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Luxury yacht charter worldwide

A luxury crewed yacht charter is one of the safest, most luxurious and most convenient ways to travel and enjoy beautiful locations across the world. One of the many benefits of a trip like this is that it gives you and your guests the flexibility to explore parts of the world that are only accessible by water. Enjoy the finest cuisine, unrivalled service, world-class marinas and bespoke itineraries, as well as the choice of the very best luxury yachts and superyacht charters available. From secret anchorages in the South Pacific to island hopping in the Caribbean; kayaking with Orcas on Alaskan adventures or sharing sun-kissed aperitifs in private bays and anchorages, your unforgettable experience on board one of our luxury yachting charters awaits.

Our unrivalled network of global yacht brokers ensures we have access to an extraordinary range of luxury yachts and superyachts - of every size and fitout. We take care of every detail of your charter and ensure that you and your party's requirements are fulfilled.

Whether you decide to charter your private yacht in your home country or venture farther afield, a tailor-made luxury yacht charter charter is one of the most exciting - and relaxing - ways to enjoy and share unforgettable memories. Sample local culture and entertainment alongside organised activities or simply relax in luxuriously appointed cabins and salons, before exploring dive and snorkel sites in your limousine tender.

Your captain and crew will take care of all navigation, organisational, cuisine and house-keeping. Leaving you and your guests free to relax knowing that you will receive first-class service and attention from embarkation to the day you leave.

Why A Luxury Yacht Charter:

Luxury, service, privacy and accessibility are just some of the benefits of choosing a luxury crewed yacht charter. Enjoy a vacation in unparalleled comfort and luxury as you sail to some of the world's most magical destinations; many of which are only accessible by yacht. Here are some of the advantages of choosing this type of trip over a villa or hotel vacation:

Freedom to Explore: A new horizon each morning each morning, personalised 24/7 service, complete privacy, the freedom to sail and explore at leisure and the chance to discover the very best of the culture, cuisine and entertainment at each location.

Trusted Yacht Brokers: Choose from a 24m luxury yacht up to a 100m mega yacht - the choice is yours. Most have their own private owners' deck and generous staterooms with outside balconies, drive-in tender/toy garages, infinity pools and even spas.

Experienced Captain and Crew: From the French Riviera to the South Pacific, our captains and crew have personal experience of the world's best and safest anchorages and marinas, alongside in-depth local knowledge of cultural attractions, shore dining and entertainment opportunities.

Onboard Entertainment: Some boats Includes the very best AV and satellite communication systems, as well as a range of sophisticated toys all waiting for you in the tender garage. Get your adrenaline rush on the jet skis, paddleboards and kayaks.

Best Destinations for Luxury Yacht Charters:

Whether you choose to enjoy your luxury crewed yacht charter in your country of residence, or prefer to explore farther afield, a charter broker can arrange a unique bespoke trip for you almost anywhere on the planet - from iconic city marinas to secluded anchorages far from the madding crowd. Imagine snorkelling with humpbacks, to Amazon River sailing, rum-chasing in the Caribbean, island hopping in the South Pacific, indulgent Med escapes to Norwegian fjord cruising or even more challenging trans-ocean crossings - you dream it and we will create it.

The Mediterranean: A Mediterranean charter provides access to an array of stunning beaches, picturesque fishing villages, mouth-watering local cuisine and a history spanning thousands of years. From Cannes, Saint Tropez and Monaco to Sorrento and the Amalfi coast, your crewed charter can also take you farther south to Sicily, Croatia, Greek Islands Adriatic or Sardinia, as well as Ibiza and her neighbours.

Caribbean: The Caribbean remains a hugely popular yachting haven and renowned for its white-sand, palm-fringed islands, aquamarine warm waters and renowned local cuisine. A favourite location for all manner of water sports, you are guaranteed a warm welcome from Cuba to the Caymans and St Lucia to the Lesser Antilles.

Indian Ocean: Divers and snorkellers adore the intoxicating islands of the Indian Ocean with superb sites off the Seychelles. Mauritius offers visitors an intoxicating mix of cultures, coral reefs and superb cuisine, while its neighbour Madagascar is blessed with abundant nature reserves. Head east to Sri Lanka and immerse yourself in the land and seascapes of this extraordinary island country.

Pacific and Oceania: From Australia's yachting capital Sydney to the islands of Fiji, Hawaii, Tahiti and Bora Bora, chartering a luxury yacht in the South Pacific and Oceania is an unforgettable experience. Snorkel in indigo-blue waters, relax on white coral sand beaches, or head inland to the mountains of New Zealand's Southern Alps before perhaps a wine-tasting excursion in the country's vineyards.

