Boat Rental and Yacht Charter in Rhodes

An island located in the Aegean Sea, part of Greece. Rhodes is known for its beautiful beaches, historic sites, and vibrant nightlife. A perfect destination for a summer getaway!
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Sailing in Rhodes

Rent a boat in Rhodes if you want to explore an island in Greece that easily resembles the Caribbean. Turquoise waters, stunning coves and exotic plants giving the landscape its unique look. Visit towns like Lindos or Pefkos to explore more of the island’s history while strolling around the old and picturesque streets. Explore the stunning coastline and fabulous snorkelling spots with a boat rental in Rhodes, the largest and most dominant of the Dodecanese islands. Rhodes has been of great importance to the area ever since antiquity. Now being one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, not much seems to have changed.

Things to do and see when sailing in Rhodes

It is very tempting to spend your whole vacation sunbathing on board your boat hire in Rhodes, but you would certainly regret not pursuing other activities when coming here.

Activities in Rhodes

  • Visit the 14th century Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes, a fascinating Medieval castle
  • Learn more about life in antiquity on the island in the Archaeological Museum of Rhodes
  • Ever wondered where the knights of the island walked? Visit the Street of the Knights of Rhodes
  • Sunbathe and swim on one of Rhodes famed beaches, like Elli Beach, a great beach where you have many amenities close by
  • Charter a boat in Rhodes to discover the beautiful from a different angle and to reach the coves and beaches that are best reached by boat
  • Kallithea Springs has a longstanding tradition as a retreat on the island due to its thermal baths and beautiful architecture. The location in a stunning bay also makes it perfect for snorkelling
  • Stop by the Mandraki Marina & Port to admire the historic architecture as well as the stunning views

Beaches in Rhodes

  • Tsambika beach: This golden beach is a real gem for anyone looking to swim in the sea or try out some fun water sports. A beautiful monastery nearby gives you your history fix for the day
  • Prassonissi beach: This rather wild beach is a real paradise for windsurfers and the scenic location is perfect for anyone who wants to practice their skills while admire the beautiful nature
  • Lardos beach: The long stretch of golden sand makes it perfect for a relaxing beach day with kids. The crystal clear water makes it the perfect spot for a swim

Restaurants in Rhodes

Casual dining in Rhodes:

  • Kalagris Cafe Bar - Restaurant: A lovely restaurant where the food is fresh and well-made. Try the delicious meat with obligatory french fries for a great price
  • Pizza Salvatore Stathis Leventis: Treat yourself to a nice pizza or spaghetti and you won’t be disappointed

Restaurants with a view in Rhodes:

  • Peskesi Greek Cuisine: Savour a traditional Greek meal in this fabulous restaurant in Rhodes town while enjoying the amazing sea views
  • Costas and Elena: This charming restaurant in the town of Haraki allows you to savour all the flavours of the sea. Whether you’re coming for lunch or dinner, you will enjoy every meal here - while enjoying the stunning views, of course

Fine dining in Rhodes:

  • Thalatta Fine Dining Restaurant: Located in the most scenic spot you can imagine, this restaurant is going to offer you a fine dining experience you won’t forget. This rooftop restaurant overlooking the nearby mountains serves Mouzakka that you will dream about long after you returned home
  • Mylos A La Carte Restaurant: Go for the roasted octopus, the lobster pasta or the sea bream - enjoying the seafood at this restaurant is definitely a must!

Bars and Clubs in Rhodes

  • Zig Zag Bar Pefkos: The cocktails here are without a doubt super delicious and the welcoming staff will make you feel right at home
  • Dreams Cocktail Bar: Enjoy a refreshing cocktail at this dreamy bar while looking out at beautiful Lindos.
  • Merlin Rhodes: A great nightclub where anyone who enjoys dancing the night away will create unforgettable memories

Explore historical Rhodes

Rhodes, which held great importance in ancient times, is a fascinating island with an interesting and extensive historical and cultural heritage. The Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of antiquity once stood 33 metres high at the port, greeting everyone entering the harbour and showing off the importance as a trading port during this period.

Interesting ancient Greek sites you can still visit today are the Acropolis of Rhodes, the Archaeological Site of Kamiros and the Temple of Athena Polias and Zeus Polieus. The Medieval Castle of Monolithos is a fascinating site from a different, but not less interesting period in time.

Explore mystical Rhodes

Like many other Greek islands, there is an ancient Greek story of how the island of Rhodes came to be. The sun god Helios, who was sculptured as the Colossus of Rhodes, fell in love with a nymph who was named Rhode. However, as soon as he shone his light on her, she turned into the island of Rhodes. This is how the island came to be and received its name.

