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Italy's Amalfi gem, Positano dazzles with its cascading architecture, pebble beaches, and Tyrrhenian vistas. Sail with an expert, exploring the romance, Lattari Mountains, and the soul of Italy's famed coastline.
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Sailing in Positano

Positano is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the Amalfi coast. You have it all - sunshine, stunning beaches, good food and lovely little boutiques to buy some handmade souvenirs for your home. A boat rental in Positano will give you the flexibility to explore the region and escape the touristy crowds that are flocking to the beaches.

Things to do and see when sailing in Positano

The beaches in Positano are nice to see, but there is much more to discover in Positano. Whether you plan on exploring secluded grottos and coves, sunbathing on board your boat in a beautiful bay or hiking the most stunning trails you can find along the Amalfi coast.

Activities in Positano

  • Spend the day sunbathing at one of Positano’s beautiful beaches
  • Hike The Path Of The Gods, a picturesque trail that takes you to the top of the Amalfi coast
  • Go shopping in Positano and check out some of the cute little stores with handmade items . Absolute Positano offers some stunning paintings that you can purchase here and hang on your walls at home to always have something from Positano with you
  • Rent a boat in Positano to explore the Amalfi coast and the closeby islands like Capri and Ischia
  • Visit MAR Positano Villa Romana. This wonderful archaeological museum takes you back to Ancient Rome
  • Take a look at the ceramics at Emporio Della Ceramica
  • Need a break from sailing around Positano? Rent a scooter to see the Amalfi coast from a different perspective
  • Enjoy a refreshing aperitivo during sunset high above the rooftops of Positano
  • Sail to La Fontelina and spend the day soaking up the sun

Beaches in Positano

  • Fornillo Beach: If you want to get away from the crowds for a bit you should take it upon yourself to take a 15 minute walk to Fornillo - a beautiful, quaint town on the Amalfi coast
  • Arienzo Beach Club Positano is best reached by boat and welcomes you with a view of all of Positano

Restaurants in Positano

Casual dining in Positano:

  • Latteria: This is the perfect restaurant for a quick bite to eat. Delicious sandwiches, roasted vegetables and salads await you here
  • Da Ferdinando: Come here for a panini or salad and enjoy the sea views while sitting in one of the comfy chairs on the beach

Restaurants with a view in Positano:

  • Adamo ed Eva by Eden Roc: The beautiful terrace in this restaurant will make you swoon over the beauty of the Mediterranean sea - especially during sunset. Enjoy some of the best seafood you’ve ever eaten. Calamari, prawns and clams are their speciality
  • Ristorante Mirage: With the most stunning views over the bay, this restaurant is a fantastic place to enjoy a delicious meal and a nice wine

Fine dining in Positano:

  • Ristorante Casa Mele: Classics like a Caesar's salad, steak tartare and a tiramisu transformed to a lava cake are brought to another level in this fabulous restaurant. Elegantly presented they make for a wonderful fine dining experience you will cherish
  • Ohima' Restaurant: The beautiful art by local artists makes this restaurant feel incredibly cozy and inviting. Savour the traditional dishes with a modern twist

Bars and Clubs in Positano

  • Positano Paradise Lounge Bar: How about a coffee and a pastry with a view? Come here to enjoy this! You can also get alcoholic drinks if you’re looking for something a little more fun
  • Franco's Bar: This colourful seaside bar is well-worth visiting - for the views and the drinks. Come early if you don’t want to wait to get in as they don’t take reservations
  • Music on the Rocks: Enjoy the live music, have a refreshing cocktail and prepare for a fun night out in Positano

Explore historical Positano

Evidence has been found that leads archaeologists to believe that the town of Positano has already been inhabited since 6000 BC. The first Greeks arrived in Positano in around 500 BC, the Romans arrived here later. Not only the famous city of Pompeii was destroyed during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Until the 17th century it was a prosperous and important port in the South of Italy.

Sailing conditions in Positano

Positano is blessed with typical Mediterranean weather. The summers are dry and warm, the winters are mild. However, it can also rain heavily on occasion. The Gulf of Salerno is known to be a bit windier than other parts of Italy, making it perfect for a sailing vacation on a sailboat.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Positano?

