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Sailing Guide Berlin

Rent a boat in Berlin if you want to experience a boating holiday that’s a little bit different to your regular sailing holiday. Unlike popular Mediterranean locations, the weather in Berlin can sometimes be unpredictable, even in summer. Rent a houseboat to make yourself feel at home even when you're on the move.

Things to do and see when sailing in Berlin

Berlin is not only THE party capital, but offers so much culture, art, entertainment and politics. As the capital of Germany and due to its size, this is definitely not surprising.

Activities in Berlin

  • Visit the Reichstag - this includes a tour of the dome, of course.
  • Discover street art at the East Side Gallery, an old part of the Berlin Wall placed on the north side of the river Spree
  • The Brandenburg Gate is a must-see on a holiday in Berlin. Take a photo in front of the city's famous landmark
  • The TV Tower at Alexanderplatz is Berlin's tallest building. Since the 1960s, visitors get to enjoy the panoramic view of the city
  • Time to go shopping! Browse through one of the many vintage shops Berlin has to offer. Of course, a visit to Humana is a must! This second-hand shop has cult status
  • On Museum Island you will find some interesting museums that will make the hearts of many art lovers and history nerds beat faster. The Alte Nationalgalerie (Old National Gallery) displays beautiful paintings, find admirable ancient treasures in the Pergamonmuseum and Byzantine art in the Bode Museum
  • Commemorate the murdered Jews when walking alongside the Holocaust memorial near the Brandenburg Gate. A quick tip: There is a museum in the basement that tells the story of the Shoah.
  • On a Sunday, you should definitely visit the flea market at Mauerpark. Shop handmade works of art while experiencing some amazing live music.
  • The Nowkoelln flea market on Maybachufer is also always worth a visit
  • The Charlottenburg Palace Gardens are not only worth a visit for history buffs. Stroll along small paths and special statues
  • If you need a break from shopping and strolling through the many museums, you can take a trip to Berlin's Zoological Garden
  • Rent a boat in Berlin and sail along the Spree. This way you will also pass the most important sights, such as the government district, Museum Island, Berlin Cathedral and the many different parts of the city.
  • Go to a show of the Gorillas at the Ratibortheater in Kreuzberg. Here you will experience impro-theatre at its best
  • At Checkpoint Charlie you will not only see remnants of the separation of East and West Berlin, but you will also learn more about the history of the division in the museum next door
  • If you don't feel like spending more time on your boat, you can easily rent bicycles and explore the parts of the city you can't otherwise reach by boat

Beaches in Berlin

Since Berlin is located on the Spree, but not directly on the sea, the beaches are rather meager. However, there are some beaches, especially in summer, that you can enjoy instead - apart from the lido at Wannsee or Lake Tegel, of course. Along the Havel there are some great sandy beaches that are worth visiting on hot summer days.

  • If you want to sunbathe away from the crowds on a sandy beach in Berlin, head to Hohenschönhausen. Here you can sunbathe on the beach at Lake Orankesee
  • The lido at Wannsee is probably one of the most popular beaches in all of Berlin - for good reason! The finest sandy beach, magnificent trees and plenty of space for nude bathers to let off steam
  • Plötzensee is also a great place to relax. You can even get there almost directly by boat. If you take the branch of the Spree that runs north and directly past the main railway station, you're already on the right track. Located on the other side of the Plötzensee sluise, you can take a break here before continuing your sailing adventure

Restaurants in Berlin

Best casual dining in Berlin:

  • On the way from underground stop Warschauer Straße to the river Spree you can find Scheers Schnitzel, a restaurant where you can enjoy hearty schnitzels and beer. What better way to end a full day on the water than with a hearty meal?
  • At Burgermeister Schlesisches Tor you can get extremely tasty burgers at extremely reasonable prices. The joint at the S-Bahn station already has cult status and thus attracts many tourists - don’t worry, it's still worth it
  • MAMMAM offers delicious Asian food. Try the highly praised Pho ga soup. Located opposite the Museum Island, you can travel back in time with a trip to the various museums before enjoying a delicious meal in the present day

Restaurants with rooftops in Berlin:

  • Hugo's restaurant does not only shine with a Michelin star, but also with an outstanding view of the whole of Berlin. Enjoy the view AND a delicious meal!
  • Take a seat on the rooftop terrace of NENI Berlin to enjoy the view of Berlin Zoo. Israeli cuisine brings the Middle Eastern sun straight to your stomach. Be sure to try the falafel here!

Best fine dining in Berlin:

  • Restaurant Tim Raue is an elegant restaurant located next to Checkpoint Charlie. The hummingbird logo is meant to symbolise freedom. This is reflected in the dishes you can try here
  • Restaurant Facil with its minimalist interior is just waiting for you to discover it. Simple but elegantly presented dishes make for an unforgettable taste experience.