Sailing conditions in Rhodes

Rhodes is one of the most popular Greek islands for a boat holiday amongst local and international tourists alike. Like many other destinations in the Mediterranean, July and August are the busiest months on the island. The hot and dry weather surely has something to do with that. If you want to avoid the touristy crowds, but want to enjoy the warm sea, sailing in Rhodes in September is a fantastic idea. Make sure that you book your boat at least a few months in advance - otherwise your dream boat might already be taken, or worse, there might not be any boats left during the dates you plan on vacationing on the island.

The Dodecanese islands are generally blessed with great wind conditions, making it popular amongst sailors from all around the world. Northern winds called Meltemi bring fantastic wind conditions to Rhodes - especially during the summer months July and August. This makes Rhodes a true paradise for sailing and windsurfing.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Rhodes?

Renting a boat in Rhodes doesn’t have to be expensive. It all depends on the season, the type of boat you’re looking at renting, the size and amount of bedrooms available as well as the amenities included on board.

The average price of a sailboat rental in Greece is 50 EUR per person per day. This makes sailboats an extremely affordable choice for a boat holiday in Rhodes. Also, you don’t need to worry about paying extra for petrol as they are only sailing with the wind, which obviously doesn’t cost a thing. On the contrary, renting a motorboat in Greece is the most expensive option at an average price of 190 EUR per person per night. It is also important to keep in mind that motorboats run solely on fuel - therefore you need to calculate the additional costs for fuel to the price of the bareboat charter, making motorboats even pricier. Renting a catamaran in Greece comes at an average price of 150 EUR per person per day. If you are looking for a more affordable option, rent a gulet in Greece at an average price of 105 EUR per person per day. Gulets are not the easiest boats to navigate, so you might want to consider hiring an experienced captain to help you out here. Charter a RIB in Greece for an average price of 93 EUR per person per day. Renting a boat really doesn’t have to be more expensive than booking a hotel room. Prices will increase during high season in July and August, but you can always keep an eye out for some very special deals at Borrow A Boat all year round.

A skippered yacht charter in Rhodes is perfect for anyone looking at enjoying their holidays to the fullest while someone else is taking care of navigating and operating the boat.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Rhodes?

If you want to explore the stunning beaches of Rhodes, you should rent a different kind of boat than the one you would rent to make use of the ideal wind conditions. So choose your boat wisely when deciding what kind of boat holiday you would like to have in Rhodes.

Rent a catamaran in Rhodes

Pros of renting a catamaran in Rhodes

Rent a catamaran in Rhodes if you want to make the most of the stunning landscapes in Rhodes. Catamarans have a shallow draft and are perfect for sailing in shallow waters and closer to the shore. Remote beaches like Fourni Beach on the Western part of the island are just waiting to be discovered.

Charter a catamaran in Rhodes if you like to be flexible. Stocked with both a sail and an engine catamarans are real multitaskers. Simply sail with the sail when the wind is blowing strong and drive with the engine when the wind isn’t blowing.

A catamaran rental in Rhodes is perfect for anyone who wants to have more space on board a boat. Standing on two hulls allows for more room on board and will make the bedrooms feel less cramped. This also means more space on deck. The two hulls also give catamarans more stability than other types of boats.

Cons of renting a catamaran in Rhodes

Renting a catamaran in Rhodes might come with many amazing advantages, but the size can also bring some difficulties when it comes to mooring. If you are lucky enough to find a spot for mooring at the marinas, it might be tight to fit in - and you might have to pay extra for the extra space you’re taking up.

Catamarans are often a lot lighter than other types of boats, which could slow them down. Just something that is worth considering if you plan on seeing as many different destinations as possible.

Charter a catamaran in Rhodes

Rent a sailboat in Rhodes

Pros of renting a sailboat in Rhodes

A sailboat charter in Rhodes is the fantastic choice for anyone who wants to practice their sailing skills. With ideal wind conditions almost all year round, it’s the perfect spot to do so.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Rhodes

One of the downsides of chartering a sailboat in Rhodes is the fact that sailboats have a keel which doesn’t just make it difficult to sail in shallow waters, it can also make it feel quite dangerous.

Another downside can be the fact that sailboats only run on wind. Sure, modern sailboats might be equipped with a small engine, but they are generally not very powerful and therefore not meant to be used to cover longer distances. You should probably leave them to be used in real emergency situations. Being out at sea, you really never know when you might be grateful that you did.

Sailboat rental in Rhodes

Rent a motorboat in Rhodes

Pros of renting a motorboat in Rhodes

Rent a motorboat in Rhodes if you want to get somewhere very nice. Known to be faster than other types of boats, motorboats take you quickly from beach to beach, from marina to marina or cove to cove. If you don’t have any time to lose on your week-long vacation in Rhodes, rent a motorboat.

