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Discover Spain's vibrant city of Barcelona, where Gaudi's wonders and Catalan seas enchant. Sail with a knowledgeable guide to explore modernist landmarks, hidden coves, and the cosmopolitan flair of Spanish coastal metropolis.

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Sailing Guide Barcelona

Barcelona is a multifaceted city with plenty of art, interesting architecture and many amazing restaurants. It is also located right next to the Mediterranean, making it the perfect spot for a fun summer vacation. Discover beautiful beaches that are in close proximity to the city and other natural wonders. A boat rental in Barcelona makes your sailing dreams come true and allows you to discover the city and the surrounding areas from a different angle.

Things to do and see when sailing in Barcelona

From fantastic food markets over museums & galleries to fun city beaches, Barcelona is a great city for a vacation. If you want to do something extra special, you should plan some activities out of the ordinary and create some special memories.

Activities in Barcelona

  • La Sagrada Familia is one of the most famous sights in Barcelona. Although you might think that the construction already started many centuries ago, the construction of the cathedral only began in 1882. The original architect assigned to the project resigned a year later and world famous architect Gaudí took over
  • Another famous project of Gaudí is Park Güell on Carmel Hill. This fascinating park combines natural elements with interesting architecture and art
  • Mercado de La Boqueria is a big food market where you can buy local produce and delicacies
  • Yet another interesting architectural masterpiece by Gaudí you have to visit when visiting Barcelona is Casa Batlló
  • Palau de la Música Catalana is not just a concert hall, it is also an architectural masterpiece to admire
  • Admire some of Picasso’s finest work in the Picasso Museum
  • A boat charter in Barcelona allows you to sail alongside the Spanish coastline and discover some more secluded spots
  • Did you ever dream about watching a live football match of FC Barcelona? Maybe you’re lucky enough to visit Barcelona when a match is happening in Spotify Camp Nou
  • Take a trip to Mirador del Semáforo, a historical building located right next to the sea South of Barcelona. The walks up there are also very scenic.

Beaches in Barcelona

  • Playa de Bogatell is one of Barcelona’s beautiful city beaches. It’s the perfect place to soak up the sun before heading out on a boat again. Additionally, it has been awarded the Blue Flag - it is only given to beaches that take their environmental responsibility particularly serious
  • Another Blue Flag beach in Barcelona is Mar Bella in the North of the city. Avoid the crowds and come here not just to soak up the sun, but also for windsurfing and paddleboarding
  • Sa Tuna in Begur is a wonderful beach surrounded by colourful houses and hilly landscapes

Restaurants in Barcelona

Casual dining in Barcelona:

  • Tino, esto no es una pizzería is obviously not a pizzeria, but offers a delicious variation of the famous Italian dish for a very affordable price
  • Bar Xapako is a great spot to get some tasty tapas. You don’t just come here for the food, but also for the fantastic service

Beach restaurants in Barcelona:

  • Can Fisher is a lovely restaurant located right next to Platja del Bogatell and best known for their grilled fish and paella. Enjoy the food and the views!
  • Restaurante Port Vela is located at the Marina Vela Barcelona and the perfect place to have a tasty after a long day out on your boat rental

Fine dining in Barcelona:

  • Oria Restaurant is a Michelin star restaurant in Barcelona located in the heart of the city. Admire the elegant interior while enjoying one of their fabulously presented dishes
  • Xera Restaurant is a wonderful place for fine dining and to experience the Spanish & Catalan cuisine first hand. You have to try the paella here!

Bars and Clubs in Barcelona

  • Dr. Stravinsky is one of those bars that you have to see when visiting Barcelona. It is a great place to drink a refreshing cocktails with flavours that you’ve never experienced anywhere else before
  • Boadas Cocktails is a bar with a rustic, yet charming atmosphere. Come here to enjoy a fabulous drink

Explore historical Barcelona

World famous architect Antoni Gaudí shaped much of the city’s interesting architecture and style. The Sagrada Familia and Park Güell are just two of the most renowned places in the city, but there is so much more to discover by Gaudí.

The Arco de Triunfo de Barcelona is another historical landmark in the city you should visit. Built in 1888, it is located at the entrance to Promenade Passeig de Lluís Companys, which is named after the president who was murdered in 1940.

Walking around the streets of Barcelona is always going to feel a little bit like travelling back in time. Most of the architecture of the city might be influenced by Gaudi, but there are also many well-preserved Medieval buildings to be found. One of them is Barrio Gotico. Santa Maria del Pi is a church that was built in the 14th century and is also worth a visit.

