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The largest of Greece's Cyclades, offering sandy beaches and ancient ruins. A mythical experience at the heart of the Aegean!
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Sailing in Naxos

Sailing in Naxos is a truly relaxing experience you wouldn’t want to miss. White sandy beaches, turquoise waters and amazing hiking trails make this the perfect destination for boat enthusiasts and adventurers alike. Less popular than other Greek islands, it still attracts a big crowd. The island is also a great starting point to sail around the Cyclades which are blessed with strong winds, so rent a boat in Naxos and head out to explore this beautiful part of Greece.

Things to do and see when sailing in Naxos

Rent a boat in Naxos to explore this stunning Greek island and the other islands of the Cyclades, but don’t miss out on the other fun activities you can pursue when visiting.

Activities in Naxos

  • Visit the Temple of Apollo in Portara to explore a fascinating ancient ruin
  • Discover Mikri Vigla Beach, a unique looking beach filled with interesting white stones
  • Learn more about the process of making the delicious olive oil that has become an essential ingredient in many salad dressings around the world in the Eggares Olive Oil Museum
  • The Temple of Demeter is another stunning ancient site you should visit on your trip to the island of Naxos
  • The Holy Paleochristian Church of Panagia Drosiani is a beautiful church which you should visit for its architecture and beautiful paintings
  • Hike up Óros Zévs, a beautiful mountain in the centre of Naxos which also houses Zeus’ childhood cave, one of the most interesting tourist attractions on the island
  • Windsurfing and kitesurfing are very popular activities in Naxos - in case you want to add some extra fun things to your trip

Beaches in Naxos

  • Plaka Beach: This beach is one of the most popular, but also one of the most beautiful beaches on the island of Naxos. The white sand and the turquoise water make it an amazing beach for a day out
  • Maragas Beach: This incredible sandy beach might not be super remote, but there is enough distance to the resorts, which makes it perfect for swimming in a beautiful location away from the crowds and surrounded by turquoise water
  • Kastraki Beach: This rather secluded beach on the west coast of Naxos is a great spot for anyone who wants to sunbathe or read a book while enjoying the peace and quiet away from the crowds

Restaurants in Naxos

Casual dining in Naxos:

  • Soulatso: This lovely little cafe is a great place to enjoy comfort foods like burgers, french fries and pancakes.
  • To Souvlaki tou Maki: Satisfy your gyros cravings in this wonderful place where everything is fresh and homemade.

Restaurants with a view in Naxos:

  • Rotonda: Overlook the sea in this beautiful restaurant while enjoying some delicious Greek food like moussaka or the split beans
  • Ntoyzenia: This restaurant might be quite secluded, but it is so worth visiting. The scenic location will make you feel like dining in a dream

Fine dining in Naxos:

  • Antamoma: Elegantly presented seafood dishes in a minimally decorated restaurant make this a fantastic dining experience you won’t easily forget. A special highlight on the menu is the octopus salad
  • Nostimon Hellas: Here you get to enjoy the fine dining experience in Greek style and at an affordable price

Bars and Clubs in Naxos

  • Like Home Bar - Naxos: Ready for the best views while sipping on a refreshing cocktail? Savour some delicious sushi and cocktails while enjoying the views of the beautiful “Portara”
  • The Rum Bar Cocktail & Spirits: Not just rum lovers will come to love this place. It is also a fantastic bar to overlook the marina - especially when the sun is setting
  • Dome Lounge Bar: This bar is really giving you the cozy feeling of being in Greece. The cave-like architecture and wooden interior will make for some cozy evenings

Explore historical Naxos

In true Greek island fashion, Naxos has an interesting history which obviously includes ancient Greece and its traditions. There are still quite a few ancient Greek ruins you can explore on your trip to the island to learn more about the history of Naxos during this period in time. The Temple of Apollo in Portara and the Temple of Demeter are just two of them.

Stories about the construction of Monastery Fotodoti vary depending on the sources. It is not quite clear if it was a Byzantine princess who gave orders to build this massive building or by empress Irene. What is clear though is that the building was given to Benedictine monks in 1227. Although it looks more like a Medieval fortress from the outside, there is some incredible art inside the monastery, making it not just a great place for history-lovers to explore.

Explore mystical Naxos

Crete might be considered the birthplace of Zeus, but Naxos is the place where Zeus was brought up. That’s why the tallest mountain on the island is named after him. You can even hike up this mountain and enjoy the most amazing view of the island and the sea from there. Zeus' Childhood Cave is also a popular attraction on the mountain with the same name.