Bars and Clubs in Berlin

Berlin is above all celebrated for its notorious nightlife. Those who adore techno will definitely have fun here. If you're into other genres of music, you'll have to look further afield in Berlin. Of course, we could just recommend Berghain or KitKat, but the chances of getting in are relatively slim.

  • Gallery Rooftop Bar at Mercedes Platz offers an excellent view of the Spree. Enjoy a cocktail or beer while enjoying the spectacular view over the city
  • Biererei Bar & Vintage Cellar is, as the name suggests, a rustic beer bar with modern charm. Enjoy selected beers or a glass of wine in the best atmosphere
  • An einem Sonntag im August, located in chic Prenzlauer Berg, offers comfortable sofas to relax on. Drop by for a warm cocoa or an elegant cocktail
  • The Floating Lounge is a bar located directly on the Spree. On Mondays you get to enjoy more than a refreshing drink or a delicious ice cream, you get to experience a fun comedy night
  • If you prefer a different kind of clubbing in Berlin, you should try to come to KitKat. The pool in the middle of the club is not the only highlight here. By the way, the dress code is always and everywhere black.

Discover historical Berlin

Berlin's eventful history began in the Middle Ages, when the city was first mentioned in 1244. The Julius Tower, which was built in the 13th century, is Berlin's oldest building that is still standing. It can still be visited today.

Frederick the Great, one of the most famous rulers of Prussia and thus also of Berlin, is immortalised in several places with a statue. They are generally located in spots you will pass by anyway. One of them is on Unter den Linden. An avenue that leads you from the Museum Island directly to the Brandenburg Gate. The Brandenburg Gate was completed in 1793 and has been the centre of various historical events throughout its history.

On your sailing trip along the Spree, you are sure to pass the Oberbaum Bridge, which connects Friedrichshain with Kreuzberg. It was built between 1894 and 1896 and was not only a bridge over which cars drove, but also the first Berlin underground line.

When you think of Berlin, you probably also think directly of the city's turbulent history in the 20th century. Many buildings that were still standing until the beginning of the Second World War either no longer exist or have been rebuilt. This is also reflected in the architecture of the city - especially if you simply sail along the Spree.

Discover mystical Berlin

At first glance, Berlin seems to be a city that shows itself exactly as it is - nothing hidden, nothing to hide, simple and direct. But even here there are some myths and legends that are told over and over again.

One of these legends talks about two witches who are said to have lived in the town in 1553. They are said to have been known to conjure up storms, snow and ice with crazy methods. One day they even kidnapped a baby, which they boiled in a soup. The mother found her dead baby in the broth, reported it and the two witches were punished by death and burned in front of everyone.

Sailing conditions in Berlin

When thinking of a sailing holiday in Europe, you probably imagine the North Sea or the Mediterranean, but not Berlin. We'll now reveal why it's still worth renting a boat in Berlin despite the northern European climate.

Sure, the winters are extremely cold and there can be ice on the rivers, but you can rent a boat in summer as well as in winter. In general, you should also be careful if you are not so familiar with Berlin's waters, because some places can suddenly become quite shallow. Therefore, make sure you have a brand-new map of the waters with you at all times. You will not only ensure the safety of the boat, but also the safety of everyone on board.

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Berlin?

Renting a boat in Berlin doesn't have to be expensive. On average, it only costs around 44 EUR per person per day to rent a houseboat in Germany. Renting a sailboat in Germany costs an average of EUR 36 per person per day. A motorboat is already available at an average price of 36 EUR per person and day. In other countries of the world, motorboats are often the most expensive option, but this is not necessarily the case here, as long as you do not choose the most luxurious option.

Do I need a boat licence to rent a boat in Berlin?

Normally, you don't need a boat licence to rent a houseboat in Germany. In Berlin, however, things are a little different. Here you must have a boat licence to steer a houseboat. If you don't have one, you can learn everything there is to learn to start your boating holiday within just a few hours with the help of the charter.

If you want to sail through Berlin's waters, you need a boat licence called Sportbootführerschein Binnen Segel.

In many places in the city you also need to be in possession of a VHF radiotelephone certificate, for example in the waters near the government quarter.

Which boat is best for sailing in Berlin?

Which boat you should go with on your boating holiday in Berlin depends on what kind of sailing holiday you have planned. If you simply want to enjoy a cruise around the city or the surrounding inland waters with the comfort of a small house, you should opt for a houseboat. If you like fast boats that offer lots of comfort, a motorboat is the right choice for you. If you enjoy the sailing experience more than anything else, then you should rent a sailboat.

Rent a houseboat in Berlin

Pros of renting a houseboat in Berlin

A houseboat is a great way to spend a boating holiday in Berlin. Houseboats are literally small houses that are located on the water. Many of them even have a fireplace to keep you warm in winter. In summer, you can sunbathe on the roof terrace instead. Because houseboats are very spacious, you can totally relax and enjoy even more comfortably than in many hotels.