Discover mystical Barcelona

The first thing you think about when thinking about Barcelona are probably football, the beach and sunshine all year round. But beware! There are many myths and legends revolving around the city. One of them is about the so-called vampire of Barcelona in the beginning of the 20th century. However, this is not a fairytale, it is the story of a gruesome woman named Enriqueta Martí, who abducted children in broad daylight and offered them to the wealthy people of Barcelona as prostitutes. She was finally arrested in 1912. Very scary times!

Sailing conditions in Barcelona

Barcelona is a very popular sailing destination in the Mediterranean - for good reason! The colourful city is known for its fun nightlife, long sandy beaches and various spots that are perfect for anchoring or mooring.

Sailing season in Barcelona is between May and October, however, it is important to keep in mind that the summer months June, July and August are particularly popular with tourists. Hot temperatures, as well as crowded streets and beaches are typical during this time. Water temperatures can reach 28 degrees during the hottest months. If you want to avoid the masses, but still want to enjoy the warm weather, it is best to visit the city in September or October. If you still want to come here during the busy summer months, renting a boat is a great option to do your own thing and sail to beaches that you can only reach by boat.

Barcelona is the perfect sailing destination for novice and amateur sailors. Southeastern winds and northern winds dominate this part of Spain and ensure that you can even enjoy a sailing adventure in the summer. Experienced sailors and those that lust for adventures might want to head North of Barcelona to chase stronger winds - especially in the winter months.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Barcelona?

The price to rent a boat in Barcelona highly depends on the season, the type and size of the boat, as well as the amount of passengers and the age of the boat. Spain is definitely not the most expensive destination in the Mediterranean, meaning that you can rent a boat for very little money.

On average it costs just 68 EUR per person per day to charter a sailboat in Spain. Rent a RIB in Spain at an average price of 54 EUR per person per day. Renting a speedboat in Spain will cost you 85 EUR per person per day on average. It will cost you a little more to rent a catamaran or motorboat in Spain. Renting a catamaran will cost you 111 EUR on average per person per day. Rent a motorboat in Spain at an average price of 179 EUR per person per day.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Barcelona?

It all depends on your dream sailing vacation in Barcelona. If you just want to sunbathe all day long and party with your friends at night, you would charter a different type of boat than the one you would rent if you want to practice your sailing skills and feel the wind on your skin.

Rent a catamaran in Barcelona

Pros of renting a catamaran in Barcelona

Renting a catamaran in Barcelona means that you get to see the city and the surrounding areas from a whole new perspective. One of the advantages of renting a catamaran is the fact that they have a shallow draft. This makes them perfect for exploring beaches, bays and getting to historical sights like Mirador del Semáforo.

Another advantage of chartering a catamaran in Barcelona is the fact that they are equipped with a motor and a sail. This gives you a huge advantage over other types of boats. You can sail with the wind as long as it’s blowing and revert to the engine should the wind suddenly stop blowing. This is fantastic, because you won’t get stuck in the middle of the sea should mother nature suddenly decide to stop blessing you with appropriate winds.

Another great thing about catamarans is their size. They are generally quite spacious, allowing you to feel less claustrophobic than on other types of boats. You will definitely get a good night’s sleep here and will feel like you are in a hotel room and not in a cabin on a boat in the Mediterranean.

As catamarans are standing on two hulls, they are more stable than other types of boats. Should the wind suddenly pick up, you won’t feel it as much as you would with other boats. You might hear the water hitting the boat harder, but it is still much more comfortable.

One of the most popular catamarans to rent in Barcelona is Catamaran Bali 4.1. The boat offers space for up to 12 people and comes with a professional captain who is going to navigate you safely through the Mediterranean waters.

Cons of renting a catamaran in Barcelona

One of the downsides of renting a catamaran in Barcelona is the fact that they are quite big. This can make mooring at the marinas a little complicated at times - if you are able to secure a spot. It might also make mooring at a marina more expensive as they require more space than other types of boats.

Charter a catamaran in Barcelona

Rent a sailboat in Barcelona

Pros of renting a sailboat in Barcelona

Renting a sailboat in Barcelona means that you get to enjoy the full sailing experience while vacationing on the Spanish coast. As the wind is your fuel, you don’t have to worry about any additional extortionate costs. Set sail and discover what the Mediterranean sea and the stunning Spanish coastline have to offer. Barcelona doesn’t get strong winds like other parts of the Mediterranean, making it the perfect spot for novice sailors.

