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Sailing Guide Muritz

Rent a boat in Muritz, if you want to go on a fun sailing adventure with all your family in the North of Germany. It is the perfect place to go bird watching, relax on the sun terrace of a houseboat and spend time in nature. Live in the city can feel quite stressful at times, so heading out to a place like Muritz and Mecklenburg lakes can be a welcome change of scene for a holiday.

Things to do and see when sailing in Muritz

Muritz might not be a place for crazy parties or fancy restaurants, but there is still plenty to discover on your sailing adventure through the lakes and rivers in this part of Germany.

Activities in Muritz

  • Paragliding in Muritz is not for the faint-hearted. Take a trial course before heading out into the clouds and viewing the more than 1.000 lakes from above
  • Go on an adventure on the climbing wall in Muritz for an extra adrenaline rush
  • Discover one of the many lidos and beaches that are spread all across the region
  • Rent a boat in Muritz to discover the region on the best possible vehicle
  • Sick of staying on a boat all day long? Rent a bicycle and discover some of the areas you might not necessarily reach when sailing
  • Get ready for a game of golf. The region offers a lot of golf courses to choose from for a great game of golf - even in winter
  • Go on a draisine ride on the old train tracks in Waren

Beaches in Muritz

  • The lido Müritz-Therme is one of the most popular destinations for a day by the beach. You will find both a sandy beach and a grass lawn
  • The sandy beach of Muritz might not be the most beautiful beach, but it does the job. In summer you get to view a magical sunset here
  • The bathing area Rechlin is perfect for swimming with kids. The shallow waters ensure that your children can enter the water without having to worry about too steep slopes
  • Feisneck is a stunning natural lake in the Mecklenburg lakes area. In summer you get to enjoy juicy colours that are amplified by the sun

Restaurants in Muritz

Best casual dining in Muritz:

  • Fischkutter in Röbel is a cute little fast food restaurant offering the best unhealthy foods you could wish for after a day on a boat. The food is always fresh!
  • An unexpected find in the area might be Greek restaurant Taverna Korfu. Enjoy delicious traditional Greek food in this part of Germany for cheap prices
  • Zum Bolter is a cheap eatery in the region offering pizza and other savoury meals

Restaurants with a view in Muritz:

  • Müritzterrasse is a hotel offering great food and an amazing view. You can even enjoy a nice breakfast here if you don’t feel like making it on your own while on a boat

Best fine dining in Muritz:

  • Restaurant Moritz: Fine dining at its best in this part of Germany with elegantly presented dishes. You get to enjoy meals inspired by the Mediterranean and the local Northern German cuisine
  • Romantik Hotel Gutshaus Ludorf will stun you upon arrival with its traditional architecture and rustic interior.

Bars and Clubs in Muritz

Muritz is definitely not known for its fun party scene - unlike Berlin which is not too far away from here. So if you crave a really crazy night out, you might want to finish your sailing holiday before heading to the German capital for an amazing night out. If you don’t need to go too crazy, you might want to check out some of the local establishments.

  • The Pub ums Eck in Waren is a great place to watch football matches while enjoying a refreshing beer
  • Teterock is a festival happening in Teterow on a weekend every year. Organised by a Catholic youth group organisation, it is a fun day or weekend out in the region

Discover historical Muritz

You might be surprised, but you can discover many castles in the area of the Mecklenburg lakes. Güstrower Schloss is the biggest renaissance castle that is still standing in the country, although its original structure was built in 1307. Later in history it was not used by German nobility anymore, but became a military hospital from 1800 and had many other functions until it became a museum in 1972.

Treptower Tor Neubrandenburg is a historical remnant from the 14th century. Interestingly enough this place has already been used as a museum since 1872. Nowadays you get to learn about the prehistoric era in this region when exploring the museum.

Discover mystical Muritz

Many myths surround the Mecklenburg Lake District. You might have heard about the so-called Petermännchen who is known to be the ghost protecting the castle of Schwerin, but there are more legends about the area around Muritz. One of the local traditions has people cooking sausages on New Year’s eve and laying them on straw after they have been cooked. This straw will be taken and used to tie it around the fruit trees to ensure that they will carry plenty of fruit in the new year.

Sailing conditions in Muritz

Sailing conditions in Muritz are ideal for anyone coming to the region to explore the landscape Northern Germany has to offer. One of the advantages is that you get to enjoy a week-long vacation for very little money compared to the more popular sailing destinations around the world.

The winters can be freezing cold while the summers can be really hot.

Many marinas around the Muritz lake and the Mecklenburg Lake District offer tourists to moor their boats for the night. One of them is the marina Rechlin, just located behind the small island Burgwall in the middle of the Muritz lake. If you don’t want to moor in a marina, you will certainly find a perfect place to anchor close to the shore.

Many signs on the waters indicate the type of waters you’re entering. Forbidden areas are clearly indicated. Especially if you don’t have any sailing experience, you might want to get the latest information on the lakes so that you can get a hang of the different types of symbols and signs fairly quickly.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Muritz?

If you want to rent a boat in Muritz, you don’t need to break the bank. To rent a houseboat in Germany it will only cost you around 44 EUR per person per day on average. Rent a sailboat in Germany for an average price of EUR 36 per person per day. Motorboats are also within that price range. They will cost you 36 EUR per person and day on average. You might have seen the prices of motorboats in other countries where they are often the most luxurious boats on offer. While it is true that they can be quite pricey considering the amenities they have on offer, you can get cheaper ones if you opt for a smaller and less luxurious option.

Do I need a boat licence to rent a boat in Muritz?

