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Sailing Guide Hvar

Sailing in Hvar is going to feel like sailing in paradise. Rent a boat in Hvar to explore the island and its surroundings. Best known for its clear blue waters, historical sites and legendary parties, you will have an unforgettable time sailing on the island.

Things to do and see when sailing in Hvar

Sure, it’s really nice to sail all day long, relax and swim in the turquoise waters surrounding the most beautiful beaches, but there is so much more to explore on this island of Hvar and mainland Croatia, which is not too far away.

Activities in Hvar

  • Do some sightseeing in Hvar, visit St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the Franciscan Monastery. These renaissance buildings will give you a glimpse into the history of the island during this period
  • The Venetian Fort or Fortica Spanjola as the locals call it is a must-see when visiting Hvar. You don’t just come here for the history, you come here for the views
  • Fortress of Petar Hektorović, also known as Tvrdalj Castle, is a house with an interesting history. It was the house of a famous Croatian poet named Petar Hektorović, who lived on the island and took it upon himself to turn his home into a fort so that it could serve as a shelter for the locals when the Ottomans attacked. Just when you think the world is a cruel place, you read stories like that about kindness and your faith in humanity is restored
  • Visit the Fisherman's Museum to learn more about island’s history with fishing and how it became an essential part of the identity of the island’s inhabitants
  • Snorkelling is a fun activity you should plan for on your sailing trip around Hvar. One of the best spots to go snorkelling is Milna on the island of Brac. You get to see the marine life underwater up close and get a clear view as the surrounding areas are rocky rather than sandy
  • Sail to the Red Rocks in Hvar to be blown away by the beauty of nature. It is a truly beautiful sight you need to visit
  • You need to master the distance of 40km to reach the Blue Cave from Hvar, but it is so worth it. Once you enter the cave you feel the magic!

Beaches in Hvar

  • Mekićevica Beach is a stunning beach surrounded by emerald water and lush green trees. You will feel like being in paradise
  • Jerolim is a wonderful little island in Croatia which is mostly famous for its nude beaches
  • Sveta Nedilja is more than a beach. You can also enjoy some local wines at the closeby winery
  • Malo Zarace Beach is a very popular beach in Hvar. This means that you are going to share this beach with a lot of other tourists who come here in the summer

Restaurants in Hvar

Casual dining in Hvar:

  • Kebab Factory Hvar offers the most delicious kebabs. The fresh ingredients, tasty combinations and cheap prices make this eatery a must visit on your trip to Hvar
  • Mamato is a fantastic place in Hvar to enjoy delicious seafood. The fact that it’s located right next to the beach, makes it even more amazing

Beach restaurants in Hvar:

  • Konoba Bonaca can get busy, but for good reason! Located right next to the sea, this restaurant is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy seafood and local wines. The tuna is said to be to die for
  • Dva Ribara offers great views and food. Famous for its various seafood dishes, you have to try the grilled calamari and the fish soup. They are so good that you might want to write songs about them later on

Fine dining in Hvar:

  • A wonderful restaurant for an elegant and delicious dinner is Zlatna Skoljka. Here you get to dine in a restaurant decorated in a simple, but dreamy way. It is located in a narrow street and makes for a wonderful photo opportunity as well. You will enjoy the black risotto!
  • Beach Club Hvar offers incredible views and fantastic food! Enjoy a passionfruit daiquiri before moving on to dinner. Delicious seafood dishes are already waiting for you.

Bars and Clubs in Hvar

  • Ka'Lavanda Music Bar: Enjoy a refreshing cocktail while enjoying fantastic music. You have to try the espresso martini!
  • Caffe Bar Sidro: The amazing music here definitely draws in the crowds from the streets. Enjoy a drink while having a fun night out with friends

Explore historical Hvar

The Greeks were the first ones to successfully invade the island of Hvar and rule over the native inhabitants. You can still see some ruins of this period of a place formerly called Pharos, not far from Stari Grad. The Romans followed shortly after and so did other powerful empires that were trying to rule the island at one point or another. Venetians ruled over Hvar from 1420, but have been ruling over the island technically for much longer than that as the kingdom of Croatia had been under the “protection” of Venice. The Venetians ruled over the island until 1797 when the Habsburgs of Austria took control. Their rule was briefly interrupted by the French between 1806 and 1812 when Napoleon was in power. When the Habsburg empire collapsed in 1918, Croatia joined Yugoslavia until its independence in 1991. The turbulent history of Hvar can be seen in the architecture and many different sites to see on the island.

