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An island located in the Ionian Sea, part of Greece. Zakynthos is known for its beautiful beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant nightlife. A perfect destination for a summer getaway!
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Sailing in Zakynthos

The Greek island of Zakynthos is one of the most popular and most stunning of the Ionian islands. Probably most famous for Navagio beach and its shipwreck, it has become one of the most visited tourist attractions. To get there, you should rent a boat in Zakynthos. Sail over the beautiful turquoise waters and take in the breathtaking views of the majestic cliffs and lush greens framing the island.

Things to do and see when sailing in Zakynthos

While you should definitely set out to discover Navagio beach on a boat rental in Zakynthos, it is not the only tourist attraction worth visiting.

Activities in Zakynthos

  • Explore the Keri Caves. If you’re lucky you might even see some turtles
  • Head to Askos Stone Park to discover local wildlife, a couple of domestic animals and interesting stones
  • Admire the impressive architecture of the Church of Agios Dionysios
  • Visit Korakonissi: This impressive natural site offers the opportunity to swim in an interesting pool with interesting rock formations and in crystal clear waters. It is also a popular place for snorkelling
  • Visit Solomos Square in Zakynthos town, where you get to enjoy a cafe while people watching
  • The Panoramic View of Bohali allows you to admire Zakynthos island from the top. This is a particularly beautiful sight during sunset
  • Head to the Anafonitria monastery to get your history fix
  • The Argássi Bridge is not just a beautiful historical site worth visiting, it is also a great place to snap some beautiful holiday photos

Beaches in Zakynthos

  • Navagio beach is of course the most popular beach you can visit in Zakynthos. You can best reach the beach with a boat rental. Take the day to explore the shipwreck that has been stranded here since 1980. It is said to have been a ship smuggling goods from Greece to Italy
  • Agios Sostis beach on Cameo island: This fascinating beach is located on a tiny island where you can find nothing but nature and a bar with the fitting name Cameo Island Beach Bar
  • You can find Porto Limnionas Beach in a sheltered, narrow cove where it is protected from the wind. It is a particular popular spot to go snorkelling and cave swimming

Restaurants in Zakynthos

Casual dining in Zakynthos:

  • Street Food Zakynthos: This little kiosk is only about 400m away from the beach and perfect to grab a quick bite to eat while relaxing in the sun. The chicken gyros is particularly tasty
  • Filoxenia: Enjoy traditional meals with fantastic local wines. Whether you’re going for the gyros or the fish, everything will make your taste buds excited

Restaurants with a view in Zakynthos:

  • Sanpiero: This fabulous restaurant in Laganas is making you excited to enjoy a dinner next to the water. Enjoy delicious Greek food while looking out at the beach. You can also opt for a cocktail to make the night more fun
  • To Meraki: Enjoy the beautiful sea views while eating a lovely dinner or a drink. The moussaka is a must when coming to Greece

Fine dining in Zakynthos:

  • Essence Restaurant: Time for a fabulous meal in a fancy restaurant after a long day out on a boat. Head to this wonderful restaurant in Kalamaki and enjoy a delicious steak
  • Komis Fish Tavern really looks like a traditional fish tavern and offers you direct sea views that make the whole experience even more amazing. The price are acceptable for a fine dining experience like this

Bars and Clubs in Zakynthos

  • Busters Bar is basically a sports bar in Alykanas, but you will always find refreshing and cool drinks here
  • Zero's Club in Laganas: Dance the night away in this amazing night club and play one of the infamous games at the bar. Definitely a night worth remembering waiting for you!

Explore historical Zakynthos

The Venetian Tower is a remnant of the Venetian rule over the island in 1484, who also called Zakynthos the Flower of the East. During this time they tried to repopulate Zakynthos as many inhabitants had fled the island. Later, even Italians escaping the civil wars, that were occuring in Italy at the time, settled here.

Beautiful monasteries like Anafonitria monastery or Monastery Panagia Skopiotissa show the deep rooted Christian history on the island.

Explore mystical Zakynthos

According to Homer, the island of Zakynthos received its name from its founder with the same name. He was the son of the king of Troy and came to the island with his fleet, where he founded his very own Acropolis. As Greeks take their mythology very seriously, there are plenty of coins and other artifacts showing the founder of the island. It is even said that Zakynthos was the one who freed the island from snakes.

Sailing conditions in Zakynthos

Despite the obvious beauty that you can find in Zakynthos, it is the perfect sailing destination for anyone who wants to go out and explore. The winds and waves are generally not as strong as in other parts of the Greek islands. This also makes it a perfect destination for novice sailors. Some bays might be deeper than you expect, so bringing a longer anchor line is advisable. You can even explore different kinds of landscapes on the island. The west coast is karstic and therefore many caves and other kinds of fascinating rocky landscapes can be found here. On the contrary, the eastern part of the island is fertile and green.

