Boat Rental and Yacht Charter in Turkey

From the bustling bazaars of Istanbul to the tranquil coves of the Aegean Sea, Turkey's sailing routes offer a rich tapestry of culture and natural splendor. A skilled guide will unveil hidden treasures, historic ruins, and delectable cuisine.

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Sailing in Turkey

A yacht rental in Turkey is giving you the opportunity to explore this magnificent and diverse country. The stunning and diverse landscapes, the turquoise waters and the rich and interesting history make it a country worth visiting. And the food is incredibly tasty!

Things to do and see when sailing in Turkey

You might already plan your sailing routes in Turkey, but you should also plan the sites and spots you would like to visit once you get there. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on seeing them just because you didn’t plan your trip accordingly in advance.

Activities in Turkey

  • Explore the stunning city of Istanbul. Historical buildings like the Hagia Sophia or the the Blue Mosque will leave you in awe. You can even go on a private yacht tour in Istanbul to see all the sites from the water and to get to know the city from a different perspective
  • Sail from Turkey to Rhodes. If you want to go on a bit of an adventure, you can always hire a boat in Turkey to discover the stunning coast and to sail to Rhodes, a popular Greek island
  • Spend the day at Marmaris Castle and Archeology Museum to learn more about the history of the city. The castle itself is thought to have been built in 1044 BC and later adapted by Alexander the Great when he invaded the region. A truly interesting piece of history worth visiting
  • Rent a boat in Marmaris to explore the magical South of Turkey
  • Explore Fethiye, another popular port city in the South of Turkey that is surrounded by lush green forest. You can also find many magical coves and beaches not too far away from the city

Beaches in Turkey

  • Kabak Beach in Fethiye is one of the most beautiful and interesting beaches you can find in Turkey. The massive mountains and forests surrounding the tiny beach make for an unforgettable beach day
  • Mermerli Beach in Antalya is the perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t want to go far from the city. It lies a bit hidden away, so you can only reach the beach by foot or boat
  • Icmeler Beach in Marmaris is one of the most stunning beaches you can find in this area of Turkey. Turquoise waters, impressive mountains and golden sand make this a truly amazing place to spend the day. If you rent a boat from Marmaris you cannot miss this beautiful beach

Restaurants in Turkey

Casual dining in Turkey:

  • Balık ekmek: A casual eatery in Istanbul where you can enjoy a delicious fish sandwich. First you sail on the sea and then you eat what it has to offer
  • Fantasia is THE go to spot in Marmaris for some delicious comfort food like pizza, fries or meaty goodness

Best restaurants with a view in Turkey:

  • GRACE Rooftop Restaurant: You might not expect to find some great Italian food in Istanbul, but if you’re craving some, this is the place to go
  • Karen's Kitchen & Cafe: This lovely restaurant in Marmaris is not just worth a visit for the delicious food, it is also well-known for its amazing sea views

Fine dining in Turkey:

  • Siva Oyster Fish Restaurant: You cannot visit Istanbul and leave without savoring some of the best seafood you will ever eat. The rather traditional decorum will ensure that you will feel welcome here from the moment you enter this restaurant
  • Kumlubuku Yacht Club: This fancy restaurant in Marmaris is luring you in with its stunning sea and mountain views as well as its elegant interior design. Enjoy a delicious meal with seafood and fish. The fried squid is a customer favorite

Bars and Clubs in Turkey

  • BAR Ibrox in Marmaris is the perfect place for a fun night out. Enjoy a delicious cocktail and the fun music. You will definitely have an amazing time here
  • Mikla Rooftop Bar in Istanbul is probably best known for the stunning views of the city and its great selection of red and white wines

Explore historical Turkey

Turkey is a country rich in history and culture. Obviously you can explore the Hagia Sophia, the Topkapi palace and plenty of very old mosques in Istanbul, but it’s not everything that Turkey has to offer. Ephesus is an ancient site with many well-preserved ancient Greek and Roman architecture. If you get a chance, you should definitely visit these. Göbeklitepe in eastern Turkey is a fascinating ancient site that is even older than the pyramids of Gizeh or Stonehenge. Visiting this ancient architectural masterpiece is a truly impressive experience.

Sailing conditions in Turkey

Turkey is bordering the Mediterranean in the South and the Black Sea in the North. This means easy access to the sea. You should definitely explore the many beautiful beaches this country has to offer.