Sailing conditions in Naxos

Naxos is a Greek island with a typical Mediterranean climate. Summers are generally hot and dry while the winters are milder. Sailing season generally lasts from April until October/November, but the most popular months to visit the island are July and August. The Cyclades are generally known for their ideal wind conditions, making it the perfect destination for sailors all around the world. The Meltemi, a strong and very dry Northern wind, is prevailing in Naxos during the sailing season. Wind speeds generally range from 15-25 knots, but can also be stronger during this time of year. The channel between Paros and Naxos can further accelerate wind speeds by 3-5 knots as a special natural phenomenon occurs here. As the wind speeds are stronger than in other Mediterranean sailing destinations and the landscape of the coast can often be quite unpredictable, Naxos is the ideal sailing destination for more experienced sailors. If you still want to try yourself out, you can always head to the south of the island where the waters are flat and the winds are a little bit calmer.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Naxos?

If you want to rent a boat in Naxos, you can find some really great deals on the Borrow A Boat website all year round, but keep in mind that prices generally increase during the summer months June, July and August.

Renting a sailboat in Naxos is one of the cheapest options for a boat holiday. Not just, because the price for the bareboat charter is so affordable, but also due to the fact that you don’t need to calculate extra cash for petrol. On average it costs only 50 EUR per person per day to rent a sailboat in Greece. At an average price of 190 EUR per person per day, motorboats are one of the most expensive options for a boat holiday in Greece. Keep in mind that you also need to pay extra for petrol when you go on a motorboat charter in Naxos. At an average price of 150 EUR per person per day, renting a catamaran in Greece is not cheap either. However, you don’t have to use the engine and fuel if you don’t want to. You can always set the sail on a catamaran. Rent a gulet in Greece at an average price of 105 EUR per person per day, but remember that gulets are not the easiest to operate. Hiring an experienced captain to help you out here might be a good option - although it means that you have to spend a little bit more money on your vacation. You can rent a RIB in Greece for 93 EUR per person per day. However, they are not really meant for longer trips. RIBs are ideal for day charters. Renting a boat in Greece is really not expensive. Also, keep in mind that these are only average prices and you can rent boats in Greece that are much cheaper than this. You will find better deals off season in May or September.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Naxos?

Rent the boat in Naxos that most fits your planned sailing itinerary on the island. A super relaxed sailing holiday where you get to sunbathe and just relax on the beach will require you to charter a different kind of boat than the one you would go for if you were to set out on an adventure at sea.

Rent a catamaran in Naxos

Pros of renting a catamaran in Naxos

Rent a catamaran in Naxos if you want to explore stunning beaches like Kastraki Beach. It will be so much easier to reach them by catamaran than with any other type of boat. As catamarans have a shallow draft and no keel, you will be able to sail closer to the shore and therefore have better access to the many beaches and coves you can find all over the island.

Charter a catamaran in Naxos if you feel like trying out different sailing techniques and practice your skills. You can either drive a catamaran with an engine or sail with the sail when the wind is strong enough. This gives you additional flexibility as you are not completely dependent on the wind.

A catamaran rental in Naxos is also great if you want to have more space on board. Standing on two hulls gives catamarans not just more stability, it also allows for more space on board. The bedrooms are generally bigger and there is more space on deck to stretch your legs. As the two hulls ensure that catamarans feel less shaky in general, it is also a great choice for anyone who gets seasick easily.

Cons of renting a catamaran in Naxos

Catamarans are often bigger than other types of boats which can make it quite challenging to find a spot for mooring at the marinas. If you do find a spot for mooring, you will probably have to pay extra. With bigger boats come higher costs.

Another downside of renting a catamaran in Naxos can be the fact that catamarans are generally lighter than other types of boats. This can be a disadvantage when trying to sail faster as it might slow you down. This is also one of the reasons why catamarans are not necessarily the ideal boats for super long sailing routes.

Charter a catamaran in Naxos

Rent a sailboat in Naxos

Pros of renting a sailboat in Naxos

Charter a sailboat in Naxos if you’re ready for a more environmentally friendly adventure on the water. Sailboats are fueled by the wind which ensures that there are zero CO2-emissions released.

Rent a sailboat in Naxos if you are on a budget. As sailboats run with the wind, they are often the cheapest option when it comes to boat vacations. This means that you don’t need to plan for additional costs on top of your bareboat charter. Also, the wind in the Cyclades is quite strong, ensuring that you probably won’t get stuck in the middle of the sea. This is a huge advantage, but due to the strong winds and often unpredictable grounds underneath the water, this is definitely one of the more challenging options when it comes to sailing holidays in Greece and we would therefore recommend it only to more experienced and highly skilled sailors.

A sailboat rental in Naxos is great for anyone who wants to go on an adventure. You will feel totally free and forget all your worries. After all, this is the real purpose of a holiday, right?

Cons of renting a sailboat in Naxos

As sailboats only run on wind you will find yourself completely at mercy of mother nature. This could mean that you could get stuck in the middle of the sea should the wind suddenly stop blowing.

