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Sailing on a catamaran

A catamaran rental is the perfect boat to rent in many parts of the world - especially if you prefer to have a more relaxed sailing experience. Take your time to wake up in the morning, enjoy a delicious breakfast while looking out into the sea and sunbathe on the most amazing beaches with easy access. There are plenty of locations in the Mediterranean that allow for a catamaran charter for those travelling on a budget, but there are also many luxury catamaran charters available for those who can afford it.

The pros of renting a catamaran

Catamarans come with the flexibility that you sometimes wish life had. They are equipped with an engine and a sail, giving you the option to either choose how you want to move your boat forward or have a plan B in place. A catamaran charter anywhere in the world provides you with that. You can always set your sail when the winds are strong enough or revert to using the engine when they are not.

Are you eager to explore the world’s most stunning beaches? Catamaran trips in different parts of the world make it happen. Whether you opt for a catamaran rental in the Virgin Islands, a catamaran rental in the Bahamas or a catamaran charter in Sicily, a catamaran is always the best choice if you want to sunbathe and relax on a white sandy beach surrounded by turquoise waters and ideally palm trees or majestic cliffs.

Rent a catamaran if you want to enjoy all the comforts of a boat holiday. Generally bigger and therefore more spacious than other types of boats, sleeping on a catamaran will feel like sleeping in a cozy hotel room rather than a little cabin on board a boat. It definitely helps that catamarans stand on two hulls, giving them more stability and making them feel less shaky. This is particularly great in rougher wind conditions.

A private catamaran rental allows you to enjoy a boat holiday without being interrupted by passengers other than the ones you actually invited on coming with you. The rather spacious bedrooms give you the option to enjoy some privacy while on your trip if you need it.

Anyone who gets seasick easily, but still enjoys the pleasures of a holiday on the water will be grateful for the possibility of catamaran vacations. As catamarans stand on two hulls, they feel a lot more stable than other types of boats. You will feel less nauseous and might even get used to the feeling of being on the water much quicker.

The cons of renting a catamaran

Catamaran charters are generally more expensive compared to renting monohull sailboats. The larger size, additional amenities, and increased demand for catamarans contribute to higher rental costs. It's essential to factor in the budget and assess whether the added expenses align with your preferences and requirements. However, despite the additional costs you might have to take into consideration, you can sail with the winds which will save you plenty of money on your trip.

Catamarans tend to have a larger turning radius and can be more difficult to maneuver in tight spaces. This can make it particularly challenging to get into your designated spot for mooring at the marinas.


Charter a luxury catamaran

A luxury catamaran charter is a wonderful treat for anyone who has the necessary funds available. You can expect amenities of the highest quality and more spacious bedrooms that are elegantly furnished. Most luxury catamaran rentals come with a full crew, meaning that you will have a skipper or an experienced captain on board who is going to take care of operating and navigating your boat, as well as some staff who will be on board to prepare your meals and anything else you could ask for.

How much does it cost to charter a catamaran

Renting a catamaran can be either very affordable or extremely expensive - it really all comes down to your destination and the amenities included on board. A catamaran rental in the Bahamas will cost you an average price of 1000 EUR per person per day. This is certainly not cheap, on the contrary. A catamaran rental in BVI costs an average price of 606 EUR per person per day. If you are looking for a cheaper option, a catamaran charter in Greece or Croatia might be the right choice for you. A catamaran rental in Croatia is definitely cheaper at an average price of 460 EUR per person per day. At an average price of 150 EUR per person per day, a catamaran rental in Greece is even more affordable.

What are the best locations for a catamaran rental?

You might be wondering: “Is there a catamaran rental near me?” when trying to plan your next boat holiday, but that might not be the case. However, that shouldn’t stop you from experiencing the most comfortable boat holiday of your life. A catamaran rental in BVI or a catamaran charter in the Bahamas is a wonderful choice for those who have the money to pay for such an exclusive vacation. You get to explore the most beautiful beaches the world has to offer and are able to enjoy fantastic food at some very exclusive restaurants. In fact, a catamaran rental anywhere in the Caribbean is a great choice. One of the advantages that comes with it is the fact that you don’t need a boat licence to rent a boat here.

If you are on a tighter budget and looking for more affordable catamaran charters, you should take a look at Europe’s most beautiful destinations. A crewed catamaran charter in Croatia is a wonderful choice for those who don’t have a valid boat licence or simply don’t want to take care of operating the boat themselves. Simply lean back and enjoy a boat holiday in the Mediterranean sun.

More affordable options can be found with a catamaran charter in Italy or a catamaran rental in Greece. A catamaran charter in Sicily or Sardinia will often make you feel like you have arrived in the Caribbean and not in Italy. With the clear turquoise waters and impressive beaches, this doesn’t come as a surprise.

The best sailing routes for a catamaran

Catamarans are versatile and well-suited for various sailing routes around the world. It all depends on your budget, how far away from home you want to travel and what kind of wind conditions you would prefer. You could even rent a catamaran for a month and truly experience what it means to live and be on a boat for an extended period of time. You will learn the robes of sailing and how to read the waves, the wind and the clouds. However, a 7 day catamaran cruise is generally preferred by those who want to experience a holiday on board a catamaran and just relax. Here are some popular and highly recommended sailing routes for catamarans:


The Caribbean: The Caribbean offers plenty of sailing routes suitable for catamarans. The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is a favorite destination, known for its calm waters, beautiful anchorages, and island hopping opportunities. The Grenadines, Martinique and the Bahamas are also popular catamaran sailing destinations in the Caribbean. For good reason! It really doesn’t get more romantic than this, so a catamaran charter for two is a popular choice amongst those who visit the Caribbean on their honeymoon and are seeking to relax in private while spending a very special time together.


The Mediterranean: The Mediterranean Sea offers a diverse range of sailing routes for catamarans. The Greek Islands, including the Cyclades, Ionian Islands and Dodecanese, provide a mix of picturesque anchorages, clear waters, and rich cultural experiences. Greece is also one of the cheapest destinations in the Mediterranean for a catamaran charter. The French Riviera, Croatia's Dalmatian Coast, and the Balearic Islands (including Mallorca and Ibiza) are also highly regarded sailing destinations for catamarans. You can easily plan a 7 day sailing itinerary to anchor in all the beautiful bays and explore the most beautiful beaches, including Navagio beach in Zakynthos. Fun fact: This beach can only be reached by boat!


The Seychelles: The Seychelles archipelago in the Indian Ocean is a tropical paradise known for its pristine white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life. Catamarans are an excellent choice to explore the Seychelles, allowing you to navigate shallow waters and discover secluded coves and coral reefs without fearing to sail too close to the shore.

Thailand: The islands of Thailand, such as Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, and the Koh Samui, offer an incredible sailing experience for catamarans. The warm turquoise waters, stunning limestone cliffs, and vibrant marine life make it an ideal destination for catamaran enthusiasts and allow you to experience what life on the islands is really like.