish Virgin Islands

To the SW of St Thomas and a bit of a sail compared to the short hops between the main Virgin Islands lies the US Virgin Island of St Croix. This is largely given over to eco-tourism. In particular, try to get over to Buck Island National Monument with its top end coral reefs and diving opportunities.

The Spanish Virgin Islands to the west of USVI are less developed for tourism but you will find instead have an authentic Caribbean island vibe. You won't find cruise ships or high end restaurants but instead great Caribbean community and fun. From here you can sail on to Puerto Rico on a longer Caribbean yacht charter or head back to USVI.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Island chain are a major draw on a Virgin Islands yacht charter too. Island hopping from St Thomas and St John you reach Tortola, the home of the British Virgin Island 'capital', Road Town. Road Town is almost as fun and busy as Charlotte Amalie with its excellent shopping, beaches and beach bars. Beef Island is connected by road to Tortola and is home to many a beach party and has excellent places to victual. Another spot to enjoy on Tortola is Cane Garden Bay, about five miles NW of Road Town. Cane Garden Bay has great sunsets and is among the most popular beaches on the island too.

Immediately to the south of Tortola are the Little Sisters, a chain of smaller islands that include Peter Island, Cooper Island and Norman Island, all of which have their charms. Just off Peter Island is the Rhone Marine Park, site of a deliberately sunk ship that forms an artificial coral reef and is a very good dive spot.

Heading east from the Little Sisters you reach Virgin Gorda, another great British Virgin Island with a good marina in Spanish Town and a number of fun resorts. After Virgin Gorda you can turn NW towards Jost Van Dyke with its great beaches and beach bars. Do drop by White Bay for its infamous Full Moon parties...

Leeward and Windward Island Chain too?

On a longer Caribbean yacht charter you can island hop south to a Leeward Island like St Martin (very like St Thomas with all its man made fun) or a quieter island like St Barth, known for its quiet yet astounding beauty.

The Windward Island of St Vincent is a bit of a trek from USVI but given its authentic Caribbean style would well be worth it. Ask your skipper about a journey down that way.

Charter a yacht with Borrow a Boat today!

Luxury Yacht Charter US Virgin islands

With your luxury charter yacht as a base, the crew will look after your needs while you focus on fun and relaxation. The United States Virgin Islands with their riot of beach, water and shoreside attractions is one of those places where getting aboard your sailing boat or motor yacht can be a relief after time ashore!

With the luxury charter yacht as a base you can go ashore at different locations to enjoy socialising and the best restaurants ashore at one location and then perhaps disappear to re balance off a quiet island the next. Often the boat charter will carry water toys such as speed boats and jet skis for you to blast around a quiet bay and have fun out of the sight and sound of others.

A US Virgin Islands yacht charter is best enjoyed in the winter months between November and April with December being the peak season. The weather is reliably warm, and the sea breezes can make for some great times on a sailing yacht or catamaran.

A luxury crewed yacht charter in USVI is one of the safest, most luxurious and most convenient ways to travel and enjoy beautiful locations from the quiet beauty of Beef Island to the full on fun of Charlotte Amalie.

Why a Luxury Charter

Luxury, service, privacy and accessibility are just some of the benefits of choosing a luxury crewed yacht charter. Enjoy a vacation in unparalleled comfort and luxury as you sail to some of the world's most magical destinations; many of which are only accessible by yacht. Here are some of the advantages of choosing this type of trip over a villa or hotel vacation:

Freedom to Explore: A new horizon each morning, personalised 24/7 service, complete privacy, the freedom to sail and explore at leisure and the chance to discover the very best of the culture, cuisine and entertainment at each location.

Experienced Captain and Crew: Our captains and crew have personal experience of the world’s best and safest anchorages and marinas, alongside in-depth local knowledge of cultural attractions, shore dining and entertainment opportunities.

Onboard Entertainment: a range of sophisticated toys all waiting for you in the tender garage. Get your adrenaline rush on the jet skis, paddleboards and kayaks.

