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Guide To Sailing In Punat

Nestled deep in a bay on Krk Island in the Kvarner archipelago in the North Adriatic, the small town of Punat is both a center for nautical tourism and a destination in its own right.

Inhabited since prehistoric times, there is evidence that the Romans enjoyed their time here. Roll forward to the 1900s and royalty from all over Europe flocked to Punat to relax and forget life ruling over their home countries.

Not only is Punat one of the oldest vacation resorts in Croatia, it also has the oldest Croatian marina - Marina Punat has been in operation since the 1960s, based at the old shipyard. It is now one of the largest with some 800 berths and eleven yacht charter companies operating out of it.

Krk itself is the Croatia's largest island and even has its own international airport, meaning that unlike many other islands in the country it isn't a huge effort getting there - flights arrive from all over Europe and for those coming from further afield you can take a connecting flight from Zagreb or Venice.

So what's there to see in Punat? Wandering its narrow streets you can sometimes forget you're in the 21st Century! An ancient pine forest dominates the area, making for great walking and hiking. Punat itself is the main olive growing center of the area with most of its 1,800 inhabitants having some form of interest in olives.

The Franciscan monastery on the islet of Kosljun is another draw - a 10-minute hop across the bay from the mainland.

Explore Punat By Renting A Yacht

From a charterer's perspective, a Punat yacht charter on the Croatian Adriatic will be a perfect boat rental vacation. The small town lies in a large natural harbor with a narrow entrance and a wide bay within. That will make the bareboat charter sailboat sailor's shakedown cruise a lot less shakey as you can embarrass yourself with rusty tacks and other manoeuvres before getting out of the safe inland bay when everyone gets back in the groove!

Croatia's largest island Krk is worth a circumnavigation in its own right on a sailing trip. You can explore the island for its secluded coves and pleasant towns as you go.

Krk is part of the Kvarner archipelago and with neighboring island, Cres and its twin Losinj an easy sail away. Across Kvarner Bay from Cres is the Istrian Peninsula with its hideaway towns and villages, including Opatija, by reputation the 'Monte Carlo of Croatia' where you can eat the finest Mediterranean food and discover boutiques that will blow your mind (and wallet!).

Heading south on your sailing yacht or motorboat you will soon discover the Zadar archipelago with its beautiful islands and national parks. You could even reach the historic port of Zadar on the longer run.

How To Get To Punat

Rijeka Airport

Rijeka Airport is not to be confused with the mainland town of Rijeka! This is on the NE of the island Krk, and is served by a number of airlines from across Europe.

From Rijeka Airport you can take a bus to Punat.

Zagreb Airport and others

For those wishing to fly to Rijeka from other destinations, the main Croatian airport of Zagreb has connecting flights onto Rijeka Airport. In addition, there are a number of flights every week from Venice - another major regional hub.

Marinas In Punat

Punat Marina:

This is the oldest Croatian marina and has been in operation since the 1950s. It now is one of the largest and best equipped on the Adriatic. It has a European Blue Flag for its water quality - no fear for those who wish to swim close-by! As a charter base, eleven yacht charter companies now work out of the marina with a choice of boat rental including superyacht, catamaran, motorboat, motor yacht, monohull sailing boat and cabin charter on a bareboat charter or crewed charter basis.

Berth Characteristics:

800 berths

Max Length 45m (147.6 Feet)

Max Draught 3m (9.8 Feet)

List of additional services: Shore power, water, WiFi, shower/WC, launderette, garbage disposal, cash machine, currency exchange, supermarket, restaurant, luxury hotel.

Suggested Sailing Routes From Punat

The North Adriatic Sea has a lot to offer those on a luxury yacht sailing vacation. Out of Punat you can choose to sail around Krk Island and cross the Kvarner Bay to the mainland or island-hop across the islands of the Kvarner archipelago.

7 days - A circuit of Krk: Krk is the largest island on the Adriatic Sea and has a lot to offer yachtsmen in its own right. Hideaway coves, beautiful beaches and hills inland make for a great sailing vacation. As part of the trip, head across the bay to the Istrian Peninsula and explore towns such as Opatija and Plornin.

7 Days - Island hopping the Kvarner islands: With its warm, clean seas and beautiful islands the Kvarner archipelago has a lot to offer those on a sailing vacation. Just across from Krk is the island of Cres and Losinj that has evidence of Roman occupation and then head off to Mali Losinj with its excellent restaurants. Nearby Susak is a tiny island with one village. Return from your island adventure via Unije with its excellent scuba diving opportunities.

14 days - Krk Bay and Istrian Peninsula: Over 14 days you can get the best of both worlds on a two-week trip, exploring the best of the Istrian Peninsula and Kvarner Bay with its islands and villages. On your northernmost point you can visit the nautical tourism hub of Pula while to the south you can reach the vacation town of Nin with all the fun to be had there. Explore islands such as Mali Losinj and Unije as you go.

Best Times To Rent A Yacht In Punat

The sailing season runs from late April to October with July and August being the busiest months for yacht charter. The ACI Marina chain also adds 20% to their berthing fees at this time of year. If you can charter outside of the peak period you will find it far quieter and less expensive. The climate is mild most of the sailing season with occasional rain showers.

Sailing Weather In Punat

April and May: There will be occasional rainy days but temperatures sit between 22-28C or higher. Winds are generally NW, 10-20 knots

June-August: You'll be unlucky if you see any rain, though it could be welcome in the summer heat! Temperatures are from 26C and up to the mid 30s. The wind is generally NW 5-10 knots

September-October: In this part of the world it rains more in October and the temperature falls away to 10 degrees C in the evenings, though it can get up to a comfortable 20C on an autumn day. Winds can get up to 20 knots.