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Discover Sicily's bustling port of Milazzo, where Norman castles and Aeolian seas enchant. Guided by a skilled captain, explore archaeological sites, hidden coves, and the spirited rhythms of Sicilian coast.
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Sailing in Milazzo

Charter a yacht in Milazzo, Italy to enjoy a relaxing boat vacation in Sicily. Stroll around the picturesque streets of the quaint seaside town before you set your sail to go on an adventure to discover the wild Sicilian coast.

Things to do and see when sailing in Milazzo

Rent a boat in Milazzo to discover the stunning Sicilian coast, but don’t forget to explore all that the town of Milazzo and the surrounding areas have to offer.

Activities in Milazzo

  • Explore Castello di Milazzo and learn more about the history of the town
  • Lido La Fenice is the perfect place for anyone who likes to swim in a more facilitated environment
  • Visit the Pool of Venus north of Milazzo. This magnificent cove is a real eye-catcher and worth a visit if you want to explore a different side of Sicily
  • Take a few pictures in the IllusionVille Museum - Museo Illusioni Milazzo. This is a particularly fun spot for an outing with children
  • Capo di Milazzo makes for a lovely walk to discover the flora and fauna of the peninsula, to admire the stunning views and to see the lighthouse

Beaches in Milazzo

  • Beach Oliveri: This is the perfect city beach. Explore the cute town of Milazzo before hitting the beach for a swim in the Mediterranean and a relaxing afternoon sunbathing on the beach
  • Tindari Beach: This sandy beach is not far from Milazzo and the perfect spot to swim in the turquoise waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is also a fantastic spot for anyone looking at trying out canoeing
  • Capo Rasocolmo is a fantastic beach for anyone who loves swimming in crystal clear water and stepping into soft white sand. As this is not a remote beach, you can find restaurants and bars nearby

Restaurants in Milazzo

Casual dining in Milazzo:

  • Quinto - Hamburgeria E Stuzzicheria Siciliana: You might have already guessed, but you can find some very juicy hamburgers here. It will take a bit of a walk to get here, but when you do, you will love it
  • Bar Pasticceria Merrina: If you have room for dessert, this is the place for you! Try the cannoli, you won’t be disappointed

Restaurants with a view in Milazzo:

  • Marilyn: Whether you want to enjoy a pizza, pasta or fresh seafood with a view, this is the perfect place for you in Milazzo. Accompanied by a lovely wine it will be an unforgettable dining experience
  • Ristorante al Mandorlo: Enjoy the stunning view of the bay while savouring a delicious meal. Try the highly praised fish ragout or the pasta with seafood

Fine dining in Milazzo:

  • Doppio Gusto: Elegantly presented dishes in a charming rustic setting make for a wonderful dining experience. The specialities of the restaurant include a variety of freshly prepared fish dishes
  • Balìce: Enjoy a variety of elegantly prepared dishes in a modern setting and treat yourself to a cocktail or two

Bars and Clubs in Milazzo

  • MAREMOSSO IN 9D - Art Lounge Lab: Come to this lovely bar for a prosecco or a coffee. It is also the perfect spot for an aperitivo
  • Bar CD: This bar is the perfect place for anyone looking at having a great time. Come here for an aperitivo or a late night drink to relax after a long day out on a boat or simply to enjoy your vacation

Explore historical Milazzo

The history of the beautiful town of Milazzo dates back to the 7th century BC and was founded by the Greeks. In 426 BC the Athenians took control of the town and later the Romans invaded that very same place. Throughout history the Byzantines, the Arabs as well as the Hohenstaufen and the Spanish conquered the town. The Castello di Milazzo was built by the Normans during Medieval times on a site that has already housed another fortress during the reign of the Greeks in antiquity. The castle was restored in the late 20th century and is now a popular tourist attraction in Milazzo.

Santuario di Sant'Antonio da Padova in Capo Milazzo is a little, but stunning basilica that you should visit on your trip to the wonderful town. The inside looks a bit like a cave and gives the place a very particular charme.

Explore mystical Milazzo

Surprisingly, like many other towns on Italian islands Milazzo also makes an appearance in Homer’s Odyssey. It is said to be the exact place where Odysseus was shipwrecked and encountered the Cyclop Polyphemus. Could you imagine a more scenic location for such an encounter?

Sailing conditions in Milazzo

Sailing season in Milazzo lasts from April until October and the island of Sicily is blessed with sunshine almost all year round. Like many other hot spots in Italy, Milazzo is particularly popular with Italian and foreign tourists alike in July and August. In the summer months you can expect temperatures well above 30 degrees and water temperatures reaching 25 degrees. This makes swimming in the sea extremely pleasant.