One of the most popular sailboat rentals in Barcelona is Sailboat Hanse 400 which is available to rent in Port Olímpic de Barcelona. It offers space for up to 7 people and can be rented with or without a captain. A refrigerator and a stove on board ensure that you can prepare your own food while sailing and don’t need to worry about stopping in between in order to stock up on food.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Barcelona

If you want to charter a sailboat in Barcelona, you need to keep in mind that you are fully dependent on the wind. You might get stuck in the middle of the sea should the wind suddenly stop blowing. This might leave some frustrations if you can’t reach your destination as quickly as you might have hoped. The summer months in particular can lack stronger winds. Some sailboats are equipped with a little engine, but they are not made for long distances.

Charter a sailboat in Barcelona

Rent a motorboat in Barcelona

Pros of renting a motorboat in Barcelona

Renting a motorboat in Barcelona comes with many advantages. It is generally faster than other types of boats, making it the perfect boat if you want to explore the surrounding area and check off the many beautiful sights you can visit. Especially if you want to sail further South, you need a boat that can handle the distance and offers the comforts you need when doing so.

Cons of renting a motorboat in Barcelona

Unlike catamarans, motorboats are only equipped with an engine. This means that you always need to ensure that your tank is full and ready for the journey. You can’t use the wind as fuel. With the ever-increasing fuel prices you should also keep in mind that you can expect a hefty bill at the end of your trip in addition to the bareboat charter price.

Motorboat rental in Barcelona

Charter a luxury yacht in Barcelona

A luxury yacht rental in Barcelona is perfect for anyone looking at having a very luxurious sailing holiday along the Costa Brava. It might be more expensive than a regular boat charter, but comes with many amenities. Feel like the rich and famous for a week while soaking up the sun and sailing around the Mediterranean. Motorboat Astondoa 58 GLX is a beautiful yacht offering space for up to 12 people on board and coming with a professional and experienced captain who is going to navigate you safely through the Mediterranean. A fridge and freezer on board ensure that your food stays fresh and your drinks cold. You even have a TV and wifi on board.

Charter a luxury yacht in Costa Brava, including Barcelona

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in Barcelona?

In Spain you don’t need a boat licence to rent a boat if it is shorter than 5 metres or shorter than 6 metres in the case of sailboats. The boat should also not be able to operate at more than 15hp. This might sound like a dream come true, but keep in mind that you can only operate these kinds of boats during the day when there is light. It is not allowed to operate any boats without a licence in Spain at night.

If you are in possession of the Licencia de Navegación, you can operate boats that are not longer than 6 metres, but you can only sail up to two miles away from the coast.

Sailing routes in Barcelona

One of the most popular sailing routes from Barcelona is taking you all the way South to Valencia.

Day 1 - Sail from Barcelona to Tarragona: Before sailing to Tarragona, make sure that you get to see the most stunning and interesting sights Barcelona has to offer. Visiting Tarragona means going back in time. The impressive Roman ruins you can find everywhere in the city will give you a glimpse into the life here about 2000 years ago

Day 2 - Sail from Tarragona to Parc Natural del Delta de l'Ebre: This impressive natural sight is best known for its beaches, dunes and rivers, but also makes for a wonderful walking trek. If you are interested in the wildlife here, bird watching is a popular activity amongst visitors

Day 3 - Sail from Parc Natural del Delta de l'Ebre to Peniscola: A massive Medieval fortress is greeting you upon arrival by boat. You should definitely vist Peniscola castle for the views and the interesting history, but don’t forget to soak up the sun by the beach as well.

Day 4 - Sail from Peniscola to Cala Port Blau and Cala Ordi: These two beaches are the perfect spot to anchor and enjoy the sun for a bit. The interesting rock formations make for a cool photo opportunity

Day 5 - Sail from Cala Ordi to Parc Natural de la Serra d'Irta: This huge national park is not only known for its stunning views, forest and hiking trails, but also for tourist attractions like the Badum Tower.

Day 6 - Sail from Parc Natural de la Serra d'Irta to Castellón where you get to enjoy a fun day by the beach, swimming in the Mediterranean and savouring tasty local cuisine

Day 7 - Sail from Castellón to Valencia: The historic city centre is not just an interesting place to visit during the day, but also a fantastic place to watch local artists perform at night. The bustling squares and local restaurants ensure that you have a fun evening while strolling around the picturesque streets of the city. Blessed with fabulous city beaches, you can also soak up the sun for the day