Early Bird 2023 Terms & Conditions

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Early Bird Promotion

Book now for 2023 and save up to 1400 EUR*

Limited Time Only – Offer ends September 30th, 2022

Book your 2023 boat early and save up to 1400 EUR*. For a limited time and only while supplies last!

Book early with Safety and Flexibility

Borrow A Boat will offer Free Cancelation via a 2023 Safety Voucher on your boat booking until six (6) months before your check-in date in 2023 if you satisfy the following:

  • You book your trip in September 2022
  • Your trip’s check-in date is at least seven (7) months in advance upon your decision to cancel
  • T&Cs listed below

Additional Benefits offered with our 2023 Season Promotion

  • Save up to 400 EUR* with a Handling Fee Waiver should you choose to pay in Whole Amount
  • Get a 2024 Voucher worth 500 EUR* that you can use for your next trip in 2024 (minimum boat price of 5,000 EUR*) 
  • Get exclusive boat discounts of up to 500 EUR*
  • T&Cs listed below

Terms & Conditions

  • 2023 Safety Voucher, 2024 Voucher and Handling Fee Waiver benefits are available only to customers with a valid booking (the 2023 Booking) satisfying the following criteria: (i) requested and accepted in September 2022, (ii) check-in at least 7 (seven) months after the original booking date
  • Handling Fee Waiver only applicable to 2023 Bookings
  • 2023 Safety Voucher issued upon canceling your 2023 Booking latest 6 (six) months prior to the original check-in
  • 2023 Safety Voucher only applicable to bookings with a check-in in 2023
  • 2023 Safety Voucher value is equal to the total amount of all successful payments made before the 2023 Booking cancellation date
  • 2024 Voucher issued with your 2023 Booking
  • 2024 Voucher not valid if 2023 Booking is canceled or declined
  • 2024 Voucher only applicable to bookings (i) made within 2022 and 2023, (ii) with a check-in in 2024, (iii) and with a minimum boat price of 5,000 EUR*
  • EUR* monetary values on this page remain unchanged in GBP and USD respective your region
  • All other standard Borrow A Boat T&Cs apply

Book your early bird deal in your favourite destination now!

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