Zizoo becomes Borrow A Boat

By Fred

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Borrow A Boat, a leading boat rental and yacht charter marketplace based in London, has acquired Zizoo, a Berlin-based boating marketplace, to expand globally and consolidate markets. This acquisition enables Borrow A Boat to offer over 60,000 boats in 65+ countries, becoming one of the largest boat rental marketplaces worldwide. The combined operations will cover day hires, boating holidays, and luxury crewed charters.

Borrow A Boat acquires online boat holiday marketplace Zizoo

The consolidation of Borrow A Boat, Barqo, and Zizoo forms one of the largest online marketplaces for boat holidays globally. With an extensive inventory of over 60,000 boats across 65+ countries, the group becomes a powerhouse in the industry. Offering diverse options from day hires to luxury crewed charters, the new group solidifies its position as a go-to destination for all things boat holiday related.

Matt Ovenden, CEO of Borrow A Boat, emphasized their mission to make boating accessible worldwide. The acquisition of Zizoo strengthens their global presence and enhances the marketplace’s offerings. Existing Zizoo customers will experience minimal disruption, with dedicated support provided for their bookings.

Anna Banicevic, founder of Zizoo, highlighted the benefits of joining Borrow A Boat’s group, citing shared tech vision and customer-centric goals. The acquisition offers stability and opportunities for innovation, aligning with their mission to make boating accessible for all.

The complete all-in-one boating platform

The acquisition provides expanded boating options for customers in new regions. Borrow A Boat’s platform offers a wide range of rentals, including day boats, weekend charters, and luxury crewed yachts, catering to diverse preferences with over 1,800 available superyachts.

The future for the new company, born from the consolidation of Borrow A Boat, Barqo, and Zizoo, is promising. With a global footprint and a vast inventory of boats spanning various categories, Borrow A Boat is poised to dominate the boat holiday marketplace. Leveraging synergies in technology, customer experience, and market coverage, we are set to drive innovation and accessibility in the boating industry.