Sailing season generally lasts from May until October with the summer months July and August being the warmest and busiest. Average temperatures in August are 32 degrees. Even the water temperatures can reach over 30 degrees in some parts of Turkey in July and August. Don’t expect too much or any rain during these months.

If you still want to enjoy warm temperatures, but want to avoid sailing with the masses you should opt for a boat holiday in Turkey in May or September. In September you have the advantage of the warmer water, because it was heating up during the summer.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Turkey?

Turkey is one of the most affordable sailing destinations in the Mediterranean. Sure, you can always book an extremely luxurious yacht, but you don’t have to. There are plenty of boats available for every budget. Also keep in mind that prices will increase during high season.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Turkey?

What type of boat you choose for your sailing adventure in Turkey highly depends on the type of boat holiday you envision for yourself. However, renting a gulet in Turkey is very popular.

Rent a catamaran in Turkey

Pros of renting a catamaran in Turkey

A catamaran rental in Turkey gives you the opportunity to relax as much as you want in full comfort and style. Due to their layout, catamarans offer more space than other types of boats. You get bigger rooms and more space on deck. This is great, because you won’t feel too claustrophobic and like you’re sleeping in a tiny cabin on board a boat.

A catamaran charter in Turkey is also great for anyone who wants to be a bit more flexible. You can either set your sail and sail with the wind if it blows strong enough or drive your boat with the engine should the wind suddenly stop blowing. That way you’re never suddenly stuck in the middle of the sea.

Rent a catamaran in Turkey if you want to explore the beautiful beaches and stunning coves you can find all over Turkey. As catamarans have a shallow draft they are the perfect water vehicles for this kind of undertaking.

Cons of renting a catamaran in Turkey

While all the extra space on board a catamaran might make you jump for joy at first, it can also come with its challenges. Catamarans are so big that they often require two spots for mooring at once, making it particularly difficult to find a spot for mooring in the busy summer months. This comes with additional costs of course. Often you will have to pay double the price when mooring a catamaran at a marina.

Another downside can be the speed of a catamaran. They are often lighter than other types of boats, slowing them down a little.

Charter a catamaran in Turkey

Rent a sailboat in Turkey

Pros of renting a sailboat in Turkey

A sailboat rental in Turkey is perfect for all those who are adventurers at heart. You can sail across the waves and feel the wind on your skin. You will be able to sail longer distances quite quickly too - if the wind conditions are right. After all, there is a reason why so many sailors who sail around the world choose to do so on a sailboat.

Rent a sailboat in Turkey if you care about the environment. As sailboats are solely fueled by the wind, they don’t produce extra CO2 emissions.

If you don’t have a huge budget to spend on your boat holiday in Turkey you should definitely consider a sailboat charter in Turkey as they are often the cheapest options. Plus: You don’t need to pay extra for fuel!

Cons of renting a sailboat in Turkey

One of the downsides of a sailboat charter in Turkey is the fact that sailboats come with a keel. This makes it difficult and sometimes even dangerous to sail too close to the shore. So if you come to Turkey to explore the many magical beaches, a sailboat is not the right choice for you.

Another thing you need to consider when renting a sailboat in Turkey is the fact that they only run on wind. This means that you are completely dependent on mother nature. So you might get stuck in the middle of the sea should the wind suddenly stop blowing.

Sailboat charter in Turkey

Rent a motorboat in Turkey

Pros of renting a motorboat in Turkey

One of the best parts about a motor yacht charter in Turkey is the fact that motorboats have a shallow draft. This makes them perfect for exploring the magnificent Turkish coast. You get to sail close to the shore and explore all the beauty that the Turkish landscape has to offer. There can even be quite a bit of variation, depending on the time of year and the area you visit in Turkey.

Another fantastic thing about a yacht rental in Turkey is that you can go from beach to beach or city to city in a relatively short amount of time. Motorboats or motor yachts in Turkey are generally faster than other types of boats and perfect if you don’t have a lot of time, but plenty of desire to visit as many places as you can.

Cons of renting a motorboat in Turkey

One of the downsides of a motorboat charter in Turkey is the fact that motorboats can generally be some of the most expensive boats you can rent. Not just in terms of a bareboat charter, but also when it comes to paying extra for fuel.

Motorboat rental in Turkey

Rent a gulet in Turkey

Pros of renting a gulet in Turkey

Gulets are some of the most popular boats you can rent in Turkey - for good reason. A gulet rental in Turkey allows you to sail with a bigger group of people. The cabins might not be big in size, but there is generally a lot of space for 10-15 people. So get your crew together and go on a fun adventure with all your friends.

