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Explore Italy's lively harbor of Olbia, where ancient history and Sardinian warmth welcome. With an expert skipper, uncover Roman ruins, hidden islands, and the delightful tastes of Italian island life.

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Sailing in Olbia

Sailing in Olbia, located in the northeastern part of Sardinia offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the stunning coastline, crystal-clear waters, and charming islands of the region. Majestic mountains and turquoise waters create magnificent conditions for a fun sailing adventure and a boat rental in Olbia is allowing you to explore the magical island of Sardinia from a different perspective.

Things to do and see when sailing in Olbia

Olbia boasts a picturesque coastline with stunning landscapes. As you sail along the coast, you'll encounter breathtaking cliffs, hidden coves, and pristine beaches. The natural beauty of the area, including the crystal-clear waters and lush vegetation, creates a truly mesmerizing backdrop for your sailing adventure. However, there is more to discover in this beautiful seaside town. As Olbia is well-connected and serves as a gateway to other stunning destinations in Sardinia, it is a great place to embark on your sailing adventure.

Activities in Olbia

  • Snorkelling and Diving: The crystal-clear waters of Olbia provide excellent opportunities for snorkeling and diving. Explore the vibrant underwater world, discover colorful marine life, and witness beautiful coral reefs and underwater rock formations. Some yacht charters in Olbia even come with the equipment needed to go on an underwater adventure.
  • Go beach hopping: Olbia is surrounded by beautiful beaches with golden sand and turquoise waters. A boat rental in Olbia can take you to the different beaches and anchor in secluded bays where you can swim, sunbathe, and relax. Some popular beaches not too far away include Pittulongu Beach and Cala Brandinchi. Spiaggia del Principe might not be super close to Olbia, but is truly mesmerizing and can be easily reached by boat.
  • Visit the stunning Maddalena Archipelago north of Sardinia, which consists of several islands with breathtaking mountainous landscapes and pristine beaches. Explore the main island of La Maddalena and its charming town, or anchor at nearby islands like Caprera or Spargi.
  • Visit Castello di Pedres to explore the ruins of a Medieval fortress and to enjoy the stunning views of the Mediterranean

Beaches in Olbia

  • Spiaggia del Principe: This beach might not be around the corner, but is a truly beautiful beach in Sardinia worth sailing to.
  • Spiaggia di Cala Sabina: This stunning beach will make you think that you have arrived in the Caribbean. The turquoise water is so clear that you can see everything down below
  • Terza Spiaggia might not be the most beautiful beach you will ever see in your life, but it certainly is a nice beach you would take your family too. Crystal clear water and a very shallow entrance into the water make it perfect for families with kids

Restaurants in Olbia

Best cheap eats in Olbia:

  • Family Pizza: Savor a delicious pizza that will make you rethink all the other pizzas you have had before. It is extremely affordable and you can even enjoy some homemade liquor
  • Gelateria Smeralda Olbia dal 1996 is the place to go to get your gelato fix while in the town.

Fine dining in Olbia:

  • Summer Beach Restaurant - Adults Only: Fine dining at its best in this fabulous restaurant with beautiful views and elegantly presented dishes
  • Dulchemente: Recommended by the Michelin restaurant guides, this wonderful restaurant is a great place to rewind from the day and enjoy a nutritious meal in a modern, but elegant setting

Bars and Clubs in Olbia

  • Devil Kiss: A refreshing beer or lovely wine is what you want to enjoy in this bar. They even have live music to accompany your night
  • New York Cafe': The name might have nothing to do with this elegant place in Sardinia, but you can enjoy a fine wine accompanied by different cold cuts and cheeses.

Explore historical Olbia

Exploring the historical sites of Olbia allows you to delve into its past and understand the cultural and historical significance of the region. Whether you're interested in ancient civilizations, Roman history, or architectural wonders, Olbia offers a fascinating blend of natural beauty and historical heritage. Visit the Archaeological Museum of Olbia to start your exploration of Olbia's history. It houses a collection of artifacts from various periods, including prehistoric, Roman, and Byzantine eras. You can learn about the ancient settlements, trading routes, and cultural influences that shaped Olbia's past. Discover Chiesa Parrocchiale di S.Paolo Apostolo to see a stunning 18th century church to admire some architecture of Olbia’s more recent past.