Antarctica and the South Pole: Increasingly our guests are requesting more adventurous charter destinations that take them into landscapes of unimaginable beauty. Antarctica is a highly recommended destination between November and March during the summer season. This dramatic icescape is home to an extraordinary ecosystem with orcas, penguins seals and other wildlife.

How to Choose Your Luxury Yacht Charter:

The type of sailing holiday you book will depend on your desired destination and the season you sail. You will also have to consider the preferences and sailing experience of your guests but help will be on hand through the process to determine the best itinerary for you and your guests, below are some of the things to think about:

What's the size of your party? Most luxury yachts have accommodation to suit somewhere from 4-8 guests, while superyachts generally cap the guest limit at 12. If you're looking for plenty of space and privacy a larger yacht may be preferential.

What onboard facilities do you need?: Do you need a well-stocked tender space with easy launching for scuba and toys? If your yacht charter is mainly for corporate entertaining then cabin configuration and salon and entertaining layout may be a top priority, alongside ample galley space for your private chef.

What type of Yacht would you prefer, below are some examples:

Sailing Monohulls: A monohull is generally wind-powered and ideal for smaller groups. Advantages of a monohull are safety and ease of mooring as they take up less room in marinas. All of our mono hulls available for charter are not a bareboat charter and will come with crew.

Sailing Catamarans: Twin-hulled catamarans are gaining in popularity and provide a luxurious way to sail. The large capacity for guests couple with a stable platform make them an ideal choice for larger charter groups. They are also generally faster than monohulls.

Power Catamarans: These types of boats are relatively new but have also been gaining in popularity as the two hulls keep the boat more stable when compared to a monohull. The wider beam also means more deck space and as they don't have sails or a mast, they have a lot more space on deck than a sailing catamaran rental or monohull.

Superyachts and Megayachts: The average size of a super yacht is around 40m (though they start at 21 metres in length), and we also have access to megayachts of over 60m. The ultimate in luxury superyachts, they have every conceivable luxury from a dedicated spa to a heli deck.

Gulet Charters: A gulet is a fully crewed luxury yacht where your group have as much or as little to do with the sailing as you want. They typically operate in Turkey and Greece and aboard these boats you will be fed and looked after by the crew while the captain takes you to the best anchorages and marinas, giving you a local's view of the area you are sailing in. Even among non-seafaring types, gulet holidays are a very popular way of exploring.

Motor Yachts: A Luxury motor yacht charter will have a crew and host/hostess on hand to cater for whatever your needs are along with a captain who will have a detailed knowledge of your crusing area. On a crewed yacht charter of this kind you get to create your own personal itinerary and will typically have far greater range than sailing boats which allows for lots of variety in how you travel and what you do.

Due to the fact that most of the boats listed will have a wide range in terms of the areas they can cover if you want any additional areas other than what's listed above then let us know.

Best Time to Book Your Luxury Yacht Charter:

We recommend booking your charter (this includes superyacht charter) up to 12 months ahead, especially if you plan to sail during high season. For low season charters, allow typically an 8-month lead time for your booking. All of this said you will typically be able to pick up bookings at the last minute you will just need to be flexible on the types of boats that will be available.

Mediterranean: If you are planning a Mediterranean luxury yacht charter then the main months are July, August and September which are high season across the region, and you'll typically need to book at least 8 months ahead to get the widest selection here.

The Caribbean: The high season here is during the European or US winter between December and March.

Thailand and The Seychelles: This is similar to the Caribbean high season which runs from December to March.

Australia and the Whitsundays: Similar to the Med, high season is during June, July and August.

Antarctica: The summer season here is between November and March when you'll be blessed with more than 20 hours of daylight.

Why Use Borrow A Boat For A Luxury Yacht Charter:

Borrow A Boat is the leading boat rental and yacht charter marketplace worldwide with over 35,000 boat listings across 65 + countries worldwide. Launched in 2017 by yachting and boating enthusiasts with decades of yachting experience, Borrow a Boat acts as a broker for the world's most impressive superyachts and motor boat charters. We cover North America, the Mediterranean, Caribbean, South Pacific and Rest Of World. Wherever in the world you want to sail, we have a luxury yacht and superyacht to take you there via our trusted network of industry contacts. We are an independent company which ensures you receive the maximum choice of vessel at the most competitive prices. Alongside our passion for yachting, our commitment to service and decades of luxury yacht experience ensures your luxury yacht charter will be an unforgettable experience. Most importantly, all our luxury yachts and superyacht charters meet stringent and current safety and insurance requirements in their respective locations.

