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Yacht Charter Procida

Yacht Charter Procida

On a Procida yacht charter with Borrow a Boat you can explore much of the Naples coast and surrounding areas which are within an easy sail either with your family or friends. Whatever you want from a Procida sailing trip, from the beautiful beaches, excellent cuisine or relaxed night a Procida boat rental is going to be an unforgettable experience.

The Tyrrhenian Sea island of Procida is a charming island off Naples that has been in films like the Talented Mr Ripley and Il Postino.

You will enjoy the numerous sandy beaches on the island with their nearby promenades and great views. For those in search of an authentic Italian village Procida is the place.

For those on a Procida yacht charter there are two marinas - the main marina in Porto and to the south, the smaller Marina di Chiaiolella that is more fishing port than sailing centre. These can be fun for people watching and perhaps dreaming of your sailing trip down the Amalfi Coast and Bay of Naples.

Explore Procida By Renting A Yacht

Just across a new footbridge from Procida is Vivara Island, which unlike Procida is kept for nature. The seas around it and the islet itself are a natural park. This was once part of the volcano that formed the main island, with its crater looping around to its bigger brother. Today the marine and wildlife is protected - including the wild rabbits that keep the vegetation down.

Ischia is to the south of Vivara and Procida. This is also a volcanic island but has hot springs that locals have used as mud spas for Neapolitan and international tourists crossing over from the city. As with Procida there are some fantastic beaches but you will also find that nature has been allowed to maintain a foothold too.

On your Procida yacht charter you can then head east to the Bay of Naples and the Amalfi Coast. Here you will find high fashion and style coming out of every pore. Superyachts moored off the coast with their owners and guests ashore enjoying the finer things in life. Restaurants with Michelin stars, boutiques that will cater to every taste, and scenery that is just jaw dropping to behold.

On the Sorrento Peninsula you will find pearls like Positano and Sorrento, cliff side towns that cling to the hillside while still doing so with a certain Italian flare. Heading back to Procida on your Amalfi Coast yacht charter, perhaps stop by Naples, that will give you your cosmopolitan fix like nothing else!

How To Get To Procida

Naples Airport is a major international airport with a large number of international airlines serving it.

To get to Procida you will take a bus or underground train to Naples ferry port where you can take a hydrofoil or car ferry across to the island. This takes about 2.5 hours door to door and will cost around €50. Alternatively you can hire a car or get a taxi.

Marinas In Procida

The main marina on the island is Marina di Procida in Porto, which has berths for up to 491 yachts. Here, yacht charter companies offer luxury yacht charter, catamaran charter, motorboat charter and monohull sailing yacht charter on a bare boat charter or crewed yacht charter basis.

Marina di Procida:

Berth Characteristics:

491 berths

Max Length 30m (98.4 Feet)

Max Draught 3m (9.8 Feet)

List of additional services: Shore power, water, fuel, recycling and waste water collection, bar, restaurant, yacht repair.

Suggested Sailing Routes From Procida

On your bareboat or luxury yacht charter sailboat or motor yacht you can enjoy your Procida yacht charter up the Bay of Naples and Amalfi Coast or north to the Pontine Islands.

7 days - Pontine Islands: This sailing itinerary is about escapism. Unlike much of the Amalfi Coast the Pontine Island archipelago are off the beaten tourist track. Ventotene is a similar size to Procida but is uninhabited. As you cruise the coastline and moor in empty coves you will appreciate the solitude and escape from what can be a busy and crowded area in the summer. On your return, do stop by in Pozzuoli on the outskirts of Napoli to see this well kept Roman city.

14 days - Ischia, Capri and Amalfi Coast: As an alternative, this sailing itinerary is at the other end of the human scale to the quiet of the Pontine Islands is a sailing holiday on the Amalfi Coast. Ischia is just a short hop from Procida - you will appreciate its laid back vibe before hitting the never quiet Capri Island as a next stop. Both of these islands are worthy of a couple of days each. Take in towns like Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Salerno as you sail on, exploring this top Southern Italy tourist destination with all its flare and style.

Best Times To Hire A Yacht In Procida

The sailing season in Italy is from May to October. Outside of the high season in July/August you will find many marinas have enough room to meet demand and will often be cheaper than Greece or Croatia.

One time to consider is during school term in September or October when the sea is still warm but the marinas and towns relaxed and quiet. If you want Italy at full throttle in the heat of summer the high season may well be for you.

Sailing Weather In Procida

Let's first look at the winds. The Maestral (Mistral) can reach the Bay of Naples and west coast of Sardinia at most times of the year. By the time it reaches Italy it has lost much of its gusto though do be aware of it funnelling through the Strait of Bonifacio between Sardinia and Corsica - things can get interesting.

Similar to the Scirocco is the Libeccio, a south-westerly wind that can also bring heavy rain and the orange muck from the Sahara. This is a common enough wind in Tuscany and Sardinia.

To the north around Venice is the Tramontana falling off the Alps. This is stronger at night, but brings cool air as respite from the heat of summer.

In July and August most winds die back, leaving the sun and sea breezes to dominate the climate.


What should I consider when hiring a Yacht or Boat?

The main points to consider are what is your budget, have you got the necessary sailing experience and qualifications to manage the boat if it's not going to have a skipper, whom you are taking sailing, where exactly you wish to go and what will the weather be like on the proposed dates of your trip.

What are the Marinas in Procida?

Marina di Procida is a mid-sized marina with good facilities in Porto, just a short walk from the ferry terminal.

When are the best times to hire a boat in Procida?

Procida can be very hot and very crowded in the high summer months of July and August. Since the sailing season goes on until October - and it is still very pleasant then - why not try a Procida yacht charter later in the year when the kids are at school?

Do you have to pay a deposit when hiring a Yacht in Procida?

You will typically pay 50% up front on booking the yacht hire and the balance on arrival. You will either pay a security deposit with your credit card on departure or can get insurance covering damage in advance. In some cases (such as the recent Covid situation) charter companies may be more flexible but this depends on the individual charter companies themselves.

What happens if my Yacht breaks down?

If you are at sea and in danger, call MAYDAY on VHF Ch16 or ring the coast guard on your phone if you have reception. If you have a mechanical fault and can make it to or are on a mooring you will be able to phone a help line number given by the boat charter company.

What should I think of before I hire a Yacht or Boat in Procida?

You should consider do you have the experience to handle the yacht charter or boat hire before you book and where do you want to go along with what the weather will be like. Bring warm weather and cool weather clothing if it looks like the weather can be cool as well as warm and remember at sea it can be cool on most evenings.

What Qualifications Do I need to hire a boat or yacht?

If you want to sail without a skipper then you will need relevant qualifications like RYA Day Skipper/International Certificate of Competence (ICC)/ASA 104 Bareboat certificate or the US Sailing Certificate. For small 'day boats' or if you choose to have a skippered on board your yacht charter you typically don't require licences.

Frequently asked questions
What should I consider when hiring a Yacht or Boat?

The main points to consider are what is your budget, have you got the necessary sailing experience and qualifications to manage the boat if it's not going to have a skipper, whom you are taking sailing, where exactly you wish to go and what will the weather be like on the proposed dates of your trip.

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