Sailing conditions in Olbia

There are three winds that dominate on the island of Sardinia, but one in particular that blows on the eastern coast of the island. The so-called ‘Scirocco’ is a warm and dry wind that you will feel in this part of Sardinia. There is also the cool and breezy west wind, which blows throughout the summer and is great if you want to explore the island on a boat with a sail. In the summer months the wind doesn’t go above 20 knots, bringing wind conditions that can also be enjoyed by novice sailors.

July and August are the hottest months of the year with lovely warm water temperatures that make for excellent swimming conditions in the sea. However, the sailing season in Sardinia generally lasts from April until October. If you want to ditch the crowds, but still want to enjoy warm temperatures, sailing in Olbia in September or October is a good choice.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Olbia?

Sardinia is an extremely affordable sailing destination in the Mediterranean and offers many boats that can be rented even with a smaller budget. On average it costs only around 50 EUR per person per day to rent a gulet in Italy and an average price of 58 EUR per person per day to rent a sailboat in Italy. While these are some of the most affordable boats to rent in Sardinia, you should be aware that they require lots of skills and training to be able to sail on them. It costs around 40 EUR per person per day to rent a RIB in Italy. If you’re looking at renting a speedboat, you will need to keep in mind that it will cost you an average of 70 EUR per person per day in Italy. If you are looking at renting a catamaran or a motorboat in Italy, it will be more expensive, but won’t break your bank either. They come with all the amenities you chould wish for and make your sailing adventure in Olbia perfect. On average it will cost you 150 EUR to rent a motorboat in Italy per person per day and 140 EUR to rent a catamaran in Italy per person per day.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Olbia?

It all depends on the activities you have planned on your sailing adventure in Olbia. If you plan on having a rather relaxed sailing vacation in Olbia that includes eating in wonderful restaurants close to the marinas and sunbathing at the most stunning beaches in Sardinia, you should opt for a boat with a shallow draft, like a catamaran or a motorboat. If you want to feel the wind on your skin and embark on a sailing adventure that will make you practice your sailing skills at all times, you might want to choose a monohull with a sail.

Rent a catamaran in Olbia

Pros of renting a catamaran in Olbia

A catamaran charter in Olbia allows you to explore stunning beaches like Spiaggia del Principe. As catamarans come with a shallow draft, you can sail closer to the shore and access to the beaches is much easier.

If you fear getting seasick when going on board a boat, a catamaran rental in Olbia might be just the right choice for you. Standing on two hulls makes catamarans a lot more stable than other types of boats - even when the winds and waves become a little bit rougher.

A catamaran hire in Olbia is fantastic for anyone who enjoys the comfort and flexibility that come with a catamaran. Due to the architectural structure of catamarans, you can expect bigger bedrooms and generally more space on board and on deck as well as more flexibility when it comes to sailing along the Sardinian coast. You can choose between using the sail or the engine when moving forward.

Cons of renting a catamaran in Olbia

As catamarans are relatively spacious, they are also bigger than other types of boats. This might seem great at first, but can also come with plenty of challenges when it comes to finding a spot for mooring at the marinas. The summer months are very busy anyway and trying to find a bigger spot for mooring is certainly not an easy undertaking. If you are lucky enough to find a spot for mooring you will have to pay extra for that.

Catamarans are quite light, which could slow them down. So if you need to get somewhere very fast, you might opt for a different kind of boat.

Charter a catamaran in Olbia

Rent a sailboat in Olbia

Pros of renting a sailboat in Olbia

If all of the veins in your body are screaming adventure, a sailboat charter in Olbia is probably the best choice for you. As you have to put a lot of effort into sailing and know your way around a monohull with a sail, you will definitely feel like the long gone adventurers of the 16th and 17th century.

Are you conscious of the environment, but still want to experience a boat holiday in one of the most beautiful destinations in Europe? A sailboat rental in Olbia might just be what you were looking for. As sailboats are solely fueled by the wind, you won’t produce any additional CO2-emissions while on board. Just be sure to dispose of your trash responsibly as well!

As sailboats only run on the power of the wind you won’t have to worry about paying extra for fuel. This saves lots of money and makes a sailboat hire in Olbia one of the most affordable options for a boat holiday in Sardinia.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Olbia

Olbia and the surrounding areas can experience varying weather conditions, including strong winds and rough seas - especially in the winter months. This may impact your sailing plans and restrict your ability to sail to certain destinations. So this is something to keep in mind when chartering a sailboat in Olbia.

