Yacht Charter Cyprus

A Cyprus yacht charter is a sailing holiday with a difference. On your charter yacht you can see the Republic of Cyprusseaside towns and cities of Larnaca, Paphos, Limassol and Ayia Napa and take in the stunning coast of this historic yet divided Eastern Mediterranean island.

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Yacht Charter Cyprus

A Cyprus yacht charter is a sailing holiday with a difference. On your charter yacht you can see the Republic of Cyprusseaside towns and cities of Larnaca, Paphos, Limassol and Ayia Napa and take in the stunning coast of this historic yet divided Eastern Mediterranean island.

The island of Cyprus was invaded by Turkey in 1974 and while the southern half is part of the European Union, the equally beautiful northern half is only recognised as a country by Turkey. It is very difficult to sail into Northern Cyprusand to explore towns like Famagusta on a Cyprus yacht charter so we will largely focus on the south of the island.

What will you find? The weather is a little wetter in the winter but always comfortable in temperature while in peak summer months the temperatures can get into the high 30s C on a regular basis. This makes Cyprus an ideal year round yacht charter destination, especially for those who might be able to escape while the kids are at school.

The country has been inhabited for thousands of years. In Limassol and Paphos you will see remains of empires past from the Greeks to Romans and Byzantines. The British have a big influence here, with a military presence on the island for more than a century. For those interested in the here and now, Ayia Napa is up there among the top nightclubbing resorts in the Mediterranean (and will soon have its own marina).

Inland you will find high mountains and a different way of life. Olive groves as far as the eye can see and a rural economy that is little changed over the centuries. Cyprus has so much to offer - it's just a case of booking a charteryacht with Borrow a Boat and coming to see what it's about!

Hiring A Yacht In Cyprus

If on a bareboat yacht charter or flotilla holiday you will have to have your sailing qualifications to hand when you arrive along with your passport. The boat owner or charter company agent will check these and complete the formalities, show you around the boat and off you go!

As we have said before, it is ill-advised to do a sailing trip to Northern Cyprus on a Republic of Cyprus yacht charter. There are still tensions between the two countries so if on a bareboat holiday then you should remember this when planning your itinerary. You can go over to Famagusta by road, crossing the UN Demilitarised Zone (DMZ) with fewer problems than by sea.

If on a skippered charter or crewed yacht charter, perhaps on a luxury yacht or superyacht, the formalities are far easier. You turn up at the marina, introduce yourself and get shown your cabin! You can then discuss with the skipper where you'd like to go and then leave it to them.

Best Towns To Charter A Yacht In Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the largest islands on the Mediterranean but this is by no means huge, especially with half the islandoff-limits. Let's look at the four principle towns in the (southern) Republic of Cyprus.


Larnaka is an old fortified city on the south of the island. Home of the country's main civilian airport, it is a busy provincial city in its own right. You will find the Old Town fun to explore, while sun worshippers will be spoiled for choice where it comes to beaches. Larnaka Marina has 450 berths, hosting superyacht of up to 40 metres.


With its beautiful Old Town, relaxed beach promenade, ancient fort and cosmopolitan vibe, Limassol is a great holiday destination in its own right. The marina is considered an worth a visit for landlubber tourists, and is capable of taking a some of the largest superyacht afloat of up to 110 metres.


Those visiting Paphos tend to go for the archaeology and history with its 15 museums and evidence of Byzantine, Roman and Greek civilisation in or near the town. Though it sells its history hard, it is nonetheless an authentic Greek Cypriot fishing town. Currently yacht charters are available from the town's harbour though a 1,000 berth marina development has recently begun construction.

Ayia Napa

Something for the younger crowd! Expect top DJs blasting your eardrums until your ears bleed, hungover people on the beach from around lunchtime, and all the fun and frolics that late teens and twentysomethings get up to. A new marina is under construction here too.

Getting to Turkey

There are three international airports in the Republic of Cyprus, with Larnaca Airport (SE of the island) and PaphosAirport (SW of the island) the main ones for yacht charter holidays. Both have airlines flying in from much of Europe and the rest of the world. Nicosia Airport is inland and a bit of a trek from the yacht charter hubs of the island.

Types Of Yachts To Hire In Cyprus

There are broadly four types of charter yacht in Turkey - the sailboat monohull, motor yacht, catamaran and superyacht.

Sailboat (sailing yacht)

The monohull sailing yacht is the workhorse of charter yachts. They can be hired for as little as €130 a day depending on size and season. The charter monohull sailboat will sleep 6-8 typically with different conveniences according to your budget and needs.

Motor yacht

Simpler to get around than a monohull sailboat, charter the motor boat is usually very comfortable and fun to drive. One major advantage of these over sailboats is that you can hide from the weather (too hot or cool) as you move between ports, anchorages and marinas. Expect to pay €700 a day and up.


At the luxury end of sailboat charter in Cyprus, sailing catamarans combine the comfort of a motorboat with the fun of the monohull. You may find it possible to sunbathe on the foredeck while underway and all the cabins may have en suite heads and showers. You get what you pay for as luxury yachts go - expect to pay €500 a day and up.


