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Sailing on a motorboat in Croatia

Croatia is one of the most beautiful sailing destinations in Europe, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that experienced as well as novice sailors alike flock to the country of over 1000 islands. With a motorboat charter in Croatia you can discover the true hidden gems this little piece of paradise has to offer. From dancing the night away in the bustling island of Hvar to wonderful adventures in the peaceful and stunning Kornati National Park, Croatia has it all!

The pros of renting a motorboat in Croatia

One of the advantages of chartering a motorboat in Croatia is the fact that they have a shallow draft. This makes them the perfect boats to explore the Croatian coast and the over 1000 islands. You can sail closer to the shore than with other types of boats and can discover the most beautiful remote beaches, coves and bays up close rather than just sailing by.

Another advantage of renting a motorboat in Croatia is that they are often faster than other types of boats, meaning that you can explore more beautiful beaches, coves and bays than with other types of boats.

The cons of renting a motorboat in Croatia

One of the downsides of renting a motorboat in Croatia can be the fact that they only run on fuel. Don’t be surprised if you receive a hefty bill for fuel in addition to your bareboat charter. With the ever-increasing fuel prices driving carelessly along the Croatian coast and around the many islands is definitely not a cheap undertaking.

Motorboat charter in Croatia

The most popular motorboats to rent in Croatia

One of the most popular motorboats to rent in Croatia is Motorboat Beneteau Swift Trawler 41 which is available to rent in the wonderful city of Pula, where you can discover some of the most impressive Roman ruins in all of Croatia. Up to six people find space on board the boat and you can rent this motor yacht with or without a captain, depending on your personal preferences. A coffee machine, a fridge and kitchen equipment on board ensure that you can prepare your own meals on board the boat.

Another popular motoryacht to charter in Croatia is Motorboat Prestige 520 Fly which is available to rent in Kastela and offers enough space for up to seven people. The price for the Prestige 520 Fly can vary depending on the season. On board the boat you find a dishwasher, which is great, because you don’t need to waste your time doing the dishes when you could be sunbathing on the spacious sundeck. A washing machine on board is a real luxury feature!

Charter a private luxury motoryacht in Croatia

Charter a private luxury motoryacht in Croatia to experience the life of the rich and famous for a week. Take full advantage of the exclusive amenities you can find on board and truly relax while forgetting about the stress of your everyday life. A beautiful luxury motoryacht you can charter in Croatia is Motorboat Explorer 62 which comes with a captain, excluding the provision, and is available to rent in Kaštela, a wonderful seaside town not far from Split.

How many people can go on a motorboat in Croatia?

The amount of people that can go on a motorboat in Croatia varies depending on the size of the boat and the amount of bedrooms available on board. There are smaller motorboats available which can only host up to six people, making it the perfect boat for a family vacation or an intimate vacation with friends. A lot of motorboats can host up to 11 or 12 people, making them also the perfect boat for a party holiday with a group of friends.

When is the best time to sail on a motorboat in Croatia?

Sailing season in Croatia is between April and late September/October, but the busiest time is during the summer months July and August. If you want to enjoy warm weather, but want to avoid the touristy crowds you should visit Croatia in September or October. You can still sunbathe on deck your motoryacht, but in a more peaceful environment. The winters in Croatia are milder and offer a little bit of rain, but you can still head out into the water. Swimming might not be an option during this time of year as the water temperatures can drop significantly.

During the months of July and August the wind is very calm, making it the perfect time of year to sail in smooth waters and to go for a swim in the sea.

How much does it cost to rent a motorboat in Croatia?

The costs of renting a motorboat in Croatia can vary according to the season, the type, size and age of the motorboat you want to rent, as well as the amenities included on board. If you have the money, you can easily book one of the most luxurious private yachts in Croatia to enjoy a magnificent boat holiday here. However, it’s also not a problem if you want to spend less or have a smaller budget on hand, Borrow A Boat offers plenty of options to charter a motorboat in Croatia for every pocket. On average it costs just 62 EUR per person per day for a motorboat rental in Croatia. This is extremely affordable and as this is only the average price for a motorboat charter, you can often even find cheaper deals. However, keep in mind that booking a motorboat bareboat charter means that there will be extra costs for fuel, etc. If you decide to hire a skipper in addition to your motorboat bareboat charter, it will also come with extra costs.

What kind of boat licence do I need when renting a motorboat in Croatia?

Anyone who wants to rent a motorboat in Croatia needs to be in possession of a valid boat licence as well as a VHF radio licence. If you don’t have a valid boat licence, but want to get it in Croatia, you can take the test via the Administration of Maritime and Port Authority authorities.

If you want to charter a motorboat in Croatia, but don’t have a valid boat licence and don’t plan on getting one anytime soon, you can always hire a skipper in addition to your bareboat charter. Sit back, relax and enjoy your sailing holiday!

The best routes for motorboats in Croatia

As motorboats come with a shallow draft, they are perfect for discovering the many hidden beaches, coves and bays Croatia has to offer. Go on an adventure around the Kornati islands. The Kornati national park, which is located here as well, is one of the most beautiful natural sites in all of Croatia.

Day 1 - Start your sailing adventure in Šibenik: This picturesque town by the sea offers historical streets that will make you feel like travelling back in time. St. Michael's Fortress and St. Nicholas’ Fortress are two impressive historical sites you can discover before or after picking up your motorboat in the city.

Day 2 - Sail from Šibenik to the island of Vrgada: This little island offers wonderful beaches surrounded by stunning cliffs and forests where you can swim in the crystal clear water.

Day 3 - Sail from Vrgada to Jagodna Bay on the island of Zut: This uninhabited island will capture your inspiration with the turquoise waters and stunning nature. Jagodna Bay is the perfect spot to anchor for the night as it is well-protected from the winds.

Day 4 - Sail from Zut to Kornat: Kornat is the biggest of the Kornati islands and a great spot for anyone looking to explore the natural treasures this part of Croatia has to offer. Discover Fort Tureta, an impressive fortress overlooking the sea.

Day 5 - Sail from Kornat to Vela Sestrice and Lojena: Admire the lighthouse when sailing around the Vela Sestrice. From here you can sail South to Lojena, a stunning bay with turquoise waters that are perfect for swimming.

Day 6 - Sail from Lojena south to the Island Mana - ruins and to the ACI Marina Piskera: This site offers a glimpse into the history of Croatia. When sailing around the island you can admire the impressive rock formations. Head to ACI Marina Piskera where you can find a spot for mooring for the night

Day 7 - Sail from ACI Marina Piskera back to Šibenik: Before heading all the way back to Šibenik you should take the opportunity to stop by one of the smaller islands for a quick swim in the turquoise waters. A fantastic way to freshen up and discover more of Kornati.