Discover mystical Hvar

One of the most fascinating myths about Hvar is the fact that fairies, in particular female fairies, are said to live here. In general they seem to be good and caring creatures who like to help people, especially if they are in need of a little miracle. Another side of these fairies is that they try to lure men and shepherds in particular into their grounds by singing to them. It is said that the men who fall for them are never to be seen again.

Sailing conditions in Hvar

Hvar is a wonderful island located in the Mediterranean. Blessed with sunshine almost all year round, you can enjoy days by the beach and swimming in the turquoise waters as well as the local restaurants after a long day out on a boat.

Croatia is becoming more and more popular with sailors from all over the world. For good reason! This part of the Mediterranean is well known for its ideal weather conditions.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Hvar?

Croatia is one of the most popular sailing destinations in the Mediterranean - for good reason! The country doesn’t just offer stunning beaches and beautiful national parks, it is also relatively cheap compared to other destinations. Boat prices vary depending on the seasonality, type of boat, the amount of bedrooms on board and the amenities, but you can find very good deals here even when planning on sailing in high season.

You can rent a speedboat or RIB in Croatia for an average price of as little as 30 EUR per person per day. If that isn’t a great deal, we don’t know what is. Renting a motorboat in Croatia might be a little more costly, but at an average price of 62 EUR per person per day, it is still extremely affordable. Renting a gulet will cost 75 EUR per person per day on average. Catamarans are the most expensive boats to rent in Croatia at an average price of 460 EUR per person per day.

Keep in mind that these are only average prices and that you can find cheaper and more expensive boats in this region, depending on your budget.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Hvar?

The type of boat holiday you plan on having in Hvar determines the type of boat you should rent here. If you prefer to party on a boat all week long with your friends, you would rent a different type of boat than the one where you care about comfort and luxury more than anything else. If you are looking for an adventure in the Mediterranean and don’t care about having any kind of luxury on board, you would be looking at a different type of boat altogether.

Rent a catamaran in Hvar

Pros of renting a catamaran in Hvar

One of the advantages of renting a catamaran in Hvar is the fact that catamarans come with shallow drafts. This makes them the perfect choice to explore the many hidden beaches this part of Croatia has to offer. You can sail super close to the shore without having to worry about hitting anything along the way. Anchor close to the stunning beaches, go for a swim and soak up the sun while lying on a white sandy beach.

Another advantage of chartering a catamaran in Hvar is the fact that they are equipped with a sail as well as an engine. This allows you to set sail when the winds are going strong, but offer you a plan B should the winds suddenly stop blowing. Without the engine you might get stuck at sea, having to wait it out until the wind starts blowing again.

Another positive aspect of catamarans is the fact that they are standing on two hulls, giving them more stability than other types of boats.

Cons of renting a catamaran in Hvar

One of the downsides of renting a catamaran can be their size. This can make it difficult to find a spot for mooring in the marinas - especially during high season.

Charter a catamaran in Croatia

Rent a sailboat in Hvar

Pros of renting a sailboat in Hvar

Renting a sailboat in Hvar brings many advantages. As it is fuelled by the wind you don’t need to worry about leaving the marina with a full tank every single time. You get the wind for free instead of having to pay for fuel.

Sailboats are also much better for longer distances than other boat types. As they run on wind rather than an engine, they are also much more quiet. It is easier to speak with your fellow sailors and you actually get to enjoy the sounds of water hitting the boat.

One of the most popular sailboats to rent in Hvar is Sailboat Fiumanka 33 which offers space for up to 10 people on board and comes with a captain. This means that you get to enjoy your sailing trip without having to worry about where to go next and navigating the boat around the island. You can also find snorkelling equipment and a SUP on board to add some extra fun activities to your trip. Head to Milna for the best snorkelling experience on the island.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Hvar

One of the downsides of renting a sailboat is the fact that they are dependent on the winds. If the wind suddenly stops blowing you might be left stranded in the middle of the sea, having to wait patiently for the wind to pick up again. This can be incredibly frustrating. However, the wind conditions are usually quite good so you probably don’t have to worry about it.

Rent a sailboat in Hvar

Rent a speedboat in Hvar

Pros of renting a speedboat in Hvar

One of the advantages of renting a speedboat in Hvar is the fact that they are super fast and due to their small size it is easier to navigate them around Hvar and the other islands and islets that are in close proximity.

Another advantage of speedboats is their speed. You can easily get from A to B and get there fast. If you don’t have much time to explore, renting this type of boat is the ideal way to explore the island and tick off all the places you want to see.