Positano is definitely not the cheapest destination in Italy, but it is definitely worth visiting and you can find great boat deals with Borrow A Boat all year round. Keep in mind that prices increase during high season in July and August. You can find the same boats cheaper in May or September. You can also find relatively cheap day boat charters in Positano if you don’t want to spend the night on a boat.

Rent a sailboat in Italy for an average price of 58 EUR per person per day on average. Renting a RIB in Italy is even cheaper at an average of 40 EUR per person per day. Speedboats are a bit more expensive, but perfect for a day trip to explore Positano and the surrounding towns and beaches. It will cost you an average price of 70 EUR per person per day to rent a speedboat in Italy. Renting a catamaran or a motorboat in Italy means that you have to spend a bit more money, but you will get great comforts and luxurious amenities that will make your week long boat trip in Positano absolutely worth it. It will cost you an average price 150 EUR per person per day to rent a motorboat in Italy and 140 EUR per person per day to charter a catamaran in Italy.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Positano?

Do you want to explore the beautiful beaches that Positano and the Amalfi coast have to offer? Charter a catamaran or motorboat. Do you want to go on a fun adventure where you get to see the Amalfi coast, but from a distance and while practicing your sailing skills? Charter a sailboat. Do you just want to get out of Positano and away from the crowds for a day? Charter a RIB or speedboat.

Rent a catamaran in Positano

Pros of renting a catamaran in Positano

Explore bustling Positano and the Amalfi coast on a catamaran. A catamaran rental in Positano or one of the nearby towns is perfect for anyone who wants to stop by every beach or cove that is worth stopping for. As catamarans have a shallow draft, you can easily access these beaches and drive closer to the coast than with other types of boats.

Rent a catamaran in Positano or one of the other towns if you plan on having the most comfortable holiday despite being on a boat. The way a catamaran is built allows for more space on board and on deck. The two hulls that carry a catamaran also give them more stability than other types of boats. Should there suddenly be a rough night at sea, you won’t feel it as much on a catamaran as you would on another type of boat.

Cons of renting a catamaran in Positano

Catamarans might be spacious and comfortable, but only if you don’t have to find a spot for mooring at one of the marinas. Due to their size it can be quite difficult to navigate them to their designated spot - and more expensive. You could expect to pay double the regular price.

Charter a catamaran in Positano

Rent a sailboat in Positano

Pros of renting a sailboat in Positano

Rent a sailboat in Positano if you’re ready for an adventure. Feel the wind on your skin and be prepared to practice your sailing skills. The winds in and around Positano might not be as strong as in other parts of the Mediterranean, but they are strong enough to move a sailboat and to take you from one place to the other.

If you are keen on having an environmentally-friendly sailing vacation in Positano, a sailboat rental is a fantastic way to explore the Thyrreanian sea without having to worry about causing extra CO2-emissions.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Positano

As sailboats have a keel, you might want to reconsider renting a sailboat in Positano as they are not ideal for exploring the Amalfi coast from up close. It can even be quite dangerous to sail too close to the coast.

Another downside of a sailboat charter in Positano is the fact that sailboats only run on wind. This means that you are completely dependent on the wind conditions when sailing. You might even end up stranded in the middle of the sea, having to sit back and wait patiently for the wind to pick up again.

Something that could make sailing a bit of a challenge could be the fact that it requires a lot of skills and practice to sail a sailboat as they are not the easiest to navigate.

Rent a sailboat in Positano

Rent a motorboat in Positano

Pros of renting a motorboat in Positano

A motorboat rental in Positano is a fantastic option to hop from beach to beach or town to town and to do so in a very short amount of time. Motorboats are faster than other types of boats and a lot more comfortable. You can comfortably stay on a motorboat for a week or longer.

Charter a motorboat in Positano if you want to explore the beautiful beaches in Positano and the Amalfi coast. Having a shallow draft makes motorboats the perfect boats to discover beaches like Fornillo Beach from up close .

Cons of renting a motorboat in Positano

Motorboats need fuel in order to operate. This makes them one of the most expensive and least environmentally friendly boats to rent in Positano. It can happen that you need to pay extra for fuel in addition to your bareboat charter. If you are not careful, you might be surprised with a huge additional bill at the end of your trip.