A gulet charter in Turkey is also great for anyone who prefers to sleep on a boat that feels a bit safer than other types of boats. Gulets are quite big and sturdy, making them safe in most situations.

Rent a gulet in Turkey if you want to set your sail when racing across the water, but prefer to have a little bit more space on deck than you would get on a sailboat. Lean back, stretch your legs and soak up the sun.

Cons of renting a gulet in Turkey

Something you need to consider when renting a gulet in Turkey is the fact that they are not easy to maneuver. You need a lot of experience and expertise to do so. If you don’t have the necessary experience you might want to choose a different kind of boat. If you are set on experiencing a sailing adventure on one of the most popular boats in Turkey you can always hire an experienced skipper or captain in addition to your bareboat charter. You don’t have to sail the gulet yourself, but you can learn a lot from going on board with someone who does have a lot of experience.

Gulet rental in Turkey

Luxury boat holidays in Turkey

While Turkey is known as a budget holiday destination where you can get to experience a little bit of luxury as well, Turkey is also a place where true luxury has its place. Luxury resorts, fancy restaurants and luxury boats are all things that you can make part of your holiday in Turkey. Book luxury boat holidays in Turkey with Borrow A Boat and make all the adaptations you need to create your dream holiday on the water. Most luxury yachts even come with a full crew, meaning that you have a captain on board who is going to take care of navigating the boat and a crew that is going to ensure that you have everything you need while relaxing on deck.

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in Turkey?

Anyone who wants to rent a boat in Turkey should ensure that they have a valid license. The Turkish authorities are very strict in these matters and won’t approve anything if you don’t provide the required certifications. If you don’t have a valid boat license, you can always hire a skipper in addition to your bareboat charter. This is also a great option for anyone who simply wants to lean back and relax on their boat holiday in Turkey while someone else takes care of operating the boat.

Sailing routes in Turkey

There are plenty of magical routes that take you along the Turkish coastline. Whether you decide to start your adventure in Istanbul or Marmaris, you will certainly be impressed by the magical and diverse natural landscape you can find in this part of the Mediterranean.

Day 1 - Sail from Marmaris to Kumlubük: Before heading to Kumlubük, you should take your time to discover what Marmaris has to offer. Whether you decide to spend the day at one of the many beaches, explore the port and have a delicious lunch or visit the Marmaris Castle and Archeology Museum, you won’t be disappointed. It only takes a little over 6 nautical miles to reach Kumlubük. In Kumlubük you should visit Amos Antik Kenti, a historical site located on a hill overlooking the sea.

Day 2 - Sail from Kumlubük to Göbün: Before you head to Göbün, you should take your time and enjoy a traditional Turkish breakfast in one of the restaurants in Kumlubük. Göbün is a super safe bay to anchor for the night. It is very well protected from the winds, making your sleep on board your boat extremely comfortable. In Göbün you should definitely swim in the crystal clear water and enjoy the relative peace and quiet. It really doesn’t get crowded here.

Day 3 - Sail from Göbün to Sarsala: In just a little over 2 nautical miles you reach Sarsala, a beautiful area on the Turkish coast. The mix of pine and olive trees, the crystal clear water and the calm and peaceful atmosphere make this spot the perfect stop. The bay also keeps you well-protected from the winds.

Day 4 - Sail from Sarsala to Göcek: Göcek is a beautiful seaside town on the Turkish coast. You can find wonderful forests and beautiful crystal clear waters here. Göcek is also a popular spot to go surfing and snorkelling. If you want to take a break from being in or on the water, be sure to hike to the top of the cove and enjoy the scenic views of the bay. Make sure to visit Göcek Island which is not too far from the town with the same name.

Day 5 - Sail from Göcek to Ekincik: Before you head to your next destination you should walk around the lively streets of Göcek and take in the bustling life. It will be in stark contrast to the more quiet towns you have visited previously, but that’s what makes Göcek even more charming. In Ekincik you should make your way to the mouth of the Dalyan River and sail up there to explore some beautiful ancient ruins.

Day 6 - Sail from Ekincik to Marmaris: It might be time to head back to Marmaris, but it doesn’t mean that your boat holiday is over. You have plenty of time to explore the city and visit the Marmaris Castle and Archeology Museum if you haven’t already done so.

Day 7 - Sail around Marmaris: Now is the time to explore the beaches and bays surrounding Marmaris without any stress or pressure.