The summers are very hot and dry with the months of July and August being the most popular months to visit the island. The winters will get colder and windier. Strong South-South-East winds are dominating here in winter and early spring.

Keep an eye out for the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, where wildlife is protected.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Zakynthos?

Renting a boat in Zakynthos won’t break your bank. In fact, Zakynthos and Greece in general are amongst the most affordable destinations for a boat vacation in the Mediterranean. Prices can definitely fluctuate between high season and shoulder season, but that shouldn’t stop you from booking your amazing sailing trip in Zakynthos.

Charter a sailboat in Greece at an average price of 50 EUR per person per day. Sailboats are the cheapest boats you can charter in Greece and the fact that they solely run on wind means that you don’t need to calculate any additional costs for fuel. The most expensive option for a boat holiday in Greece is a motorboat charter which comes at an average price of 190 EUR per person per night. Be aware that this doesn’t include the extra costs for fuel you have to keep in mind in addition to your bareboat charter. Rent a catamaran in Greece for an average price of 150 EUR per person per day. If you are a more experienced sailor and want to rent something adventurous, but still affordable, you should rent a gulet in Greece at an average price of 105 EUR per person per day. It costs 93 EUR per person per day on average to rent a RIB. However, bear in mind that RIBs are only suitable as day charters, not for overnight stays.

A skippered yacht charter in Zakynthos is a great choice if you just want to relax and not move a finger when enjoying a boat holiday on the Ionian islands.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Zakynthos?

Zakynthos has many beautiful beaches to choose from, but not every boat type is a good choice to explore them with. You would charter a different type of boat for an activity like that than the one you would go for if you want to go island hopping around the Ionian islands.

Rent a catamaran in Zakynthos

Pros of renting a catamaran in Zakynthos

Charter a catamaran in Zakynthos if you’re ready for a super relaxing beach holiday. Sail from beach to beach without a care in the world. Catamarans are perfect for this type of holiday as they have a shallow draft and no keel. This makes them your ideal partner for sailing in shallow waters and super close to all the fabulous beaches you would like to explore on your sailing vacation in Zakynthos.

A catamaran rental in Zakynthos gives you all the flexibility you would hope for. Equipped with a sail as well as an engine catamarans are the real stars amongst the many different types of boats. You can set your sail and sail with the winds if they allow to do so or use the engine if they don’t. Either way, you will never get stuck in the middle of the sea, because you have no way of moving forward should the wind suddenly stop blowing.

Rent a catamaran in Zakynthos if you are more of a comfortable type. Catamarans are generally more spacious and more comfortable than other types of boats. Standing on two hulls gives them more room to expand the bedrooms as well as other cabins on board the boat. You will feel like sleeping in a hotel room rather than a boat. Additionally, the two hulls give catamarans more stability than other types of boats. Even if the wind picks up, a catamaran will stay strong and you won’t feel the wind rocking the boat as much. You might hear the water hitting underneath the boat where the two hulls are connected, but it is a minor annoyance considering the benefits you gain from sailing on a catamaran in Zakynthos.

Cons of renting a catamaran in Zakynthos

Of course it is great to have all this extra space available on board a catamaran, but it might also come with disadvantages in the long run as it might be harder to find a spot for mooring in the marinas - and if you do, you probably have to pay extra for all the extra space you’re hogging. If that’s the case, you might be better off finding a nice and quiet bay for anchoring for the night. Isn’t it more beautiful to wake up watching the sunrise in nature anyway?

Charter a catamaran in Zakynthos town

Rent a sailboat in Zakynthos

Pros of renting a sailboat in Zakynthos

Rent a sailboat in Zakynthos if you care about the environment and want to experience a sustainable boat holiday in Greece. As sailboats run on wind, you don’t need to worry about getting your tank filled up every time you leave the marina and you can rest assured that you won’t create any extra emissions. As the wind conditions on the Ionian islands are great for sailing, you will enjoy your holiday on a sailboat very much.

Charter a sailboat in Zakynthos if you want to save a bit of money. Sailboats are generally one of the cheapest boats you can charter on a boat holiday in Greece, but the fact that they are only running on wind and technically don’t need any fuel, makes them even more affordable.

Another advantage of a sailboat charter in Zakynthos is the fact that sailboats don’t need to stop by any marinas to refuel. This makes them perfect for sailing longer distances. You can certainly discover islands that are further away without worrying about fuel or simply stay away from the touristy spots while anchoring in secluded bays for the night instead.

For the romantics amongst us, renting a sailboat in Zakynthos means that no engine noises are going to ruin the peace and serenity you get to experience on a sailboat. Simply take in the views, feel the wind on your skin and forget your everyday worries for a week.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Zakynthos

One of the downsides of a sailboat rental in Zakynthos can be the fact that sailboats solely run on wind. Sure, there might be a smaller engine which is generally used for mooring when the wind conditions aren’t right or for emergency situations at sea, but they are not made for longer distances. This means that you might get stuck in the middle of the sea, should the wind suddenly stop blowing. If you only have a week to discover the Ionian islands by sailboat, it might cause some frustration.

