Boomerang Bali 4.1 - 4 + 2 cab. (2020) in Palm Cay One Marina

Map PinPalm Cay One Marina,Nassau,New Providence,Bahamas

10 Guests


4 Cabins

10 Berths

a boat

12m (41ft)


captains available

Captain Available


  • Year: 2020
  • Numbers of cabins: 4
  • Model: Bali 4.1 - 4 + 2 cab.
  • Length: 12m (41ft)
  • Capacity: 10
  • Number of Berths: 10


Hot water
Lazy bag
Bimini top
Life jackets
Fire extinguisher
First aid kit
Solar panels
Air condition
Nautical charts
Bathing platform
Emergency tiller
Anchor with chain
Fog horn
Electric anchor windlass
Distress flare box
Lazy jacks
GPS chart plotter
Mosquito nets
Indoor speakers
Cockpit/stern, outside shower
VHF radio
Bilge pump - mechanic
Set of tools
Shore power cable
Black Water Tank
Spare anchor (Reserve, Auxiliary anchor)
Log/speed instrument
RIB 3m and 15HP outboard
Grill (Barbecue)


Compulsory Extras

Great Barrier Reef administrative expenses€8 per person
BVI Cruising Tax€4 per person / day
Bahamas foreign charter tax€0 per booking
Belize Taxes€0 per booking
Contribution tax€0 per booking
Cruising tax€12 per person / day
Florida sales tax€0 per booking
Great Barrier Reef Environmental charge  €13 per person
Handling fees€20 per booking
Handling fees€30 per booking
National parks permit€0 per week
Damage waiver€40 per night
Outboard fuel & Gas€5 per night
Search & Sea rescue€2 per person
Starter pack€30 per booking
Starter pack€45 per booking
Starter pack€50 per booking
Temporary Belize Skipper Certificate fee€17 per booking
Visar (USVI search & rescue)€8 per booking
Final cleaning€280 per booking
Final cleaning€325 per booking
Tourist tax€1 per person / day
Tourist tax€1 per person / day
Handling fees€15 per booking
Local tax€1 per person
Maryland Amusement Tax 5%€0 per booking
Maryland State Tax 6%€0 per booking
Damage waiver€40 per day
Starter pack€25 per booking
State Tax€0 per booking
Tax Rhode Island€0 per booking
Transit log€100 per booking
Transit log€110 per booking
Final cleaning€235 per booking
Final cleaning€355 per booking
Outboard fuel & Gas€5 per day

