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An island located in the Ionian Sea, part of Greece. Kefalonia is known for its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and natural beauty. A perfect destination for a relaxing beach holiday!

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Sailing Guide Kefalonia

As part of the Ionian islands, a boat rental in Kefalonia is going to make your sailing vacation in Greece extra special. Known as the most fertile islands of Greece, the Ionian islands are best known for their lush green landscapes, their rich ancient history and stunning secluded beaches. The island of Kefalonia has many boat trips to offer that will leave you in awe.

Things to do and see when sailing in Kefalonia

Chartering a yacht in Kefalonia is a lot of fun, but the island has so much more to offer than amazingly beautiful beaches, rock formations and incredible caves. There are plenty of activities you wouldn’t want to miss on your sailing vacation.

Activities in Kefalonia

  • The Drogarati cave is one of the most impressive natural sites to visit while sailing around the island
  • The Sacred Monastery of Agios Gerasimos of Kefalonia is one of the most stunning historical buildings on the island. Join the many pilgrims arriving here each day to see an impressive historical site and its picturesque gardens
  • Visit the Castle of Agios Georgios for a little history lesson AND an incredible view
  • Melissani Cave is one of the most stunning caves you can visit on the Greek islands. Sail inside the cave or take a look down from up above

Beaches in Kefalonia

  • Skala Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Kefalonia. You can rent a lounge chair and soak in the sun all day long
  • Myrtos Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Kefalonia. Its sandy white beaches surrounded by lush green cliffs and turquoise waters make it an impressive sight
  • Foki Fiskardo beach: Surrounded by lush green forest, this is definitely an unusual beach to discover on the Greek islands
  • Gradakia beach: The beach is close to Argostoli and is perfect for a family fun day out. The crystal clear and shallow waters are perfect for swimming with kids
  • Kato Lagadi beach is a stunning secluded beach. Due to its small size and remote location, you get to enjoy the beach away from the tourist crowds

Restaurants in Kefalonia

Casual dining in Kefalonia:

  • Cafe Platanos is a cozy little cafe with lovely views. Enjoy a local beer, coffee and biscuits.
  • Tzivras Restaurant 1933 is most known for its traditional Greek dishes. It’s all about home style cooking and filling up your belly for more.
  • Tsobos Garden Grillhouse is offering delicious Greek food in a traditional Greek setting. What more could you ask for on a sailing holiday around the Greek islands?

Beach restaurants in Kefalonia:

  • The Fisherman's Hut not far from Vouti Beach is a wonderful little fish restaurant right on the beach. Enjoy a delicious fish with a Greek salad. What more could you crave after a day out on the sea?
  • The Fish Taverne in the Northern part of Kefalonia is offering amazing views and delicious dishes. You can stop here for a quick lunch before heading out on your boat rental again

Fine dining in Kefalonia:

  • Tartarooga Beach Bar Restaurant: This elegant beach bar & restaurant offers everything from delicious cocktails to vegan dishes. The staff has been highly praised by previous guests - this is just as important as the food itself
  • Tratamento Sea food Restaurant: You come here for the views AND the fish. Try the battered squid for a mouthwatering food experience and enjoy the stunning site of the sea

Bars and Clubs in Kefalonia

  • Zanza Bar in Poros is a great spot by the sea where you can enjoy a tasty cocktail and mingle among some very interesting people. The stunning views and very comfortable chairs invite you to relax after sailing for the whole day
  • Averto Beach Bar Extreme Sports & Water Park is located next to Xi beach and a dream come true for everyone seeking to enjoy a hearty meal after some fun activities on the water
  • Bass Club is one of the most famous clubs on the island. Conveniently located in Argostóli, you get to dance to popular hits that people love as well traditional Greek music. This is definitely an experience you wouldn’t want to miss

Explore historical Kefalonia

An impressive historical site is the Sacred Monastery of Agios Gerasimos of Kefalonia which has been named after Saint Gerasimos, who is one of the most important saints of the island and was declared a saint in 1622.

The De Bosset Bridge & obelisk were first constructed in 1813 by Swiss engineer Charles Philippe De Bosset, who built it for the British empire. It was built out of convenience to connect Argostoli with Drapano on the other side of the bay. Before the bridge was built, people had to take the route South in order to reach the other city, making this bridge incredibly convenient. The obelisk which was originally inscribed with a phrase praising the British empire, but has long since disappeared.

Learn more about the prehistoric and ancient history of Kefalonia in the Archaeological Museum in Argostoli. At some point in time the Romans were ruling over the island which you can witness in the Roman Villa of Skala. The preserved artistic floors give us a glimpse of what a Roman villa in this region looked like in its days of glory.