If you want to avoid the touristy crowds, but want to enjoy the warm water temperatures you should plan a boat vacation in Milazzo in September. The sun is shining bright, the water is still warm and the touristy crowds have already flown home. What more could you want from a sailing vacation in Sicily?

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Milazzo?

Renting a boat in Milazzo doesn’t have to be expensive. While prices might increase during the busiest and most touristy months July and August, you can always find fantastic deals for boat charters in Milazzo with Borrow A Boat.

On average it will cost you just 58 EUR per person per day to rent a sailboat in Italy. Renting a gulet in Italy is even cheaper at only 50 EUR per person per day on average. The cheapest boat you can charter in Italy is a RIB at an average price of 40 EUR per person per day. A speedboat charter in Milazzo is the perfect choice for anyone who is looking for speed, fun and a unique experience. Speedboats are not made for trips that last longer than a day or a few days max. A speedboat rental in Italy costs 70 EUR per person per day on average. If you are planning a week-long trip around the island of Sicily you should decide between a motorboat or catamaran rental. These are often a bit pricier than other types of boats, but come with more amenities on board. A motorboat charter in Italy is going to cost you 150 EUR per person per day on average while a catamaran charter in Italy is available for an average price of 140 EUR per person per day.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Milazzo?

Choose your boat in Milazzo wisely as your boat will determine the kind of holiday you would like to experience in this beautiful part of Sicily. A relaxing beach holiday means hiring a different boat in Milazzo than an adventurous one where you’ll be heading out to sea.

Rent a catamaran in Milazzo

Pros of renting a catamaran in Milazzo

Rent a catamaran in Milazzo if you like to have options. Catamarans are quite flexible when it comes to choosing how you want to move on the water. Equipped with a sail as well as an engine, you get to decide if you want to set your sail and sail with wind or drive with the engine instead. Of course, it also depends on the weather conditions, but it’s always great to have options. If the wind suddenly stops blowing, you won’t get stuck in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea, you will be able to use the engine and drive to your next destination.

Charter a catamaran in Milazzo if you want to explore the stunning bays and beaches the marvelous island of Sicily has to offer. As catamarans have a shallow draft, they are perfect for sailing in shallow waters. This allows you to sail and anchor closer to the shore, making it safer for an overnight stay and the perfect choice to discover stunning spots like the pool of Venus by yourself.

A catamaran rental in Milazzo is also the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys stretching their legs out a little longer. Catamarans are generally more spacious and more comfortable than other types of boats and therefore make a week-long trip around the island of Sicily much more enjoyable. Due to the two hulls balancing the catamaran there is more room to fill and more time to relax as this gives catamarans more stability. You won’t feel the boat shaking as much as a monohull should the wind suddenly pick up.

Cons of renting a catamaran in Milazzo

Despite all the benefits of renting a catamaran in Milazzo there can be a few downsides too. Enjoy the extra space you get on a catamaran, but keep in mind that it might cost you extra when trying to find a mooring spot at a marina - if you are lucky enough to find one. It might be a challenge during high season when many yachts are mooring at the Sicilian marinas.

Charter a catamaran in Milazzo

Rent a sailboat in Milazzo

Pros of renting a sailboat in Milazzo

Charter a sailboat in Milazzo if you are looking for an adventure. Are you ready to feel the wind on your skin and taste the salt on your tongue while sailing across the Tyrrhenian Sea? Follow in the footsteps of sailors and adventurers who have long since vanished and forget all your worries. Sailboats are also perfect for travelling longer distances. After all, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many sailors who sail around the world use a sailboat as their boat of choice. A sailing trip around Milazzo is going to make you enjoy your well-deserved holiday in Sicily while feeling like an adventurer.

Rent a sailboat in Milazzo if you want to save money. As sailboats sail with the wind you don’t need to worry about paying extra for fuel.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Milazzo

One of the disadvantages of renting a sailboat in Milazzo is the fact that sailboats solely run on wind. This makes them highly dependent on mother nature and her mood. You might have a perfect run, but a minute later there might be no wind at all, meaning that you get stuck in the middle of the sea. Although a lot of modern sailboats are equipped with a small engine, they are generally not made for longer distances.

Sailboat rental in Milazzo

Rent a motorboat in Milazzo

Pros of renting a motorboat in Milazzo

Charter a motorboat in Milazzo if you want to sunbathe all day long at the picturesque Sicilian beaches, swim in the turquoise waters and admire the stunning rock formations you can discover all around the islands. Motorboats have a shallow draft, making them perfect for sailing in shallow waters and closer to the shore.