Types of Luxury Yacht charter

Here are a selection of charter yachts that you may choose from to enjoy on your USVI boat rental, whether on a bareboat charter basis or crewed yacht charter basis.


Whether a sailing catamaran or power catamaran, these have a wide beam and shallow draft and make for spacious and comfortable luxury yachts. Even the smaller vessels (15m LOA and up) will have en suite heads in the staterooms, and can often carry water toys like jet skis and paddleboards aboard. You can have a crewed catamaran charter or bareboat charter depending on the size of vessel and what you want from a sailing holiday.

Motor Boat

Whether a catamaran or luxury motor yacht these are faster and often have far more space. Expect a more comfortable, premium experience on these top end charter vessels. You can have crewed yachts or bareboat charter here too.

Sailing Yacht

Whether a classic racing yacht or a more modern cruiser racer sailing boat, these sleek, stylish and more traditional vessels still have the space you need but can sail in near silence with just the sound of the wind and waves as you move along under wind power alone.


Great for larger groups, gulets are traditional crewed yachts and sailing or motor yachts that are ideal bases for a Caribbean yacht charter.

Weather conditions in United States Virgin Islands:

Luxury yacht charters are best when augmented by great weather. The perfect time for a premium charter in USVI are:

Early Season (November): The last of the hurricanes should have gone by now. It will be warm but not uncomfortable in the mid 20s C range. Expect easterlies of 12-15mph. The dray season is beginning but you may get the odd soaking - hardly uncomfortable in such warmth!

Peak Season (December and January): Easterlies again prevail most of the time, building to a fairly constant 15-20mph. The dry season is in full swing so expect little in the way of rain. It will be comfortably warm at around 25 C most of the day.

Late Season (February to March): Winds: easterlies, 25mph fairly steadily. A little rain is to be expected. Temperatures increase to the high 20s C.

Northern hemisphere summer sailing is possible. The marinas are cheaper and it can be quieter. However this is approaching hurricane season when the Caribbean goes into hibernation. It is hotter and wetter, helping breed stormy weather.

When to Visit the United States Virgin Islands

For those who enjoy top end yacht racing, St Thomas International Regatta is widely held to be among the best of its kind in the Leeward Island chain. This is in March every year.

December and January are when the marinas are at their busiest and most expensive. It is very crowded, even out on the islands. Most of the social events are at their best at this time of year though and the buzz is a good one.

For those after a quieter time after the crowds have gone, try to visit USVI in April. The crowds have generally gone and the marinas are cheaper. It can be wetter as the wet season kicks in but that could well be worthwhile sacrifice to enjoy the islands of the Caribbean Sea at their most authentic.

Suggested itineraries

On your luxury yacht or superyacht you can enjoy the best of USVI and the nearby Virgin Islands.

Day 1: Depart Compass Point Marina on St Thomas and head for Cruz Bay on St John. A short sail next to Caneel Bay to enjoy Honeymoon Beach.

Day 2 From Caneel Bay, head for White Bay on Jost Van Dyke for an evening of fun ashore.

Day 3 Set sail for Spanish Town on Virgin Gorda. Spend the evening here.

Day 4 With a pause snorkeling over the Rhone Marine Park, moor off Norman Island for the next evening.

Day 5 Back to USVI, this time landing at Buck Island National Monument off St Croix for its great diving and snorkeling.

Day 6 Perhaps mooring off Water Island for the evening, spend the next day in Charlotte Amalie for a cosmopolitan fix.

Day 7 Return to Compass Point Marina.

Luxury Marinas US Virgin Islands

There are many marinas along the east coast of Sicily to enjoy. Here are a flavour of those in northern Sicily.

Compass Point Marina near East End, St Thomas is one of the largest marinas with 201 berths for vessels up to 80ft LOA.

IGY American Yacht Harbor in Red Hook, Saint Thomas has 123 berths for yachts up to 200ft LOA.

Crown Bay Marina can also take large luxury yachts of up to 200ft, and has 99 berths available for sailing yacht and motor yacht.

Amongst other smaller marinas, Sapphire Bay Marina on Saint Thomas has 65 berths for vessels up to 200ft LOA.

