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An island located in the Mediterranean Sea, part of France. Corsica is known for its stunning mountain ranges, beautiful beaches, and historic sites. A paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts!

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Sailing Guide Corsica

Sailing in Corsica means sailing around a French island. However, even in France the Corsians are known for their very own way of life and doing things. They have accomplished preserving their traditions while entering modern life. Visiting Corsica means getting the best of both worlds. Charter a yacht in Corsica to discover the different landscapes the North and South of the island have to offer. From incredible mountains to beautiful sandy beaches and forests, you will surely create unforgettable memories on your trip.

Things to do and see when sailing in Corsica

Sailing around Corsica and seeing the island from a different perspective is surely exciting, but there is a lot to do and discover on land as well. Stop by some historical sites and natural wonders to get the best of a sailing holiday and a vacation on a fascinating island in the Mediterranean.

Activities in Corsica

  • Experience a beautiful UNESCO world heritage site named Calanques de Piana by the sea. These cliffs have an interesting shape and make for a great spot to take a holiday picture. The marine life is known for its biodiversity and we should try and support the efforts to keep it that way when coming here for a holiday
  • Bonifacio is a stunning town in the South of Corsica. Historical architecture and the unique rock formations it stands on are definitely worth a visit when coming to Corsica
  • Charter a yacht in Corsica to sail around the island
  • Go back in time and visit some of the most interesting archaeological sites in the region, like Filitosa which dates back around 8.000 years
  • Corsica is a dream come true for every hiker. One of the most challenging routes in Europe is the so-called Grand Randonnée 20 or short GR20. Experience the beauty of the island from up above and enjoy the amazing sites you’re going to cross paths with
  • Porto Pollo is a lovely village by the sea that will leave you in awe long after you’ve left

Beaches in Corsica

  • Piscines Naturelles de Cavu: This spot might not be your classic beach, but it’s stunning and you can take a refreshing dip in the water nonetheless
  • Plage de Roccapina is a picturesque, but popular beach in Corsica. It is the perfect spot to anchor while soaking up the sun and swimming in the turquoise waters
  • Lotu Beach is a stunning beach that will make you believe that you have accidentally arrived in the Caribbean and not in Corsica. The turquoise waters and white sandy beach will make for a wonderful stop when sailing around the island

Restaurants in Corsica

Casual dining in Corsica:

  • A Funtana is a great restaurant next to a beautiful fountain. They serve both lunch and dinner. If you want to try fresh and local food at a reasonable price, you have to try this place!
  • Relais motard ROUTE 66: This American biker style restaurant with typical decor offers juicy beef burgers and a delicious tiramisu for dessert
  • French café Le Yuka offers stunning views and tasty food. Start your day on the island with a delicious breakfast here! The tartines are highly recommended.

Beach restaurants in Corsica:

  • Café de la Plage is, as the name suggests, right by the beach. The beautifully decorated terrace accompanied by the fantastic sea views make it the perfect place for a relaxing meal on your sailing vacation in Corsica. The restaurant might carry the word café in its name, but is so much more than that. Elegantly presented dishes and fantastic flavours make this a mouth-watering experience.
  • Restaurant Playa Baggia is literally on the beach. Enjoy a delicious while listening to the relaxing sounds of waves in the background

Fine dining in Corsica:

  • Restaurant Emporium is a Michelin star restaurant in Corsica. You have to try the highly praised slow-cooked lamb and truffle risotto. All the dishes are well-presented and make for a fantastic fine dining experience in Porto-Vecchio
  • Restaurant Le But is best known for its typical Corsican dishes. A charming interior with pictures from times long gone welcome guests from all over the world

Bars and Clubs in Corsica

  • Le Synd'RHUM is a great bar to enjoy a tasty and refreshing cocktail. Keep in mind that they only accept cash payments
  • La Taverne du Roi: A fantastic place to enjoy some typical Corsican music while enjoying a refreshing beverage

Explore historical Corsica

Although the human history of Corsica starts in prehistoric times, the first records of people on the island begins in the 6th century with the arrival of the Greeks. Filitosa is an ancient site that dates back to 3300 BCE.

Although Corsica is part of France, it can often feel more Italian. This is due to the history of the island until the 18th century. The Genoese ruled over the island for some 500 years. Discover some of the architecture on the island that reflects the strong Italian influence. The Genoese towers which were built in the 16th and 17th century to defend the island from pirate attacks are spread all over the island and can be visited today. Saint-Dominique Cathedral in Ajaccio is another remnant showing the Italian influence over the island. It is home to some of the most stunning Italian paintings.

Discover mystical Corsica

The eye of Saint Lucie is not just a shell that you can find on the shore after a storm carries them there. This shell got its name from the legend about Saint Lucie who cured her mother’s incurable disease through prayers to the Virgin Mary. In a moment of intense prayer, she is said to have torn her own eyes out and threw them into the sea, but Virgin Mary gave Lucie her eyesight back. So wearing an ‘eye of Saint Lucie’ is considered to bring you luck.

