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Borrow A Boat’s ESG Policy

As boaters we all enjoy the beauty of the sea and being on the water probably more than the average person - but boating like many things can leave a footprint, and we have a duty to boat in a responsible and sustainable way to leave our waters in good condition for future generations.

And that is why Borrow A Boat in an industry first has launched our own Environmental and Social Governance Policy.

The first big piece of this is another industry first - our Sustainable Boating Guide in partnership with the World Sailing Trust.
See below for more details.


Borrow A Boat’s Sustainable Boating Guide

In this guide we have pulled together practical advice for boaters that will help you to go boating more sustainably. From anchoring safely, to refuelling, and greywater systems, see our guide below for real practical advice.

This guide produced in partnership with the World Sailing Trust is issued to every customer who charters any of Borrow A Boat’s 45,000+ boats in over 65 countries, and has been distributed worldwide to 142 National Member Organisations of World Sailing, as we look to move the needle and drive sustainable boating behaviours across boating.

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We all love the beauty and majesty of the ocean and the awesome sealife within it - and we have a duty to ensure it stays this way for future generations - and that means we have a duty to go boating sustainably.

- Matt Ovenden, CEO

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