Why Use Borrow A Boat For A Luxury Charter:

We are an independent company which ensures you receive the maximum choice of vessel at the most competitive prices. Alongside our passion for yachting, our commitment to service and decades of luxury yacht experience ensures your luxury yacht charter will be an unforgettable experience. Most importantly, all our luxury yachts and superyacht charters meet stringent and current safety and insurance requirements in their respective locations.

We will handle all logistical preparations to make your yacht charter the experience of a lifetime. We can help with logistics, including pre-and post- charter hotel stays in the US Virgin Islands.

Our captains and crew have personal experience of the world's best and safest anchorages and marinas, alongside in-depth local knowledge of cultural attractions, shore dining and entertainment opportunities. Choosing a luxury yacht charter gives you and your guests the opportunity to travel discreetly, with access to the most private coves and anchorages, far from the stresses of today's busy life.

Frequently asked questions
What kind of yachts can I hire for a Luxury Yacht Charter?

The main types of boats that people rent on a luxury yacht charter are Sailing Yachts, Motor Yachts, Sailing Catamarans, Power Catamarans, Gulets, Superyachts (21 meters plus boats) and Megayachts (40 meters plus boats).

What Is the process for booking a Luxury Yacht Charter?

Your first step is to decide how many guests you will have onboard, your location preference and your desired dates. Once you have decided on the basics you can speak to a yacht broker who will organize a detailed itinerary based on where you are traveling and your preferences.

Where can I sail a Luxury Yacht Charter to?

Wherever your imagination takes you, there are yachts berthed in popular locations such as The Bahamas, Maldives, New England, the Mediterranean and the South Pacific. But you can also take you on farther afield excursions such as Antarctica, the South Pacific and the wilds of Alaska, it just depends on what type of sailing vacation you want to do.

Will I have to pay a deposit when I book a Luxury Yacht Charter?

Yes, all charter companies will require a deposit to book a yacht. This is often refundable if you make cancelations or changes over ninety days in advance. But read the cancelation policy and consider trip insurance if reservation inside the cancelation window.

What factors do I need to consider to book the best Luxury Yacht Charter?

Your party size determines the size of luxury yacht to book, so get a headcount before you look. You may also wish to explore the locality before transferring back home. The main points to consider are what is your budget, have you got the necessary sailing experience and qualifications to manage the boat if it's not going to have a captain, whom you are taking sailing, where exactly you wish to go and what will the weather be like on the proposed dates of your trip.

What is included in the charter rate?

Your charter rate will include the rent of your luxury yacht and its equipment, together with the services of its captain and all crew. The vessel will be properly insured against all marine risks. Additional fees not covered in the charter rate include: VAT, marina fees, local taxes, harbor fees, canal fees, fuel charges, electronic communications, provisioning and any other bespoke extras required. If you choose to embark at a different port to the yacht's home location, then you can expect to pay for delivery and/or return fees and expenses.

How long can I charter a yacht for?

Luxury yachts are generally charted at a minimum for one week. You can typically charter a yacht for as long as you want, the only limiting factor is generally the yacht's availability.

How many guests are allowed on board a Luxury Yacht Charter?

The size of your yacht will determine how many guests are allowed onboard. There are no minimum amount of guests but most reservations will be between 2 to 8 guests with the maximum amount of guest being usually around 12 but this can be larger on some types of boats

How can I ensure all my requests for activities/food/excursions are met?

We will discuss all your transfer and onboard requirements when you make your reservation and will send you a comprehensive questionnaire to complete. We will also contact you just before your charter begins to ensure all your preferences and individual requirements regarding dietary preferences, medical conditions, allergies have been covered. This also includes your requested activities - including toys - entertainment and offshore excursions.

What insurance do you recommend I take out?

Usually guests are covered under the yacht owner's own liability policy for damage, however we recommend taking out Charter Liability insurance as an extra buffer. Should you or your guests accidentally damage any interior fixtures and fittings, the hull or tenders/toys then you will be fully protected.