Sailboat charter in Olbia

Rent a motorboat in Olbia

Pros of renting a motorboat in Olbia

Motorboats are not dependent on wind conditions, making them a more reliable choice for getting around and reaching your desired destinations. You won't have to worry about waiting for favorable winds or being limited by their absence with a motorboat charter in Olbia.

A motorboat rental in Olbia is also the perfect choice for anyone who has a limited amount of time on their hands, but a very long to-do-list. You get to see a lot of places in a shorter amount of time as motorboats are generally known to be faster than other types of boats.

Motorboats often come with very comfortable bedrooms and have many amenities on board that will make you feel almost as comfortable as you would feel at home.

Cons of renting a motorboat in Olbia

One of the downsides of a motorboat charter in Olbia can be the fact that motorboats solely run on fuel. While it might give you more flexibility, it also comes with higher costs. Fuel is expensive, making motorboats one of the most expensive options for a boat holiday in Olbia.

Motorboat rental in Olbia

Luxury boat holidays in Olbia

Charter a private luxury yacht in Olbia to enjoy your vacation to the fullest. There are many amenities and other exclusive features that come with a luxury yacht charter in Olbia. Aside from basics like a full kitchen and other kitchen utensils, comfortable bedrooms and bathrooms, most luxury yachts will be chartered with a full crew. This means that you have someone on board who is going to take care of the operation of your boat and someone who is going to take care of your meals. You simply lean back and enjoy your well-deserved vacation.

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in Olbia?

It is important to know that anyone who wants to charter a boat in Olbia needs to be in possession of a valid boat license. If you carry a EU-boat license, your certificate will automatically be valid in Italy. If you come from outside of the EU, it depends on whether or not your license fulfills the requirements of an Italian boat license. But don’t worry if you are neither in possession of a valid boat license, nor plan on getting one in the near future. You can still go on your boat holiday in Olbia. Simply hire a skipper with Borrow A Boat in addition to your bareboat charter in Olbia.

Sailing routes in Olbia

Day 1 - Sail from Olbia to Golfo Aranci: Start your journey by sailing to Golfo Aranci, a charming coastal town with picturesque beaches and a lively marina. Spend the day exploring the town, relaxing on the beach, and enjoying the local cuisine. Picturesque Spiaggia di Cala Moresca is not far from there.

Day 2 - Sail from Golfo Aranci to La Maddalena: Sail to the stunning La Maddalena Archipelago and anchor at the main island of La Maddalena. Explore the town, visit historical sites like the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene, and relax on a beautiful beach like Spalmatore, which is also a popular snorkeling spot.

Day 3 - Sail from La Maddalena to Caprera and Porto Cervo: Visit the neighboring island of Caprera, known for its natural beauty and hiking trails. Anchor at Cala Coticcio or Cala Napoletana to go for a swim in the turquoise waters while enjoying the stunning cliff views in the background. Later, sail to Porto Cervo, a luxurious resort town in Sardinia famous for its upscale marina, vibrant nightlife and even more exclusive clientele.

Day 4 - Sail from Porto Cervo to Cala Gonone: Embark on a longer sail to Cala Gonone, a scenic coastal town located on the eastern coast of Sardinia. Along the way, admire the rugged cliffs and crystal-clear waters.

Day 5 - Sail from Cala Gonone to Cala Goloritzé and Arbatax: Sail south to Cala Goloritzé, a breathtaking beach known for its white pebbles and turquoise waters. Anchor here and enjoy some swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. Later, continue to Arbatax, a charming town with a picturesque harbor, colorful houses and hilly landscapes. Explore the town and indulge in some fresh seafood at one of the lovely local restaurants.

Day 6 - Sail from Arbatax to Santa Maria Navarrese and Cala Esuili: Head to Santa Maria Navarrese, a quaint village with beautiful beaches and the opportunity to hike to the nearby plateau of Golgo if you want to take a break from sailing for a few hours. You will pass the Grotta dei Colombi along the way. Then head to Cala Esuili.

Day 7 - Sail from Cala Esuili to Olbia: On your final day, sail back to Olbia. Enjoy the coastal views and reflect on your sailing adventure. Take the opportunity to explore Olbia further or visit nearby attractions and natural wonders before disembarking and bringing your boat back to the yacht charter in Olbia.