Rent a motorboat in Milazzo for the speed. Motorboats are generally faster than other types of boats - especially those that are well-equipped for a week-long trip or more. Getting from one place to another in a very short time is not a problem, ensuring that you get to tick off all those places you want to see from your list.

Cons of renting a motorboat in Milazzo

One of the disadvantages of renting a motorboat in Milazzo is their dependency on fuel. As this is their only source of fuel, it might become quite an expensive trip. If you carelessly drive from one place to another as fast as you can you might be surprised with an extortionate bill in addition to your bareboat charter.

Motorboat rental in Milazzo

Charter a luxury yacht in Milazzo

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to cruise the Mediterranean on a luxury yacht? Make your dream come true and charter a private luxury yacht in Milazzo for a week-long trip with all the amenities you could think of. Snorkelling equipment and a SUP are just some of the add-ons you can find on board a luxury yacht for some extra fun activities. A fridge, freezer, stove and coffee machine are some of the basics you find on every luxury boat to ensure that you can prepare your own food or have your crew prepare it for you.

What kind of boat licence do you need when renting a boat in Milazzo?

A boat licence is mandatory for anyone who wants to rent a boat in Italy - Milazzo is no exception. However, if you just want to rent a speedboat in Milazzo , you don’t need a boat licence. EU-residents will be happy to hear that their boat licences are automatically valid in Italy, non-EU-residents are not always as lucky. If you want to avoid any surprises, it is best to be in possession of the International Certificate of Competency or short ICC.

If you are neither in possession of a valid boat licence, nor want to drive a boat yourself, you can always hire an experienced skipper in addition to your bareboat charter in Milazzo. This will give you more time to relax and truly enjoy your boat vacation in this part of Italy.

Sailing routes in Milazzo

If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands you might simply enjoy a day boat charter starting in Milazzo and taking you to Vulcano, one of the Aeolian islands. If you have more time you might enjoy exploring the other Aeolian islands as well.

Day 1 - Sail from Milazzo to Vulcano: Before heading out to Vulcano you should enjoy a walk around the picturesque town of Milazzo and have a delicious traditional Sicilian meal to gain enough strength for your trip. Sailing to Vulcano from Milazzo takes around three hours - obviously depending on the wind and weather conditions. On Vulcano you should explore the Grotta del Cavallo in the north-western part of the island. If you want to take a break from sailing, you should definitely hike up Monte Saraceno for the most stunning views. If you are not afraid of coming too close to a volcano, you should explore Solfatare di Vulcano.

Day 2 - Sail from Vulcano to Lipari: Lipari is another volcanic island and therefore offers some of the most scenic sites. Hike up Monte Pilato for the most stunning views of the Mediterranean and the Aeolian islands. Belvedere Quattrocchi offers more scenic views, but is located in the south-western part of the island. Swim at Spiaggia Valle Muria and soak up the sun at Spiaggia Praia di Vinci. History lovers will enjoy a trip to Castello di Lipari or to Diana Archaeological Park.

Day 3 - Sail from Lipari to Salina: Home to some of the most stunning beaches in Sicily, you need to visit as many of them as you can. Spiaggia di Pollara and Spiaggia di Praiola are just two of them and are best accessed by boat.

Day 4 - Sail from Salina to Panarea: The island of Panarea is a stunning island in Sicily and home to some of the most beautiful spots, including Spiaggia di cala Junco, Spiaggia della Calcara and Scoglio Brigantino. When visiting the island you should also make sure to have a delicious meal at Ristorante Da Pina.

Day 5 - Sail from Panarea to Stromboli: Before you arrive in Stromboli, you should stop by Isola di Basiluzzo to visit the Grotta dell'amore and admire Porto Romano Sommerso di Basiluzzo. These are some of the most scenic sites in all of Sicily. Upon arrival in Stromboli you have to see Forgia Vecchia, an incredible public beach surrounded by turquoise waters and filled with fine black sand - definitely a sight you don’t see every day.

Day 6 - Sail from Stromboli to Vulcano: It’s time to make your way back to where you started, but make sure to stop by Vulcano before going back all the way to Milazzo. Take your time to relax at one of the beaches and enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing - as the Italians famously say.

Day 7 - Sail from Vulcano to Milazzo: Time to say goodbye to the Aeolian islands. Your sailing holiday in Milazzo and Sicily is coming to an end, but don’t fly back home without having one last meal in one of Milazzo ’s fantastic restaurants. Savour a traditional Sicilian meal while enjoying the views over the bay.