We are renowned for planning bespoke yacht chartering experiences to suit your timescale and your desires - not just on the yacht but at the world's most private anchorages and exclusive marinas. Imagine your own private chef creating a fabulous barbecue on a secret Mediterranean cove; whale-watching in the Pacific; relaxing in the Maldives or island hopping in the Caribbean.

Whether you are planning a romantic escape, a family celebration or an important corporate event, we will handle all logistical preparations to make your yacht charter the experience of a lifetime. We can help with logistics, including pre-and post- charter hotel stays -as well as embarkation. Book a private helicopter charter to land on your own superyacht helipad or step aboard a glamorous limousine tender that will take you in style from the port to your anchorage. Our experienced local teams in each destination take care of all the logistics on your behalf, ensuring you arrive onboard your luxury yacht relaxed and ready to enjoy your vacation.

Our captains and crew have personal experience of the world's best and safest anchorages and marinas, alongside in-depth local knowledge of cultural attractions, shore dining and entertainment opportunities. Choosing a luxury yacht charter gives you and your guests the opportunity to travel discreetly, with access to the most private coves and anchorages, far from the stresses of today's busy life.

Frequently asked questions
What kind of yachts can I rent for a Luxury Yacht Charter?

The main types of boats that people rent on a luxury yacht charter are Sailing Yachts, Motor Yachts, Sailing Catamarans, Power Catamarans, Gulets, Superyachts (21 metres plus boats) and Megayachts (40 metres plus boats).

What is the process for booking a Luxury Yacht Charter?

Your first step is to decide how many guests you will have onboard, your location preference and your desired dates. Once you have decided on the basics you can speak to a yacht broker who will organize a detailed itinerary based on where you are travelling and your preferences.

Where can I sail a Luxury Yacht Charter to?

Wherever your imagination takes you, there are yachts berthed in popular locations such as The Bahamas, Maldives, New England, the Mediterranean and the South Pacific. But you can also take you on farther afield excursions such as Antarctica, the South Pacific and the wilds of Alaska, it just depends on what type of sailing vacation you want to do.

Will I have to pay a deposit when I book a Luxury Yacht Charter?

Yes, all charter companies will require a deposit to book a yacht. This is often refundable if you make cancellations or changes over ninety days in advance. But read the cancellation policy and consider trip insurance if booking inside the cancellation window.

What factors do I need to consider to book the best Luxury Yacht Charter?

Your party size determines the size of luxury yacht to book, so get a headcount before you look. You may also wish to explore the locality before transferring back home. The main points to consider are what is your budget, have you got the necessary sailing experience and qualifications to manage the boat if it's not going to have a captain, whom you are taking sailing, where exactly you wish to go and what will the weather be like on the proposed dates of your trip.

What Is Included in the charter rate?

Your charter rate will include the rental of your luxury yacht and its equipment, together with the services of its captain and all crew. The vessel will be properly insured against all marine risks. Additional fees not covered in the charter rate include: VAT, marina fees, local taxes, harbor fees, canal fees, fuel charges, electronic communications, provisioning and any other bespoke extras required. If you choose to embark at a different port to the yacht's home location, then you can expect to pay for delivery and/or return fees and expenses.

How long can I charter a yacht for?

Luxury yachts are generally charted at a minimum for one week. You can typically charter a yacht for as long as you want, the only limiting factor is generally the yacht's availability.

How many guests are allowed on board a Luxury Yacht Charter?

The size of your yacht will determine how many guests are allowed onboard. There are no minimum amount of guests but most bookings will be between 2 to 8 guests with the maximum amount of guest being usually around 12 but this can be larger on some types of boats.

How can I ensure all my requests for activities/food/excursions are met?

We will discuss all your transfer and onboard requirements when you make your booking and will send you a comprehensive questionnaire to complete. We will also contact you just before your charter begins to ensure all your preferences and individual requirements regarding dietary preferences, medical conditions, allergies have been covered. This also includes your requested activities - including toys - entertainment and offshore excursions.

What insurance do you recommend I take out?

Usually guests are covered under the yacht owner's own liability policy for damage, however we recommend taking out Charter Liability insurance as an extra buffer. Should you or your guests accidentally damage any interior fixtures and fittings, the hull or tenders/toys then you will be fully protected.