One of the most popular speedboats to rent in Hvar is Speedboat Nordkapp Noblesse 830 . It’s perfect for a day trip with 10 friends around the island or for a party. Believe it or not, you can even find a fridge on board.

Cons of renting a speedboat in Hvar

One of the downsides of renting a speedboat in Hvar is the fact that they are not really equipped for a sailing trip that lasts a week or longer. It is only comfortable to sleep on these kinds of boats for a few nights.

Another downside is the fact that speedboats run on fuel - and fuel is expensive. This is not going to change anytime soon, so you might want to keep that in mind before racing around the island as if there is no tomorrow.

Rent a speedboat in Hvar

Rent a motorboat in Hvar

Pros of renting a motorboat in Hvar

One of the advantages of renting a motorboat in Hvar is the fact that they have a shallow draft rather than a keel. This makes them the perfect boats to explore the wonderful beaches and bays Hvar has to offer.

Another advantage of motorboats is their speed. They are often faster than other types of boats and get you faster from one part of the island to another.

One of the most popular motorboats to rent in Hvar is Motorboat Ferretti 430 which comes with a captain and space for up to 12 people. Some of the amenities on board include a fridge, a stove and a freezer. You won’t have any problems cooking your own food on board!

Cons of renting a motorboat in Hvar

One of the downsides of renting a motorboat is the fact that they are solely running on fuel. If you want to explore many different parts of the island or the surrounding islands and islets, you will probably use a lot of fuel to get around. With the ever-increasing fuel prices and not end in sight, you might be surprised by the hefty price tag that can come with it.

Motorboat rental in Hvar

Charter a luxury yacht in Hvar

If you have the money, why not c harter a private luxury yacht in Hvar? You get a fantastic week-long vacation where you don’t have to worry about anything! The amenities on board will make you feel right at home and you get to feel like the rich and famous for a week. One of the most popular luxury yachts you can rent in the region is Motorboat Explorer 62 which is available in Kastela, not far from Hvar. Up to 6 people fit on board the boat and the spacious sundeck is perfect for you and your friends to soak up the sun. The coffee machine and the ice maker on board ensure that you are always well-equipped with refreshing beverages.

Charter a luxury yacht in Hvar

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in Hvar?

Renting a boat in Hvar requires you to oblige with the rules and regulations of Croatia. Croatia requires you to have a valid boat licence and VHF radio licence in order to operate a boat in Croatian waters. You can have a Croatian or International boat license. If you fear that your boat licence might not be valid in Croatia, you can always carry the International Certificate of Competency or short ICC.

If you don’t have a boat licence, but want to obtain it in Croatia, you can do so through the Administration of Maritime and Port Authority authorities.

Another option to rent a boat in Hvar for anyone who doesn’t have a boat licence is to hire a skipper in addition to your bareboat charter. This will come with an additional price, but you have the advantage of having someone who knows the area very well navigating and operating the boat. Experienced skippers can also take you to the best secluded beaches and natural spots that you might miss otherwise.

Sailing routes in Hvar

One of the most popular routes around Hvar on a week-long sailing trip is taking you from Hvar to Vinogradišće Bay, a stunning bay with turquoise water. It is a popular spot, you will have to share it with many other tourists. The Northern wind, also called Bora, determines whether you can safely anchor here or not. This spot is also great for families who are travelling with children.

Next sail from Vinogradišće Bay to Brusje where you get to enjoy wonderful nature and the wonderful village with the church of St. George. Take a trip to the Hvar Lavender Fields when they are blooming.

From Brusje sail to Stari Grad, a town that is known for its picturesque streets. It is much more quiet than Hvar town and therefore you get to experience the tranquil feel of this Mediterranean town.

Your next destination after Stari Grad is Vrboska which is probably known for the stunning coves you can find closeby. This beautiful town strongly resembles Venice when you enter the town by boat and sail along the picturesque waterfront.

From Vrboska sail to Jelsa. The town is just as beautiful as the other Croatian towns on the island of Hvar. The nearby forest gives you an opportunity to experience a different kind of experience in Hvar.

From Jelsa you sail to Bol where you will be transported right back to Roman times. Aside from the many historical sites you get to see here, you should visit Zlatni Rat Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the area.

From Bol sail to St. Klement-island which is best known for its stunning beaches and clear blue waters. From St. Klement-island head back to Hvar where you can explore Hvar fort

which was built in the 16th century and offers the best views.

Sailing Locations in Hvar

Rent a boat in Stari Grad