Good news first: When you rent a houseboat in Muritz, you don’t need a licence to rent and operate this type of vehicle. All over Germany you are free to rent a houseboat without a boat licence. This makes this type of boat particularly popular among tourists. Within just a couple of hours the charter will explain to you all the necessary details on how to safely navigate and operate the boat. You should pay extra attention as you want the rivers and lakes here to be safe for everyone enjoying their sailing holidays.

Other types of boats do require a valid boat licence.

Which boat is best for sailing in Muritz?

Which type of boat you want to choose for your sailing vacation in Muritz depends on the type of sailing holiday you would like to experience here. To enjoy a very relaxed holiday, you might want to consider renting a houseboat. If you want to race the waters of the Mecklenburg Lake District, renting a motorboat might be the best option.

Rent a houseboat in Muritz

Pros of renting a houseboat in Muritz

One of the advantages of renting a houseboat in Muritz is the fact that you don’t need a boat licence. Even the least experienced person can operate this type of water vehicle.

Another advantage of renting a houseboat is the fact that many charters don’t have a problem with bringing pets on board the boat. This will make you feel right at home. Additionally, the fact that houseboats are basically just tiny homes on water means that you get to enjoy the comforts you get to enjoy at home as well. Just beware that you might want to bring extra kitchen utensils if you plan on cooking extensive meals while on board.

One of the most popular houseboats to rent in Muritz is this brand new custom built houseboat named Richard . Up to four people get to enjoy a vacation on this boat offering the most modern interior. A special safety feature is the rear view camera. Another amazing thing about this boat is the heating systems which allows you to sail in Muritz in autumn and winter when temperatures can drop dramatically - just beware that ice might form on the rivers and lakes during these seasons.

Cons of renting a houseboat in Muritz

Planning a boat holiday with kids in Muritz? Houseboats might not be your safest bet as they can easily go overboard without you even noticing. Either you need to add extra safety measures or you need to opt for a different type of boat.

Houseboats are rather bulky, putting them on the lower end of boats that can be maneuvered quickly. Especially in emergency situations when the boat suddenly needs to avoid another boat or something in the water, it will not be super fast to make it happen.

Rent a houseboat in Muritz

Rent a sailboat in Muritz

Pros of renting a sailboat in Muritz

Renting a sailboat in Muritz is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to experience the sailing adventure rather than relax and take in the surrounding nature. Wind conditions are generally ideal for anyone seeking to experience this type of boat holiday.

Another positive aspect is the fact that sailboats don’t run on fuel, but wind. As a lot of the areas are protected zones, it is not allowed to race through them with a sportboat.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Muritz

One thing to keep in mind is that you might come across some bridges which require you to put down the pole. If you haven’t done it before, you might feel a bit anxious about doing everything right, but don’t worry! You will get the hang of it in no time.

As sailboats depend on the wind to move forward, you need to be prepared that wind conditions don’t just change on a day to day basis, but within just a few hours. This can make any sailing holiday a little unpredictable. If the wind suddenly stops blowing you might find yourself stranded in the middle of the lake.

Rent a motorboat in Muritz

Pros of renting a motorboat in Muritz

Motorboats are perfect for anyone who loves speed. Race across the rivers and lakes of the Mecklenburg Lake Districts to see as much as possible. If you need to get from one place to the other in a relatively short amount of time, a motorboat is perfect for you. When driving underneath some bridges, you don’t need to put down any pole, you can continue driving without losing speed.

One of the most popular motorboats in the region is the brand new Motorboat Futura 40 Horizon XL · 2022 (refit 2022) · Fleesenqueen TWO which is available to rent from SBS Yachthafenresort Fleesensee in Untergohren. Up to six guests fit on the boat and no licence is required to operate this boat. One of the amenities on board are the three bathrooms as well as the sundeck, hot water, coffee machine and freezer. It will feel like a home on water.

Cons of renting a motorboat in Muritz

One of the downsides of renting a motorboat is the fact that fuel is expensive. Racing along the many rivers and lakes might come with a far higher price tag than you expected. If you have the money, go for it. If you need to budget, you should be aware of this - especially with the ever-increasing fuel prices.

Rent a motorboat in Muritz

Charter a luxury yacht in Muritz

If you have the money and want to experience a more high-class holiday on the waters of the Mecklenburg Lake District, renting a more luxurious yacht in Muritz or its surrounding marinas might be the perfect choice. Houseboat Kormoran 1500 might not count as a luxurious boat in the world of the super rich, but it is a boat with many amenities that some might consider luxurious on a boat. A fridge, heating, a bathing platform and a CD player are included in the price. The heating system means that you could enjoy a sailing holiday even in winter.

Charter a luxury yacht in Muritz

Sailing routes in Muritz

A popular choice among sailors around Muritz is a round trip around lake Muritz with the little island of Burgwall in the middle. You get to explore a lot of nature all around. The close by villages might not be the most beautiful or exciting places to visit, but it’s good to know that they are there in case you want to leave your boat for a few hours. It is perfect for sailors who want to practice their skills, but be careful. If the weather gets rough, the lake might get rough as well.

Another popular route is leading you from Muritz in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern to Brandenburg through the Upper Havel Waterway. Just keep in mind that some parts of this area are protected and it is therefore prohibited to drive your sportboat here. You wouldn’t want to disturb the local nature.

If you want to sail from Muritz to Schwerin, the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern you can sail along the so-called Stör water street, leading you through protected national parks. Once you reach the lakes in Schwerin, you can stop by the castle which is the building hosting the county’s parliament.

Sailing locations in Muritz

Rent a boat in Muritz