Sailing conditions in Corsica

With almost 2000 km of coastline, Corsica is a spectacular place to sail in the Mediterranean and the fourth largest island here. Like many places in the Mediterranean, sailing season starts in May and lasts until late October, but the summer months of July and August are the busiest months of the year on the island. It gets hot in the summer and many sunny days almost all year round make it the perfect spot for a boat holiday.

Unlike other parts of the Mediterranean, Corsica is blessed with stronger winds. This means that you can rent a sailboat and know that you can rely on the winds in order to sail around the island. While these strong winds also exist in the busy summer months, they start to pick up in the month of September.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Corsica?

The costs of renting a boat in Corsica depend on the seasonality, the type and size of the boat you want to rent, how many people will join you on your trip and the age of the boat. Renting a boat in France really doesn’t need to break your bank!

At an average price of just 38 EUR per person per day, renting a speedboat seems to be the cheapest option to rent a boat in France. Renting a sailboat in France comes at an average price of 45 EUR per person per day while renting a RIB in France will cost you 49 EUR per person per day on average. A catamaran will cost you 70 EUR per person per day on average. Motorboats are seemingly the most expensive option to rent a boat in France at an average price of 283 EUR per person per day.

Remember, these are only average prices, so you might find cheaper boat deals off season. You might also be able to find cheaper or more expensive boats in each category in general. These are average prices of bareboat charters, so if you plan on hiring a skipper as well, you will have to pay for that extra.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Corsica?

What type of boat you should rent for your boat vacation in Corsica really depends on the type of boat holiday you would like to experience on the island. Want to relax all day and make the occasional stop at a stunning remote beach? Sail around the Mediterranean to feel the wind on your skin and properly sail? Race around the Corsan coast as fast as you can while planning some breaks in between to discover interesting historical ruins and white sandy beaches? These are all very different experiences requiring you to rent different types of boats.

Rent a catamaran in Corsica

Pros of renting a catamaran in Corsica

One of the advantages of renting a catamaran in Corsica is the fact that they are equipped with a sail and an engine. As the wind conditions are so ideal, you probably won’t even need to run the engine in order to move along the coast, but it is always good to have a backup plan. Maybe catamarans can be described as the swiss pocket knives of sailing. Everything you need in one place.

Another advantage of renting a catamaran is the fact that they have a shallow draft rather than a keel like sailboats. This makes them the perfect boats to discover some of the most stunning beaches and bays that Corsica has to offer. You can even sail closer to the shore than with other types of boats.

Catamarans also have the advantage of standing on two hulls, giving them much more stability. You will sleep like a baby on board! It also allows catamarans to be more spacious and therefore more comfortable than other types of boats.

One of the most popular catamarans to rent in Corsica is Catamaran Bali 4.0 which is available to rent in Propriano. Up to 12 people can sleep on the boat and you can rent this catamaran with or without a captain. Keep in mind that you will have to pay extra if you decide to hire a captain. Amenities on board include a refrigerator, a stove and a freezer, allowing you to prepare your own food while sailing along the Corsican coast.

Cons of renting a catamaran in Corsica

One of the disadvantages of renting a catamaran in Corsica can be their size, which can make it difficult to find a spot for mooring at the marinas - especially during the busy summer months July and August.

Rent a catamaran in Corsica

Rent a sailboat in Corsica

Pros of renting a sailboat in Corsica

Renting a sailboat in Corsica is perfect for anyone looking at having a real sailing experience. The wind conditions in this part of the Mediterranean are more than ideal, so choosing to rent a sailboat in Corsica is a great way to explore the fascinating island with its diverse landscape. As sailboats run on wind, you don’t have to worry about fueling your boat before leaving the marina - and it is more environmentally friendly!

One of the most popular sailboats to rent in Corsica is Sailboat Beneteau Oceanis 41.1 which is offering space for up to 8 people on board. Its modern interior and equipment makes it the perfect sailboat to cruise along the coast of Corsica.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Corsica

One of the downsides of renting a sailboat in Corsica is the fact that they run only on wind. This means that you are completely dependent on mother nature. There is no plan B! If the wind suddenly stops blowing, you can’t do anything but wait until the wind picks up again. However, the winds in Corsica are generally reliable and probably won’t leave you hanging.

Rent a sailboat in Corsica

Rent a speedboat in Corsica

Pros of renting a speedboat in Corsica

One of the best things about renting a speedboat in Corsica is their speed. You can get around the island very fast.

Another advantage of renting a speedboat is the fact that they are much smaller and easier to navigate than other types of boats. You get to race along the Corsian coast and see as much as possible in very little time.