Another disadvantage of a sailboat hire in Zakynthos might be the lack of space on deck. As all the necessary equipment needs to be stored somewhere on deck, it might become quite cluttered and less comfortable. Sailboats are definitely not the type of boats you rent if you just want to experience a relaxing boat vacation in Zakynthos, sunbathing by the beach and swimming in the turquoise water.

Sailboat rental in Zakynthos

Rent a motorboat in Zakynthos

Pros of renting a motorboat in Zakynthos

Rent a motorboat in Zakynthos if you want to discover as many secluded, but beautiful beaches as possible. The shallow draft allows you to drive closer to the shore, meaning that you get easy access to the most stunning beaches the island has to offer.

Anyone who loves speed is well advised to charter a motorboat in Zakynthos. They are generally faster than other types of boats and often narrower. This also makes motorboats easier to navigate. Hopping from beach to beach or island to island will be a real treat - especially if your time is limited and you want to explore as much as possible.

Cons of renting a motorboat in Zakynthos

One of the downsides of renting a motorboat in Zakynthos is the fact that motorboats only run on fuel. Fuel is expensive, making motorboats one of the most expensive options when it comes to boat holidays on the Ionian islands.

Motorboat rental in Zakynthos

Charter a luxury yacht in Zakynthos

It is no secret that the rich and famous regularly vacation on the most luxurious superyachts in the Mediterranean in popular destinations like Mykonos or Ibiza, but there are many luxury yachts in Zakynthos just waiting to be chartered. If you have the necessary funds available, you shouldn’t hesitate and book your dream yacht vacation on the Ionian islands today. Generally speaking, a luxury yacht will be equipped with basics like a fridge, freezer, stove, coffee maker and kettle and extras like SUPs, snorkelling equipment and wifi for extra fun.

Charter a luxury yacht in Zakynthos

What kind of boat licence do you need when renting a boat in Zakynthos?

Anyone who wants to charter a boat in Zakynthos, needs to be in possession of a valid boat licence - unless you want to rent a motorboat with less than 30hp. These boats don’t require you to carry a boat licence. If you do have a boat licence and it has been issued in a language other than English or Greek, make sure you get it translated into Greek or English before coming here. It is mandated by the Greek authorities and will save you a lot of headaches as they take their rules and regulations very seriously.

If you are neither in possession of a valid boat licence, nor want to obtain one in the next while, be sure to hire a skipper in addition to your bareboat charter. It will be great to have someone on board taking care of all the work while you get to enjoy your sailing vacation in Zakynthos.

Sailing routes in Zakynthos

You can either explore all that the beautiful islands of Zakynthos has to offer or discover the other Ionian islands as well. Whatever route you choose, you will be sure to see some of the most beautiful places Greece has to offer.

Day 1 - Sail from Zakynthos town to Argostoli: Before you head out into the sea, make sure to explore the best Zakynthos town has to offer. Eat at one of the many restaurants serving traditional Greek food like moussaka and Greek salad, before going on a wine tasting tour at Solomos Wines. In Argostoli you should visit the Saint Theodoron Lighthouse and walk around the port of Argostoli.

Day 2 - Sail from Argostoli to Fiscardo: Located in the northern part of Kefalonia, Fiscardo will greet you with a line of friendly looking houses surrounded by turquoise waters and lush green forests in the background. Watching a sunset or sunrise here is truly magical.

Day 3 - Sail from Fiscardo to Atokos: The island of Atokos is an uninhabited, but private island that is owned by a shipping family. However, the public is allowed to access the island and it is a very popular destination for Italians who return here on their yachts every year. Next to all the magnificent coves, caves and white sandy beaches you can admire here, you will also come across a group of wild pigs. This makes the whole trip here particularly interesting.

Day 4 - Sail from Atokos to Arkoudi: The island of Arkoudi is famous for its long stretches of white sand. Take a break from sailing and hike up to the Frankish Castle of Chlemoutsi. You get to wander around an interesting historical site as well as take in the breathtaking views of the Ionian sea from above.

Day 5 - Sail from Arkoudi to Lefkada: Sail along the majestic coastline with its impressive cliffs standing tall against the turquoise water and stop by one of the beautiful beaches, like Porto Katsiki, Egremni Beach or Gialos Beach. The choice is yours.

Day 6 - Sail from Lefkada to Ithaka: Another island well-known for its white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and impressive cliffs giving the island its distinctive look. Visit Afales beach or Kourvoulia Beach for the most amazing experience. These beaches are best reached with your catamaran rental from Zakynthos.

Day 7 - Sail from Ithaka to Zakynthos: Your boat holiday started in Zakynthos and is going to end here, but before you sail back to the port to take your boat back to the charter, you should sail to Kako Lagadi Beach on the island of Kefalonia. This will be a wonderful way to finish your sailing vacation around the Ionian islands.