KIA ORA I Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 - 4 + 2 cab. (2019) in Marsh Harbour

Map PinMarsh Harbour,Marsh Harbour,Abaco Islands,Bahamas

12 Guests


4 Cabins

12 Berths

a boat

12m (41ft)


captains available

Captain Available


  • Year: 2019
  • Numbers of cabins: 4
  • Model: Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 - 4 + 2 cab.
  • Length: 12m (41ft)
  • Capacity: 12
  • Number of Berths: 12


Cockpit cushions
Cockpit table
Lazy bag
Bimini top
Electric winch
Solar panels
Electric toilet
Swimming ladder
Electric anchor windlass
Outside speakers
Lazy jacks
Cockpit fridge
GPS chart plotter
Wind instrument/Anemometer
Cockpit/stern, outside shower
Watermaker - desalinator
VHF radio
Convertible table
Plugs 12v
Speedometer (Speed log)
Converter 220V/12V
Fusion radio
Self tailing (manual) winch


Compulsory Extras

Great Barrier Reef administrative expenses€8 per person
BVI Cruising Tax€4 per person / day
Bahamas foreign charter tax€0 per booking
Belize Taxes€0 per booking
Contribution tax€0 per booking
Cruising tax€12 per person / day
Florida sales tax€0 per booking
Great Barrier Reef Environmental charge  €13 per person
Handling fees€20 per booking
Handling fees€30 per booking
National parks permit€0 per week
Damage waiver€40 per night
Outboard fuel & Gas€5 per night
Search & Sea rescue€2 per person
Starter pack€30 per booking
Starter pack€45 per booking
Starter pack€50 per booking
Temporary Belize Skipper Certificate fee€17 per booking
Visar (USVI search & rescue)€8 per booking
Final cleaning€280 per booking
Final cleaning€325 per booking
Tourist tax€1 per person / day
Tourist tax€1 per person / day
Handling fees€15 per booking
Local tax€1 per person
Maryland Amusement Tax 5%€0 per booking
Maryland State Tax 6%€0 per booking
Damage waiver€40 per day
Starter pack€25 per booking
State Tax€0 per booking
Tax Rhode Island€0 per booking
Transit log€100 per booking
Transit log€110 per booking
Final cleaning€235 per booking
Final cleaning€355 per booking
Outboard fuel & Gas€5 per day