Optional Extras

Airport transfer€8 per person
Airport transfer€13 per person
Airport transfer€16 per person
Airport transfer€26 per person
All-consumables-included Package€60 per night
All-consumables-included Package€75 per night
COVID-19 rapid antigen test€60 per night
Extra set of linen (choose how many)€50 per booking
Additional charge€50 per piece
Full board 1-4 pax (number of guests to update manually)€60 per person / day
Full board 1-4 pax (number of guests to update manually)€65 per person / day
Full board 1-4 pax (number of guests to update manually)€70 per person / day
Full board 5-12 pax (number of guests to update manually)€55 per person / day
Full board 5-12 pax (number of guests to update manually)€60 per person / day
Full board 5-12 pax (number of guests to update manually)€65 per person / day
Full day Sailguide€219 per day
Half board 1-4 pax (number of guests to update manually)€50 per person / day
Half board 1-4 pax (number of guests to update manually)€55 per person / day
Half board 5-12 pax (number of guests to update manually)€45 per person / day
Half board 5-12 pax (number of guests to update manually)€50 per person / day
Hostess€110 per night
Hostess€130 per night
Hostess€135 per night
Hostess€170 per night
Hostess€180 per night
Hostess€190 per night
Hostess€200 per day
Hostess€200 per night
Pets on board€0 per booking
Local telephone€17 per booking
Marinero/Cook€60 per night
Marinero/Cook€80 per night
Deckhand/ Marinero€130 per night
Regatta surcharge€1,550 per booking
Damage waiver€40 per night
Secure Car Parking€94 per booking
Race pack€350 per booking
Race pack€800 per booking
Race pack€1,000 per booking
Race pack€1,200 per booking
Race pack€1,500 per booking
Crew change€200 per booking
Early boarding /Check in€450 per booking
Diving€0 per booking
Towels€98 per one-way
Sailguide Session€138 per booking
Same day briefing €150 per booking
Skipper€100 per night
Skipper€120 per night
Skipper€140 per night
Skipper€150 per night
Skipper€170 per night
Skipper€190 per night
Skipper€210 per night
Skipper€220 per night
Skipper€225 per night
Skipper€230 per night
Skipper€240 per night
Skipper€270 per night
Skipper€320 per night
Skipper+Cook€210 per night
Steward/Cook€135 per night
Transfer€6 per one-way
Transfer€8 per one-way
Transfer€10 per one-way
Transfer€12 per one-way
Transfer€12 per round trip
Transfer€15 per one-way
Transfer€15 per round trip
Transfer€20 per one-way
Transfer€20 per round trip
Transfer€24 per round trip
Transfer€25 per one-way
Transfer€26 per round trip
Transfer€26 per one-way
Transfer€30 per round trip
Transfer€33 per one-way
Transfer€40 per round trip
Transfer€40 per one-way
Transfer€45 per one-way
Transfer€50 per one-way
Transfer€50 per round trip
Transfer€51 per one-way
Transfer€52 per round trip
Transfer€56 per round trip
Transfer€65 per round trip
Transfer€65 per one-way
Transfer€70 per round trip
Transfer€72 per round trip
Transfer€75 per round trip
Transfer€78 per round trip
Transfer€90 per round trip
Transfer€99 per round trip
Transfer€100 per round trip
Transfer€102 per round trip
Transfer€104 per round trip
Transfer€116 per round trip
Transfer€120 per one-way
Transfer€123 per round trip
Transfer€130 per round trip
Transfer€130 per one-way
Transfer€144 per round trip
Transfer€150 per round trip
Transfer€150 per one-way
Transfer€169 per round trip
Transfer€172 per round trip
Transfer€185 per round trip
Transfer€187 per one-way
Transfer€195 per one-way
Transfer€216 per round trip
Transfer€223 per round trip
Transfer€230 per one-way
Transfer€232 per one-way
Transfer€235 per one-way
Transfer€239 per one-way
Transfer€240 per round trip
Transfer€316 per one-way
Transfer€386 per one-way
Transfer€448 per one-way
Transfer€464 per round trip
Transfer€478 per round trip
Transfer€490 per one-way
Transfer€547 per one-way
Transfer€565 per round trip
Transfer€594 per one-way
Transfer€631 per round trip
Transfer€772 per round trip
Transfer€896 per round trip
Transfer€982 per round trip
Transfer€1,095 per round trip
Transfer€1,189 per round trip
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€0 per booking
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€10 per night
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€19 per night
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€21 per night
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€50 per night
Cabrera permit€0 per booking
Hostess/Cook€130 per night
Hostess/Cook€160 per night
Hostess/Cook€165 per night
Hostess/Cook€175 per night
Hostess/Cook€185 per night
Hostess/Cook€200 per night
Hostess/Cook€205 per night
Regatta surcharge€0 per booking
Damage waiver€35 per night
Overnight on board€160 per booking
Early boarding /Check in€300 per booking
Skipper€160 per night
Skipper€175 per night
Skipper€180 per night
Skipper€200 per night
Skipper€260 per night
Skipper€320 per day
Sleep over before check in€315 per booking
Transfer€14 per one-way / person
Transfer€33 per one-way
Transfer€43 per one-way
Transfer€52 per one-way
Transfer€55 per one-way
Transfer€60 per one-way
Transfer€63 per one-way
Transfer€64 per round trip
Transfer€66 per one-way
Transfer€78 per one-way
Transfer€82 per round trip
Transfer€85 per one-way
Transfer€86 per round trip
Transfer€91 per one-way
Transfer€96 per round trip
Transfer€104 per one-way
Transfer€110 per one-way
Transfer€117 per one-way
Transfer€125 per one-way
Transfer€128 per round trip
Transfer€156 per round trip
Transfer€162 per one-way
Transfer€168 per one-way
Transfer€175 per one-way
Transfer€182 per round trip
Transfer€202 per one-way
Transfer€208 per one-way
Transfer€220 per round trip
Transfer€224 per one-way
Transfer€229 per one-way
Transfer€244 per round trip
Transfer€250 per one-way
Transfer€257 per one-way
Transfer€260 per round trip
Transfer€290 per one-way
Transfer€293 per one-way
Transfer€300 per one-way
Transfer€320 per one-way
Transfer€329 per one-way
Transfer€390 per one-way
Transfer€458 per round trip
Transfer€460 per round trip
Transfer€514 per round trip
Transfer€600 per round trip
Transfer€658 per round trip
Base expenses: fuel charges€25 per day
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€30 per week
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€32 per week
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€40 per week
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€49 per week
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€50 per week
WI-FI Internet connection on boat€60 per week


  • Amount for Security Deposit: £5,000

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