Charter a motorboat in Rhodes if you want to explore all the stunning beaches that Rhodes and the rest of the Dodecanese islands have to offer. As motorboats have a shallow draft, they are perfect for exploring the stunning coastline in Rhodes and other islands.

Cons of renting a motorboat in Rhodes

One of the downsides of renting a motorboat in Rhodes is the fact that they can only move forward by using an engine - and engines need petrol in order to run. However, petrol is expensive and the prices are continually rising. This definitely doesn’t make motorboats the most affordable options when it comes to a boat vacation in Rhodes.

Motorboat rental in Rhodes

Charter a luxury yacht in Rhodes

Do you happen to have a bunch of cash just lying around and no idea what to do with it? Why don’t you charter a private luxury yacht in Rhodes and invite all your friends to come along. Basic amenities like a fridge, freezer, stove and coffee maker are generally included. SUPs, snorkelling equipment and free wi-fi are common extras you can find on board to make your boat holiday in Rhodes extra fun. Some extremely luxurious yachts even have a jacuzzi on deck. Could you think of anything more relaxing than that?

Charter a luxury yacht in Rhodes

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in Rhodes?

Anyone who plans on renting a boat in Rhodes will need to be in possession of a valid boat licence. Boat licences that have been issued in the EU are automatically valid. Non-EU-citizens might not be so lucky and should definitely check if their boat licence meets all the requirements of a Greek or EU boat licence. Was your boat licence issued in another language than English or Greek? Make sure to get it translated in either English or Greek before you arrive to avoid any unexpected surprises. It might also be necessary to write a CV-style report on your previous sailing experience.

Renting a motorboat in Rhodes falls into a different category. If the boat doesn’t exceed 30hp, you can rent a motorboat without a boat licence. If it does exceed 30hp, you also need a valid licence to operate the boat.

If you are neither in possession of a valid boat licence, nor want to pursue one before embarking on your sailing holiday in Rhodes, you can always hire a skipper in addition to your bareboat charter. This will cost a little extra, but it will be worth it. After all, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a fun adventure like that just because you cannot operate a boat yourself.

Sailing routes in Rhodes

The island of Rhodes and its coast is beautiful to explore by boat, but the Dodecanese islands and islets are not less beautiful - sometimes even more so. If you want to see what life on these Greek islands is really like away from the masses, we would definitely recommend you exploring them. Other Dodecanese islands are uninhabited and show you the most stunning landscapes without any human influence.

Day 1 - Rhodes: Spend the day exploring some of the most stunning beaches the island has to offer.

Day 2 - Sail from Rhodes to Symi: Before sailing to your first destination, make sure to plan some time to explore the most important historical sites on the island of Rhodes. In Symi you will drive to a beautiful port with colourful houses greeting you upon arrival. Saint George bay is an impressive sight with majestic cliffs overlooking the Aegean sea.

Day 3 - Sail from Symi to Mandraki (Nisirios island): Mandraki is a very popular tourist destination and for good reason. There are plenty of interesting museums, like the Archaeological Museum of Nisyros and the Coin museum of Panagia Spiliani church. The Windmill Mandraki is a very beautiful sight next to the sea.

Day 4 - Sail from Mandraki to Kos: Kos is another stunning Dodecanese island with many ancient sites just waiting to be discovered. The Plane Tree of Hippocrates, the Roman Odeon of Kos and the Asklipieio Kos are amongst the most interesting historical sites. The Casa Romana is a magnificent old Roman villa that has been restored and is showing some of the most beautiful remnants of ancient Roman art. Visit Lambi Beach or Agios Stefanos Beach for a quick dip in the sea, surrounded by turquoise waters and stunning landscapes.

Day 5 - Sail from Kos to Livadia (Tilos island): Sunbathe at the stunning Livadia beach with its 1km long pebble stone beach and crystal clear water. Only 300 people live in this picturesque seaside town, making it a great place to witness authentic life on a Greek island that hasn’t yet been overrun by touristy crowds.

Day 6 - Sail from Livadia to Chalki (Halki island): The picturesque seaside town is going to greet you with its historic buildings and stunning mountains in the background. Ftenagia Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and the perfect spot to relax for a couple of hours. Areta Beach is a magnificent beach surrounded by impressive cliffs and rock formations that are surely going to remain ingrained in your memory.

Day 7 - Sail from Chalki to Rhodes: Every good sailing vacation has to come to an end, so it doesn’t come as a big surprise that your time has come to sail back to Rhodes, where your sailing adventure around the Dodecanese islands started. Before you head back to the island, make sure to stop by the stunning island of Alimia. This uninhabited island is a real gem in this part of the Aegean sea and became famous when a Belgium TV channel shot a TV show here.