Optional Extras

Airport transfer€8 per person
Airport transfer€13 per person
Airport transfer€16 per person
Airport transfer€26 per person
All-consumables-included Package€70 per night
All-consumables-included Package€100 per night
COVID-19 rapid antigen test€60 per night
Extra set of linen (choose how many)€50 per booking
Additional charge€50 per piece
Full board 1-4 pax (number of guests to update manually)€60 per person / day
Full board 1-4 pax (number of guests to update manually)€65 per person / day
Full board 1-4 pax (number of guests to update manually)€70 per person / day
Full board 5-12 pax (number of guests to update manually)€55 per person / day
Full board 5-12 pax (number of guests to update manually)€60 per person / day
Full board 5-12 pax (number of guests to update manually)€65 per person / day
Full day Sailguide€219 per day
Half board 1-4 pax (number of guests to update manually)€50 per person / day
Half board 1-4 pax (number of guests to update manually)€55 per person / day
Half board 5-12 pax (number of guests to update manually)€45 per person / day
Half board 5-12 pax (number of guests to update manually)€50 per person / day
Hostess€110 per night
Hostess€130 per night
Hostess€135 per night
Hostess€170 per night
Hostess€180 per night
Hostess€190 per night
Hostess€200 per day
Hostess€200 per night
Pets on board€0 per booking
Local telephone€17 per booking
Marinero/Cook€60 per night
Marinero/Cook€80 per night
Deckhand/ Marinero€130 per night
Regatta surcharge€1,550 per booking
Regatta surcharge€2,050 per booking
Damage waiver€40 per night
Secure Car Parking€94 per booking
Race pack€350 per booking
Race pack€800 per booking
Race pack€1,000 per booking
Race pack€1,200 per booking
Race pack€1,320 per booking
Race pack€1,650 per booking
Crew change€200 per booking
Early boarding /Check in€450 per booking
Diving€0 per booking
Towels€98 per one-way
Sailguide Session€138 per booking
Same day briefing €150 per booking
Skipper€100 per night
Skipper€120 per night
Skipper€140 per night
Skipper€150 per night
Skipper€170 per night
Skipper€190 per night
Skipper€210 per night
Skipper€220 per night
Skipper€225 per night
Skipper€230 per night
Skipper€240 per night
Skipper€270 per night
Skipper€320 per night
Skipper+Cook€210 per night
Steward/Cook€135 per night
Transfer€6 per one-way
Transfer€8 per one-way
Transfer€10 per one-way
Transfer€12 per one-way
Transfer€12 per round trip
Transfer€15 per one-way
Transfer€15 per round trip
Transfer€20 per one-way
Transfer€20 per round trip
Transfer€24 per round trip
Transfer€25 per one-way
Transfer€26 per round trip
Transfer€26 per one-way
Transfer€30 per round trip
Transfer€33 per one-way
Transfer€40 per round trip
Transfer€40 per one-way
Transfer€45 per one-way
Transfer€50 per one-way
Transfer€50 per round trip
Transfer€51 per one-way
Transfer€52 per round trip
Transfer€56 per round trip
Transfer€65 per round trip
Transfer€65 per one-way
Transfer€70 per round trip
Transfer€72 per round trip
Transfer€75 per round trip
Transfer€78 per round trip
Transfer€90 per round trip
Transfer€99 per round trip
Transfer€100 per round trip
Transfer€102 per round trip
Transfer€104 per round trip
Transfer€116 per round trip
Transfer€120 per one-way
Transfer€123 per round trip
Transfer€130 per round trip
Transfer€130 per one-way
Transfer€144 per round trip
Transfer€150 per round trip
Transfer€150 per one-way
Transfer€169 per round trip
Transfer€172 per round trip
Transfer€185 per round trip
Transfer€187 per one-way
Transfer€195 per one-way
Transfer€216 per round trip
Transfer€223 per round trip
Transfer€230 per one-way
Transfer€232 per one-way
Transfer€235 per one-way
Transfer€239 per one-way
Transfer€240 per round trip
Transfer€316 per one-way
Transfer€386 per one-way
Transfer€448 per one-way
Transfer€464 per round trip
Transfer€478 per round trip
Transfer€490 per one-way
Transfer€547 per one-way
Transfer€565 per round trip
Transfer€594 per one-way
Transfer€631 per round trip
Transfer€772 per round trip
Transfer€896 per round trip
Transfer€982 per round trip
Transfer€1,095 per round trip
Transfer€1,189 per round trip
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€0 per booking
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€10 per night
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€19 per night
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€21 per night
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€50 per week
Cabrera permit€0 per booking
Hostess/Cook€130 per night
Hostess/Cook€160 per night
Hostess/Cook€165 per night
Hostess/Cook€175 per night
Hostess/Cook€185 per night
Hostess/Cook€200 per night
Hostess/Cook€205 per night
Regatta surcharge€0 per booking
Damage waiver€35 per night
Overnight on board€160 per booking
Early boarding /Check in€300 per booking
Skipper€160 per night
Skipper€175 per night
Skipper€180 per night
Skipper€200 per night
Skipper€260 per night
Skipper€320 per day
Sleep over before check in€510 per booking
Transfer€14 per one-way / person
Transfer€33 per one-way
Transfer€43 per one-way
Transfer€52 per one-way
Transfer€55 per one-way
Transfer€60 per one-way
Transfer€63 per one-way
Transfer€64 per round trip
Transfer€66 per one-way
Transfer€78 per one-way
Transfer€82 per round trip
Transfer€85 per one-way
Transfer€86 per round trip
Transfer€91 per one-way
Transfer€96 per round trip
Transfer€104 per one-way
Transfer€110 per one-way
Transfer€117 per one-way
Transfer€125 per one-way
Transfer€128 per round trip
Transfer€156 per round trip
Transfer€162 per one-way
Transfer€168 per one-way
Transfer€175 per one-way
Transfer€182 per round trip
Transfer€202 per one-way
Transfer€208 per one-way
Transfer€220 per round trip
Transfer€224 per one-way
Transfer€229 per one-way
Transfer€244 per round trip
Transfer€250 per one-way
Transfer€257 per one-way
Transfer€260 per round trip
Transfer€290 per one-way
Transfer€293 per one-way
Transfer€300 per one-way
Transfer€320 per one-way
Transfer€329 per one-way
Transfer€390 per one-way
Transfer€458 per round trip
Transfer€460 per round trip
Transfer€514 per round trip
Transfer€600 per round trip
Transfer€658 per round trip
Base expenses: fuel charges€25 per day
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€30 per week
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€32 per week
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€40 per week
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€49 per week
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€50 per week
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€60 per week


  • Amount for Security Deposit: £6,000

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