Motorboat rental in Positano

Rent a speedboat in Positano

Pros of renting a speedboat in Positano

Rent a speedboat in Positano if you love speed and a little bit of an adrenaline rush. They are perfect for getting you around the Amalfi coast and seeing as much as possible in a day. As you cannot spend the night on board most speedboats they are great for a day charter and seeing what Positano and its surrounding areas have to offer.

Cons of renting a speedboat in Positano

One of the downsides of a speedboat charter in Positano is the fact that you only rent them for a day or at most for a couple of days. Some speedboats have a small cabin and bathroom area on board, but that is not the case for all of them. If you plan a week-long trip or longer a speedboat is certainly not the right choice for you.

Charter a speedboat in Positano

Charter a luxury yacht in Positano

The glamorous Amalfi coast is particularly known for its beautiful beaches, stunning houses built into the cliffs and wonderful restaurants. Chartering a luxury yacht in Positano will make you feel like you have arrived at your holiday destination. A luxury yacht offers you all the amenities you could dream of and more. Basics like a stove, a fridge and a coffee machine will ensure that you’re always well fed on board. You can easily store your food and prepare it whenever you want to. Many luxury yachts also have fun items on board. You often find a SUP or snorkelling equipment. This is perfect as the Amalfi coast offers some wonderful snorkelling locations like Il Duoglio Beach near San Lazzaro.

What kind of boat licence do you need when renting a boat in Positano?

Sure, you are always better off having a boat licence and some experience when renting a boat in Positano, but if you are renting a motorboat in Positano that is going below 40 hp, you don’t need a boat licence. A sailboat rental in Positano doesn’t necessarily require you to carry a valid boat licence either - as long as you’re not sailing further than 6 miles from the coast. To operate every other boat you need to be in possession of a valid boat licence.

If you don’t have a valid boat licence or simply want to relax and lean back, you can always hire a skipper in addition to your bareboat charter in Positano. That way you don’t need to worry about anything. Someone else is taking care of all the difficult aspects of your boat holiday.

Sailing routes in Positano

There are plenty of scenic routes you can take with your boat rental from Positano. You can either sail west along the Amalfi coast and head out to explore the islands of Capri and Ischia or you can sail to Salerno.

Day 1 - Sail from Positano to the Sirenusas: This route takes you around 10 nautical miles to these little paradise islands called the Sirenusas or the Gallos between Capri and Positano. They are the perfect spot for anchoring for the night and to watch the sunset.

Day 2 - Sail from the Sirenusas to Amalfi: Sail for about 80 nautical miles to reach the beautiful town of Amalfi, a popular sailing destination in the Tyrrhenian Sea. The Museo della Carta is a popular museum in Amalfi to learn more about the history of papermaking in this part of Italy.

Day 3 - Sail from Amalfi to Scario: Scario is about 150 nautical miles away from Amalfi and a picturesque little town on the Italian west coast. Stroll around the port in the evening and enjoy the lively atmosphere.

Day 4 - Sail from Scario to the Aeolian Islands: Stromboli is the first of the Aeolian islands you should visit. Many brave hikers regularly make their way to see the active volcano. It is certainly an adventure you won’t forget. Isola di Basiluzzo should be your next stop.

Day 5 - Discover the Aeolian Islands: Take the day to explore more of the Aeolian Islands. Lipari and Vulcano should be on the top of your list. The island of Lipari will charm you with stunning beaches like Spiaggia Valle Muria which is surrounded by majestic cliffs. In Vulcano you should hike up to Monte Saraceno. Here you will get the best views of the islands, the sea and the other surroundings.

Day 6 - Sail from the Aeolian Islands to Cefalu: From the Aeolian Islands head to Cefalu on the island of Sicily. This lively and scenic seaside town will charm you with its historical architecture and lovely restaurants. The Temple of Diana is one of the main attractions and definitely worth a visit. The Palazzo Maria and the medieval washhouse are taking you back to the Middle Ages. The wash house has been in use until recently. It is very interesting to explore this part of history that has lived on for so long.

Day 7 - Sail from Cefalu to Palermo: Sail along the Northern Sicilian coast to reach the beautiful city of Palermo. Here you should visit the Cattedrale di Palermo and Massimo Theater. The architecture and art are going to charm you immediately. Quattro Canti will make you feel like you’re in a European capital city like Paris or Madrid. The fountains are a great spectacle to witness.