Discover mystical Kefalonia

Just like the other Greek islands, Kefalonia is also surrounded by ancient Greek myths and legends. The first king of Kefalonia, Taphius, is said to have been the son of Poseidon. Many Greek myths associated their rulers with being related to the Greek gods. Taphius' son and Poseidon’s grandson named Pterelaus was made immortal by his grandfather with one golden hair. The only condition to remain immortal was it needed to stay on his head. Losing his golden hair would mean death.

Sailing conditions in Kefalonia

The summer months July and August are the most popular months to travel to Kefalonia. Greek tourists as well as those travelling from abroad fill the island with life. Temperatures can reach 40 degrees and water temperatures can get to 24 degrees, making Kefalonia the perfect destination for a summer sailing vacation. If you want to avoid the tourist crowds, you should travel to the island in September when the weather is still warm, but not too hot.

Sailing season in Kefalonia and the Ionian islands is from May to October, but July and August are the most popular months.


How much does it cost to rent a boat in Kefalonia?

The price of your boat rental in Kefalonia can vary depending on the type of boat, the size of the boat, the amount of people joining you, the season and amenities on board. Also, keep in mind that hiring a skipper in addition to your bareboat charter in Kefalonia might come with extra costs, but also with more free time to enjoy your sailing vacation on the Greek islands. But don’t worry! Greece is one of the cheapest sailing destinations in the Mediterranean.

On average, renting a sailboat in Greece costs as little as 50 EUR per person per day. Renting a motorboat in Greece will cost you 190 EUR per person per day on average. A catamaran will be a little cheaper at an average price of 150 EUR per person per day. Rent a gulet in Greece for an average price of 105 EUR per person per day and a RIB for 93 EUR per person per day. As you can see it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to go on a boat holiday in Greece. And remember: These are average prices, so you might even find cheaper deals - especially when booking your sailing vacation during shoulder season.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Kefalonia?

Depending on the type of sailing holiday you want to experience, you should choose your boat wisely. If you want to explore the beautiful hidden beaches and caves that Kefalonia and the other Ionian islands have to offer, you might regret renting a sailboat later on.

Rent a catamaran in Kefalonia

Pros of renting a catamaran on the Ionian islands

One advantage of renting a catamaran on the Ionian islands is the fact that they come with a shallow draft and not a keel. This makes them the perfect choice for an adventure to discover the most beautiful remote beaches on the island as well as stunning caves like Melissani Cave. Catamarans are great for sailing in shallow waters. This also allows you to anchor closer to the shore than with a sailboat. You won’t have to worry about hitting something that is hidden underwater and get to enjoy a fun day out at a more secluded beach like Kaminia beach which is known to be a nesting spot for the beautiful loggerhead turtles Carretta.

Another advantage of renting a catamaran in this part of the Mediterranean is the fact that they stand on two hulls. This gives the boats a lot of stability and means that it will be less shaky to stay on the boat.

One really amazing thing about catamarans is the fact that they are equipped with a sail AND an engine. This means that you can sail when the wind is blowing and use the engine to move forward when the wind suddenly stops blowing. You are getting the best of both worlds - comfort and adventure!

Catamarans are not available for rent in Kefalonia, but you can rent them this type of boat on another of the Ionian islands and sail over to Kefalonia to get the full experience, for example in Lefkas city: Catamaran rental in Lefkada

Cons of renting a catamaran on the Ionian islands

One of the downsides of renting a catamaran is the fact that they can be bigger in size than other types of water vehicles. This makes it difficult to find a spot for mooring in the marinas - especially during the incredibly busy summer months.

Rent a sailboat in Kefalonia

Pros of renting a sailboat in Kefalonia

One of the advantages of renting a sailboat in Kefalonia is the fact that you don’t need an engine to drive your boat. You can simply use the wind as your natural fuel. And you’re lucky: The Greek islands are generally blessed with ideal sailing conditions. If you just want to relax on your vacation rather than sail yourself or don’t have a boat licence, you can always hire a skipper in addition to your bareboat charter.

Chartering a sailboat also means that you want to enjoy the actual sailing experience rather than chase the most beautiful beach or cave. You get to feel the wind on your skin and will be incredibly content to sail in this part of the Mediterranean. Unlike the Cyclades, which are waters that are a bit more challenging to tackle, the Ionian islands offer ideal wind conditions while being beginner friendly.

One of the most popular AND beautiful sailboats to rent in Kefalonia is Sailboat Ocean Star 51,2 . Up to 18 people fit onto this gorgeous water vehicle, making it the perfect boat to bring all your friends together for a fun summer vacation. Offering both heating and air conditioning means that you can sail in the hot summer months as well as in the winter without having to worry about freezing or melting. Another amenity on the boat is the sundeck which allows you to sunbathe on the boat. Due to the necessary sailing equipment that has to be stored on deck, there is usually not enough space to do so, making something so simple a real luxury.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Kefalonia

One of the downsides of renting a sailboat is the fact that they are solely dependent on the wind. If it suddenly stops blowing, you might find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea. It can be very frustrating. However, you shouldn’t worry about it too much as the wind conditions are generally quite good in this part of the Mediterranean.