Unlike sailboats, speedboats don’t require you to store a lot of necessary equipment on deck. This means that you get to soak up the sun while relaxing on deck. One of the most popular speedboats to rent in Corsica is Speedboat De Antonio D34 Open . Equipped with just one bedroom and one bathroom, it is not necessarily the type of boat you would rent for a week-long vacation, but it is the perfect water vehicle to sail around the island for a few days.

Cons of renting a speedboat in Corsica

One of the downsides of renting a speedboat in Corsica is the fact that they run on fuel. If you speed across the Mediterranean at full speed throughout your holiday, you will have to refill your boat with fuel on a regular basis and this can come with a hefty price tag. With the ever increasing fuel prices, you might reconsider how much you race across the sea.

Rent a speedboat in Corsica

Rent a motorboat in Corsica

Pros of renting a motorboat in Corsica

One of the advantages of renting a motorboat in Corsica is the fact that they can take you from A to B in the fastest way possible. This allows you to see as much as possible of the island while enjoying the comforts a motorboat has to offer.

Another advantage of renting a motorboat is the fact that they don’t have a keel, but a shallow draft. This makes them the perfect choice for sailing in shallow waters. You can sail closer to the shore and visit all the wonderful hidden spots in Corsica.

One of the most popular motorboats to rent in Corsica is Motorboat Beneteau Gran Turismo 40 . Up to 10 people can sleep on board, but keep in mind that there is only one bathroom! No licence is needed for renting this kind of boat, making it the perfect water vehicle for anyone who is new to sailing and wants to try it out. If you are feeling a little less adventurous and want to relax rather than having to worry about operating a boat on your vacation, you can always hire a captain. Keep in mind that this will come with extra costs.


Cons of renting a motorboat in Corsica

One of the downsides of renting a motorboat in Corsica is the fact that they run on fuel. You always need to ensure that you have stocked up on enough fuel before leaving the marina. If you go too fast too often, you might need to refuel your boat more often. This can come with a hefty price tag considering the ever-increasing fuel prices.

Motorboat rental in Corsica

Charter a luxury yacht in Corsica

If you have the funds, you should charter a luxury yacht in Corsica for a really relaxed and enjoyable vacation. You get to experience the life of the rich and famous for a week and recharge your energy after working all year. One of the most popular luxury yachts you can rent in Corsica is Motorboat Mangusta 80 . Up to 12 people can sleep on the boat and a captain is included. That way you get to relax your vacation without having to worry about navigating and operating the boat. The spacious sundeck is a special highlight when renting this luxury yacht. A dishwasher on board ensures that you get to enjoy your vacation without having to worry about washing the dishes every time you have a meal.

Charter a luxury yacht in Corsica

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in Corsica?

Many types of boats don’t require you to have a boat licence when renting a boat in France. However, people coming here for a sailing vacation from outside the EU should carry an International Certificate of Competency or short ICC. You will also be required to present your sailing experiences. It is similar to a CV that you would need to hand in for a job interview - in this case you need to show that you have sufficient knowledge and experience to sail specific types of boats.

Check with your charter to ensure that you fulfill the requirements to rent a boat in Corsica. If you don’t fulfill the requirements, you can always go for a yacht rental in Corsica and hire a skipper in addition to that. It comes with a higher price, but the good thing is that you don’t need to worry about operating and navigating the boat rental yourself.

Sailing routes in Corsica

Trying to see all of the 1900 km of coastline in Corsica in just a week is a bit of a stretch. If you don’t want to rush and take your time when visiting certain places, you might consider renting a boat for more than a week.

One of the most popular routes is taking you from Bastia in the North-East to Bonifacio in the South.

Day 1: Sail from Bastia to Saint-Florent: Bastia is known for its stunning old port and the beautiful Place Saint Nicolas. You should definitely take the opportunity to stroll around the city before heading out to the sea. Saint-Florent is located in a bay in the Northern tip of the island. Discover some of the most beautiful beaches, including Plage de Fiume Santu and Plage de la Roya.

Day 2: Sail from Saint-Florent to Calvi: Calvi is best known for its buzzing nightlife and amazing sea views. Head to the Citadella di Calvi for the best view!

Day 3: Sail from Calvi to Girolata: The picturesque west coast of Corsica is blessed with lush green landscapes and impressive rock formations

Day 4: Sail from Girolata to Ajaccio: The capital of Corsica is best known as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte. Many historical buildings and the old port are worth visiting! You can even find a stunning city beach to go for a quick swim before heading out on your boat again

Day 5: Sail from Ajaccio to Propriano: Propriano is a small town in Corsica with quite a few beach resorts. Despite its modern architecture dominating the port and the surrounding areas, it is an old town with remnants of an interesting past. Stroll around the beautiful streets to go back in time.

Day 6: Sail from Propriano to Bonifacio: Bonifacio is not just for its impressive cliffs and rock formations, it is also the Southern most port on the island. Not far from the city are some of the most amazing remote beaches you will ever come across in the Mediterranean.

Sailing Locations in Corsica

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