A superyacht luxury yacht charter is a fully crewed yacht where your group have as much or as little to do with the sailing as you want. Aboard these luxury yachts you will be fed and looked after by the crew while the skipper takes you to the best anchorages and marinas, giving you a local's view of the area you are sailing in. Even among non-seafaring types, luxury charter holidays are a very popular way of exploring the Cypriot coastline.

Skippered, flotilla or Bareboat Yacht Charter in Cyprus

There are broadly three types of yacht charter available in Cyprus - the crewed luxury yacht charter where you leave the crew to do everything while you have fun, the flotilla charter where the lead boat does the navigation and you just sail, and the bareboat holiday where you do everything from cook to sail!

Luxury Yacht Holiday

You need no sailing qualifications to enjoy a Mediterranean Sea sailing holiday here. Just turn up and chill out! The crew will take care of the rest, allowing you to do as you please.

Flotilla Sailing Holiday

Often done by those who have the competence to sail but lack the confidence to navigate or perhaps the knowledge of the area they want to sail. Led by a lead boat, you will sail on a fixed itinerary between marinas and ports on your trip.

Bareboat Yacht Charter

You have all the responsibility, navigating and organising your own itinerary for the trip. On a sailing boat or motor yacht this is a boat hire where you will shoulder the responsibility and have complete freedom to do as you choose (within national and international law!).

Do you need a licence to hire a Yacht in Cyprus

If on a superyacht or skippered luxury yacht charters you don't need to worry about sailing qualifications.

On a bareboat or flotilla boat rental holiday you will need a an RYA Day Skipper or equivalent and preferably an International Certificate of Competence (ICC). If you are from outside the EU, UK and South Africa (that accept the ICC), an equivalent sailing qualification like an ASA 104 Bareboat qualification will be accepted.

Best Times To Hire A Yacht In Cyprus

Compared to Northern Europe, Cyprus hardly ever gets cold through the year. You can enjoy the stunning coastline on a Cyprus yacht charter at any time of the year. In July and August it can get crowded and uncomfortably hot so the shoulder months of May and October - if you can get out to the Eastern Mediterranean during school holidays - is generally the best time of all.

Sailing Weather In Cyprus

In the peak of summer the sun can burn fiercely and temperatures can touch 40 degrees C in heatwaves. That's why it pays to go earlier or later in the year. The seas get warm too, peaking at around 20 degrees C - as hot as a warm bath!

For sailing there are rarely any difficult sailing conditions. The Meltemi that blights much of Greece and Turkey doesn't affect southern Cyprus so much. In the winter, west and southwesterly winds dominate while in summer the winds come from the N and NW.

How much does it cost to hire Yachts in Cyprus

This depends on what you want from the trip. A fully crewed superyacht will cost €1500 a day and up but you will be fed and looked after like royalty. At the other end of the scale, for a small monohull sailboat you will part with as little as €130 a day. Catamarans will cost anything from €500 a day and up, while a motorboat will cost €700 a day and up. These will change according to the time of year you want to go. If you want a skipper then add at least €150 a day as well as a tip and a budget for food. On top of this you need to think about your budget for food, fuel, marina fees and entertainment.

Explore Cyprus By Renting A Yacht

Whatever you want from a luxury yacht charter in Cyprus, you can find the vessel you need on Borrow A Boat. Have a look around our website today and book your next sailing holiday now!

Frequently asked questions
Is Yacht hire in Cyprus Legal?

Yes. Yacht charter is a growing and important part of the Cyprus tourist economy. It is less busy than many other destinations which for many makes it a bigger draw.

What kind of Yachts can I hire in the Cyprus?

At Borrow A Boat we offer four main vessels - the monohull sailboat, motorboat, catamaran and fully crewed superyacht. You can hire a skipper for the first three for an extra fee.

What should I consider when hiring a Yacht?

What's your budget? Do you have sailing skills and experience? When do you want to go? What do you want to explore? Between the answers to these questions you should narrow down as to where to go and what to do on a yacht charter in Turkey.

What are the best time to hire a Yacht in Cyprus?

The best time to hire a yacht in Cyprus is in early summer (May/June) and late summer/autumn (September/October) thanks to the heat being most uncomfortable in July/August.

Do you have to pay a deposit when hiring a Yacht in Cyprus?

Yes you will. You generally put a 50% deposit down on booking the yacht and then pay the other 50% on arrival. On top of this you will need to pay a security deposit against damage done to the boat while you are responsible for it.

What happens if my Yacht breaks down?

If at all possible get to an anchorage or marina first and call the charter company for advice on the matter. If life aboard is in danger, call the coastguard on VHF Channel 16 and ask for immediate assistance via a MAYDAY call.

What should I think of before I charter in Cyprus?

Think about where you would like to visit and what you would like to do with roughly 10-15 miles of sailing every day. You can build your itinerary around that set of ideas.

Do I need a visa to visit Cyprus?

In most cases you will be able to charter a yacht without a visa as long as you are in the country for no more than 90 days. If in doubt look up the website for the Cypriot embassy in your country.

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