Many houseboat charters also allow animals on board. Unlike many other countries and boats, your beloved four-legged friend will find a place on a boat in Germany and does not have to be left behind while you enjoy your well-deserved holiday.

Houseboats are also perfect for sailing in shallow waters, so you can either make excellent progress on the Spree or the Havel, or simply rent a boat on one of the many lakes. The Febomobil 1180 - 2016 houseboat is particularly popular and can be rented from Lake Zeuthen. It offers space for up to seven people and as a great feature you have a sun deck where you can sizzle in the sun all day.

Cons of renting a houseboat in Berlin

Unlike in other places in Germany, you need a boat licence to drive a houseboat in Berlin. At first, this may be a disadvantage for many, as in other places in Germany it is much easier to rent a houseboat and simply get going.

If you are planning a boating holiday with children, houseboats are probably not the best choice. Children can fall into the water quite easily - without you even noticing. Rather rent a houseboat with your friends or family members who are older.

Another disadvantage of renting a houseboat can be the rather bulky structure of houseboats. They can be more difficult to steer than other types of boats. Especially in waters that are a little narrower, it can sometimes be problematic.

Rent a houseboat in Berlin

Rent a sailboat in Berlin

Pros of renting a sailboat in Berlin

When you think about renting a sailboat in Berlin, you probably don't think of many good reasons straight away, because you don't associate the city with it. But Berlin is a great place to sail. Discover the city in a completely different way. However, sailing is mainly about the experience of sailing and not so much about relaxing and reaching a certain destination. That's why you should rent a sailing boat on one of the lakes rather than on one of the rivers. Lake Pichels is an excellent place for sailing.

One of the most popular sailing boats is the Delanta 80 - 2008 , which can accommodate a maximum of four guests. A special icing on the cake is the cooker on board, which you would not expect at first glance of the boat and its size.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Berlin

One of the disadvantages of hiring a sailboat is that there can always be shallow spots in the waters. There is a danger that the keel of a sailboat can reach too deep and not only damage the sailboat, but also put everyone on board in danger.

In addition, with a sailboat you are always dependent on the wind. If it suddenly stops blowing, you may suddenly be stuck on the water and have to wait until it starts blowing again.

Rent a sailboat in Berlin

Rent a motorboat in Berlin

Pros of renting a motorboat in Berlin

If you want to rent a motorboat in Berlin, you're probably more the type who likes to be relaxed and well-equipped, but still wants to cruise around at full throttle. Motorboats get you from A to B quickly and are generally more manoeuvrable than other types of boats. This makes them faithful companions, especially in more complex waters.

Another advantage of motorboats is that they are often more comfortable and luxuriously equipped than other types of boats. The motorboat named Motorboat Nautiner 40 - 2015 impresses with its inviting deck, where you can enjoy your meals in sunny weather. When you're done eating, stay right here to continue chatting with your friends or read a good book. There is room for up to six guests on the boat.

Cons of renting a motorboat in Berlin

One of the disadvantages of renting a motorboat in Berlin is the fact that this type of boat uses a lot of fuel. This can be expensive and you might be surprised by a big bill at the end of your trip - especially considering the ever-increasing fuel prices.

Rent a motorboat in Berlin

Chartern a luxury yacht in Berlin

Charter a luxury yacht in Berlin if you want to spend a holiday where you don't have to sacrifice anything. Sleep in comfortable rooms and dine in comfortable quarters. Of course, a luxurious boat should not be without a sun deck where you can simply switch off and bask in the sun.

Charter a luxury yacht in Berlin

Sailing routes in Berlin

In and around Berlin there are many exciting routes you can take on your sailing trip. Sail along the Spree, discover the Havel or let yourself drift somewhere else entirely.

If you want to see the city from a different perspective, you should definitely plan your sailing route so that you sail from Spandau past the government district with the Chancellery and the Reichstag. From there, you'll sail past Museum Island and the Berlin Cathedral. Once you have left these narrow sections of the Spree behind you, you now have more space on your way to the east of Berlin. From the boat you have a magnificent view of the city and even sail under the Oberbaum Bridge. The view of the Molecule Man is a special highlight to see from onboard the boat. Then take the connecting canal to the Teltow Canal. From the Neukölln-Unterhafen, where you have to pass through a sluice, you end up on the Landwehrkanal. Enjoy the beautiful view you can admire here. From here you can easily get back to Spandau.

If you want a little more peace and quiet and would rather escape the city hustle and bustle than plunge into it completely, you can enjoy your sailing trip on the Havel from Potsdam or on one of Berlin's many lakes. The best place for sailing is Lake Pichelssee, for example.

Sailing locations in Berlin

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