With all the beautiful beaches and coves you can find on the island, you might feel like you’re missing out when renting a sailboat in Naxos. Sailboats have a keel, which makes it harder and sometimes even dangerous to sail too close to the shore - especially when you don’t know exactly what to expect underneath your boat. So you might have to stick to admiring these beautiful landscapes from a distance.

Sailboat rental in Naxos

Rent a speedboat in Naxos

Pros of renting a speedboat in Naxos

A speedboat rental in Naxos is the right choice for anyone who wants to explore the many secluded coves and beaches you can discover all across Naxos and the other islands of the Cyclades. Speedboats come with a shallow draft, which allows them to sail closer to the shore. This makes it super easy to access the beaches without a lot of effort.

Another great thing about a speedboat charter in Naxos is the fact that they are relatively easy to operate. Unlike sailboats they don’t require a lot of training and can be the perfect choice for complete beginners who fulfil the requirements of the Greek authorities.

Rent a speedboat in Naxos if you love driving at full speed. This will not just give you a great adrenaline rush, but will also take you quickly from beach to beach, island to island or marina to marina. This makes speedboats perfect for anyone who wants to explore as much as possible in a short amount of time. Most speedboats are not made for trips that last longer than a day or three.

Cons of renting a speedboat in Naxos

One of the downsides of a speedboat charter in Naxos is simply the fact that they are not made for longer trips, limiting the distance you can drive and the places you can visit in Naxos and other islands in the Cyclades.

Another downside of speedboats can be the fact that they solely run on fuel. This might mean having to pay extra.

Speedboat rental in Naxos

Charter a luxury yacht in Naxos

Make your dream come true and charter a private luxury yacht in Naxos. Basic amenities like a fridge, a stove and coffee machine are almost always available, allowing you to store and prepare all your meals on board. Although most luxury yacht rentals include a full crew taking care of your every need while you simply lean back and enjoy your vacation.

Charter a luxury yacht in Naxos

What kind of boat licence do you need when renting a boat in Naxos?

In general, anyone who wants to charter a yacht in Naxos needs to possess a valid boat licence. If you plan on chartering a boat with less than 30 hp, you can rent a boat in Naxos without a boat licence. If your boat licence was issued in a language other than Greek or English you need to get it translated before your arrival in Greece. The Greek authorities take checking people’s documents on Greek waters very seriously, so you should definitely come prepared to avoid any uncomfortable surprises.

No boat licence, no problem. You can always hire a skipper to operate your boat so that you can your boat rental in Naxos without a licence. Lean back and enjoy your holiday.

Sailing routes in Naxos

Naxos is just one of the beautiful islands of the Cyclades and a great starting point to venture out further and discover the rest of the islands.

Day 1 - Sail from Naxos to Schinoussa: Before making your way to Schinoussa, make sure to check out some of Naxos most beautiful beaches. It’s the perfect way to start your sailing vacation in the Cyclades. In Schinoussa you have to swim at Lioliou beach or Tsigouri beach, two of the most beautiful beaches on the island.

Day 2 - Sail from Schinoussa to Ios: Probably most famous for its vibrant nightlife and a top destination amongst the youth, the island of Ios is home to a variety of different clubs and bars you need to check out. However, not everyone comes to Ios just to party, you can travel to some beautiful remote beaches like Agia Theodoti, discover picturesque seaside villages or simply enjoy the stunning views from the cliffs. Visit the Tomb of Homer, one of the most famous landmarks on the island.

Day 3 - Sail from Ios to Folegandros: The island of Folegandros is one of the lesser known islands in the Cyclades, but not less worthy of visiting. Vorina Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. Katergo Beach with its impressive white cliffs is certainly one of the most interesting beaches you can find here. You can best reach these beaches with a catamaran or a motorboat. If you want to do something super fun and take a break from being on your boat, you can always rent a quad and go on an adventurous drive around the island.

Day 4 - Sail from Folegandros to Milos: Best known for its turquoise waters, impressive white volcanic cliffs and cute seaside villages, the island of Milos is a fantastic place to stop by on your travels around the Cyclades.

Day 5 - Sail from Milos to Sifnos: The island of Sifnos will give you the typical Greek island experience. White washed houses, stunning cliffs surrounded by turquoise and emerald waters and traditional taverns to enjoy authentic Greek food.

Day 6 - Sail from Sifnos to Paros: Paros is another island of the Cyclades with a port town that’s going to greet you with its beautiful white washed houses. Visit Paros Park, a very beautiful natural park filled with stunning, quiet beaches, hiking trails and other pieces of natural beauty. Paros Archaeological Museum will take you back in time and you can learn more about the history of the island here.

Day 7 - Sail from Paros to Naxos: Time to go back to the island of Naxos, but before you do, make sure to stop by the small island of Drionisi.