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At Borrow A Boat we believe in boating for everyone, our platform was originally built to bring together boat owners looking to reduce the downtime of their boat with those looking to enjoy life on the water by renting.

Borrow A Boat - Own A Boat closes the circle on this concept, making it even easier now to take ownership of your very own boat, to then put on the platform and let it help pay for itself.

The Own A Boat program

Borrow A Boat offers an attractive way to buy and own, here’s a list of key features to help you to understand how the programme can work for you:

  • You can buy any boat type, and if it is suitable for charter it will qualify for the program.
  • The boat is placed with a suitable local charter operator of your choice in your chosen location.
  • In many cases you will be offered alternative terms to suit your situation, including varied guaranteed annual returns.
  • You'll be provided with a tidy financial model to help you to make the best decisions.
  • We obtain a discount on the purchase of your chosen new boat.
  • The boat is listed on Borrow A Boat for charter under your terms, your rules and your chosen price point.
    Further information for boat owners on Borrow A Boat can be found here.
  • You specify when you want to use the boat, and block out your dates in the charter availability calendar.
  • Full yacht management is available to handle the charters, if needed.
  • Try and buy - if you want to charter a yacht of similar spec or to try out the location of your dreams you can charter through Borrow A Boat and when you purchase a yacht with Own A Boat you will have the charter costs discounted from the purchase price.
  • Due to Borrow A Boat - Own A Boat's strong industry presence and relationships we are very capable at navigating this space to ensure that we build a program which is a perfect fit for you.
  • So what are you waiting for - Enquire now about the best way there is to buy and own a boat with Borrow A Boat - Own A Boat.
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Through careful modelling and partnerships with leading boat manufacturers we can work with you to find the boat of your dreams. At the same time ensuring it will produce a healthy charter income for you to offset those frustrating costs that accompany boat ownership.

Our relationships with dealers and manufacturers across the globe mean that we can nearly always secure you a better price than purchasing yourself, so you have an advantage from the very start of your ownership journey. With the myriad of choice in new boats we can also advise which layout will work best for charter alongside your own requirements and which of the many additional options and extras you should consider having fitted to your new boat. This is all done in complete partnership with you to ensure that you are getting the perfect vessel. No two clients are the same, so our service is always bespoke and we work to the mantra that boats are bought from us, not sold by us.


Charter Management

We work with you to find the right charter partner for your boat and your needs, all over the globe so if you need some guidance on the perfect location we are happy to help. Already know your favourite cruising spot? No problem. We will work with the very best local operators to ensure success. The charter company will normally offer a range of charter management options - we can discuss these in detail during the next stage of the process.

Typically they will offer 2 or 3 levels of return to you as the owner depending on how much use you wish to have and what costs you want to contribute too. This can be complex, but don’t worry we are accomplished at navigating the tricky waters of charter management so can explain everything for you, if needed

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Personal Usage

With our programme, you come first as the boat owner. Whenever the boat isn’t chartered it is yours to use. To ensure that the boat is open on specific dates, you can block out availability in advance, or at the last minute if the boat is free.

That’s the whole idea of the programme; for you to be able to use your favourite boat in your dream location, whilst sharing it with others to help cover the bills.


Financial breakdowns

As well as providing expert advice on what to think about when buying, and potentially chartering, your boat; our financial analysts and consultants will help you to understand the proposition by providing you with detailed forecasts based on you specific needs and case. So what are you waiting for, we invite you to enquire below and an expert from the team will be in contact.

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