Rent a sailboat in Kefalonia

Rent a motorboat in Kefalonia

Pros of renting a motorboat in Kefalonia

One of the advantages of renting a sailboat in Kefalonia is the fact that motorboats are generally faster than other types of boats. If you want to see as much as possible from the island and its surrounding, you should go for this type of boat.

Another advantage is the shallow draft of motorboats. This makes them the perfect water vehicle to explore the many hidden beaches and caves around the island. Why don’t you head over to Melissani Cave or Foki Fiskardo beach?

One of the most popular motorboats to rent in Kefalonia is Motorboat Thunderbird Marine Formula 370ss which offers enough space for up to 10 people. One of the best things about renting this motorboat is the fact that it comes with a captain who is going to sail you to all the amazing destinations around Kefalonia and beyond.

Cons of renting a motorboat in Kefalonia

One of the disadvantages of renting a motorboat in Kefalonia is the fact that fuel is expensive. Especially when you aim to see as much as possible of the island and its surroundings, it can come with a hefty price tag. After all, fuel prices are increasing like crazy and they won’t drop in the foreseeable future.

Motorboat rental in Kefalonia

Charter a luxury yacht in Kefalonia

The Greek islands regularly attract the rich and famous who love sailing on luxury yachts. If you have the funds and want to feel like a celebrity for a week, you should consider chartering a private luxury yacht in Kefalonia for seven days. One of the nicest luxury boats to rent here is the Motorboat Cruisers 440 which is available for pick-up in Argostoli Yacht Marina, Argostólion.

Charter a luxury yacht in Kefalonia

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in Kefalonia?

If you want to rent a small boat with less than 30hp, you don’t need a boat licence to rent it in Greece. If you want to rent a bigger boat in Kefalonia, you need to be in possession of a valid boat licence. Boat licences of EU-residents are automatically valid in Greek waters while boat licence holders of non-EU-countries are not as lucky. Their boat licences need to fulfill the same requirements as Greek boat licences in order to be accepted in Greece. If your boat licence is in another language than English or Greek, you need to ensure that you carry an official translation of your licence in either Greek or English.

If you want to be on the safe side, you should carry the International Certificate of Competency or short ICC.

Sailing routes in Kefalonia

The Greek island of Ithaca is just a stone’s throw away from Kefalonia, making it the perfect destination for a sailing adventure. Sail around the island of Kefalonia in seven days, but stop in Ithaca for a whole day to discover the lush green forests, picturesque fishing villages and stunning caves.

Start your sailing adventure in Fiskardo, in the North of Kefalonia, where you get to admire the picturesque houses, the old port and the lush green surroundings. Fiskardo Beach is not far from the city and offers stunning views out into the Mediterranean. For some extra fun, you should put snorkeling or kayaking on your bucket list when visiting Fiskardo.

Foki beach is another stunning beach in Kefalonia where you can swim as well as snorkel. It is a pretty secluded spot, but one that is well-known, so you might end up being surrounded by a few groups of other tourists enjoying this little piece of paradise. If you get hungry, you can head to the road to get a quick bite in the local taverna.

Agia Sofia beach in Kefalonia should be on your bucket list as well. This wonderful little beach is perfect for swimming with kids as it doesn’t get too steep too quickly when entering the water. Snorkelling and swimming are popular activities in this part of Kefalonia.

Your next stop is Agia Effimia, a place that is going to charm you with its beautiful houses, hilly landscapes and old fortresses. Not far from this little town is Sikidi Beach, where you can admire the unique rock formations.

Next up is Sami, a little town where you can moor for the night while enjoying an incredible sunset amongst the mountainous landscape that is filled with pine trees. It is the second biggest port in Kefalonia, so you get to enjoy the hustle and bustle for a bit before heading out to some more secluded areas. Get a nice traditional Greek dinner before calling it a night.

Antisamos is probably best known for its long and sandy beach. Swim in the stunning blue waters or try out some snorkeling.

Poros in the South East of the island is your next destination. It is the perfect place for a fun place by the beach and savour some delicious Greek food. Mooring here is not an easy undertaking, but if you found a spot, you can call yourself lucky.

Argostoli, the beautiful capital of Kefalonia, is a wonderful town where you get to see some colorful houses, admire the emerald colour of the sea and explore some interesting historical sites like the De Bosset Bridge and the obelisk.

Assos is in a bit of an unusual spot in the North of Kefalonia. This Venetian town is famous for its stunning rocky surroundings and its picturesque setting. Watching the sunset in this part of Kefalonia is magical.

Sailing Locations in Kefalonia

Rent a boat in Vathy

Rent a boat in Agia Effimia

Rent a boat in Sami

Rent a boat in Eleios Pronnoi

Charter a yacht in Argostólion