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Experience Croatia's ancient city of Zadar, where Roman ruins and modern art collide. Guided by a skilled captain, explore the Sea Organ, sunsets over the Adriatic, and the captivating blend of history and innovation.

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Sailing Guide Zadar

Located on the Dalmatian coast, Zadar is a great place to start your sailing adventure in Croatia. Admire the old town with its scenic streets and historical buildings before heading out to discover Croatia’s magnificent coastline. The scenic national parks not far from the city are definitely worth visiting. Rent a boat in Zadar to explore this beautiful part of Croatia.

Things to do and see when sailing in Zadar

Sailing in Zadar can be fun and exciting, but there is much more to see and do than relaxing on a boat all day. There are plenty of activities waiting for you here!

Activities in Zadar

  • The Sea Organ is probably one of the most interesting sites you will visit in Zadar. The waves are playing fascinating melodies and showing us what the sea is capable of
  • Visit the Crkva sv. Donata for its interesting architecture and history
  • The Roman Forum in Zadar is, you might have guessed it, showing ancient Roman ruins and the main square of the city
  • The Five Wells Square is particularly beautiful spot to see in Zadar
  • Rent a boat in Zadar to explore the Dalmatian coast and its many hidden beaches and bays

Beaches in Zadar

  • Beach Cape Radman in Petrcane: This beautiful beach is not in Zadar, but close by. It is more than the turquoise waters it is surrounded by. The pines surrounding the beach makes it a unique spot to swim
  • Beach Riva is a great city beach where you can go for a quick swim in the crystal clear waters
  • Saharun beach or Sakarun beach: A little paradise beach about an hour away from Zadar is perfect for adults and children alike. The crystal clear waters will make you feel like you have finally arrived at the destination to enjoy your summer vacation

Restaurants in Zadar

Casual dining in Zadar:

  • Proto Food&More offers the traditional black risotto and different types of seafood that you are going to love. It is also very affordable!
  • Bezburger is a great place to eat a juicy burger and crispy fries. Stop by if you are craving some tasty, but fresh comfort food

Beach restaurants in Zadar:

  • Butler Gourmet&Cocktails Garden is located right next to the water offering incredible views alongside their delicious food ranging from local Croatian dishes to tasty seafood dishes. Sip a cocktail before enjoying your dinner.
  • Konoba Rafaelo is a restaurant surrounded by palm trees that charms us with the wooden interior and stunning sea views. Come here with a big appetite as the portions are going to overwhelm anyone who is not used to eating portions of their size.

Fine dining in Zadar:

  • Foša is not just a Michelin-star restaurant with elegantly presented dishes and stunning sea views. During the day you’re sailing on the sea, at night you get to taste what the sea has to offer in this wonderful restaurant
  • Restaurant Kastel is another Michelin-star restaurant located in Zadar. Try the traditional black risotto and the octopus or juicy beef. Whatever you decide to try, you won’t be disappointed!

Bars and Clubs in Zadar

  • Yachting Bar in Zadar is an amazing night club where you get to dance the night away. The parties in the summer are legendary
  • Teatro Bar is a great place to wind down after a long day on a boat. The music is great and invites you to hit the floor with your friends. Enjoy a refreshing drink in between

Explore historical Zadar

The history of Zadar begins in prehistoric times. It is believed to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in all of Europe. This makes the city incredibly interesting. You can visit historic sites from different periods in time. The People's Square is surrounded by historical buildings from different eras.

The Zadar land city gates are stunning remnants of Venetian architecture, they are the gateway to the old town.

Discover mystical Zadar

There is a legend about St Simon, who had died and was supposed to be brought back to Venice, where he was meant to be buried. The merchant who was carrying his corpse had to stop in Zadar when the weather turned. They buried the body in the grounds of some church grounds under the pretense that this was the merchant’s brother. Unfortunately the merchant passed away, before he could complete his mission and bring St. Simon to his final resting place in Venice. This is when the priests who had helped him found out who he was carrying.

Sailing conditions in Zadar

The sailing season in Zadar starts in May and ends in October. The summer months June, July and August are the most popular months for sailing due to the hot weather and the lack of rain. In August you can expect up to 13 hours of daylight! Sea temperatures are also warmest during these months. While the temperatures can already be warm in May and stay warm in September and October, these months are less popular among tourists. This gives people an advantage who prefer to sail during this time of year. Boats will be cheaper and you don’t have to share the most popular spots in and around Zadar with huge amounts of tourists.


How much does it cost to rent a boat in Zadar?

In recent years Croatia has risen to one of the top sailing destinations in the Mediterranean! You can find hidden beaches and bays as well as historical sites, delicious traditional food and stunning nature. How much it costs to rent a boat in Zadar and Croatia in general highly depends on the season, the type of boat, the amount of people travelling with you, the number of bed- and bathrooms you find on board and the age of the boat.

Renting a speedboat in Croatia will cost you 30 EUR per person per day on average, meaning that it can be even cheaper than renting a hotelroom. Keep in mind though that speedboats are not necessarily the ideal type of boats to sail around Zadar for a week. A few days will be perfect to spend on a speedboat. Renting a motorboat in Croatia can be more expensive, but won’t break your bank either. It will cost you 62 EUR per person per day on average to rent a motorboat. It will cost you 75 EUR per person per day on average to rent a gulet in Croatia. The average price of 460 EUR per person per day makes catamarans the most expensive types of boats to rent in Croatia.

As these are only average prices, you might find even cheaper deals - especially when booking during shoulder season.

What type of boat is best for sailing in Zadar?

What type of boat you should charter in Zadar all depends on the type of boat holiday you would like to experience here. If you just want to relax by the beach or on deck you would rent a different type of boat than the one you would go for if you’re excited to sail along the Croatian coast from Zadar as fast as you can.

Rent a catamaran in Zadar

Pros of renting a catamaran in Zadar

One of the advantages of renting a catamaran in Zadar is the fact that they are equipped with a sail as well as an engine. When the wind is blowing, you can sail with the engine nature provided and should the wind suddenly stop blowing, you can fall back on plan B and use the engine instead. This gives you a huge advantage, because you don’t need to wait in the middle of the sea for the wind to start blowing again.

Another advantage of chartering a catamaran is the fact that they have a shallow draft rather than a keel like sailboats. This makes them the perfect type of boat to explore the many secluded bays and beaches Croatia has to offer.

Also, catamarans are often more spacious than other types of boats. You might feel like being in a hotel room on water rather than an actual boat at times.

One of the most popular catamarans to rent in Zadar is Catamaran Fountaine Pajot Astrea 42 which offers space for up to 8 people. You can either sail the boat yourself if you have a boat licence or hire a captain to do it for you. Keep in mind that the price will increase if you hire a captain or skipper.

Cons of renting a catamaran in Zadar

One of the disadvantages of renting a catamaran in Zadar can be the fact that catamarans are generally quite spacious. This can make it a challenge to find a spot for mooring at the marinas - especially in the busy summer months and with Croatia becoming increasingly popular among tourists from around the world who want to vacation on a boat. Also, you might be charged more for mooring at a marina than with a smaller type of boat. You might be better off finding a spot for anchoring in one of the stunning bays Dalmatia has to offer.

Charter a catamaran in Zadar

Rent a sailboat in Zadar

Pros of renting a sailboat in Zadar

One of the advantages of renting a sailboat in Zadar is the fact that they solely run on wind and not on fuel. This makes it cheaper to sail on a sailboat than on another type of boat. Luckily, this part of Croatia is known for its ideal wind conditions.

Sailboats are not for everyone, but especially for those who are looking for an adventure at sea. Feel the wind on your skin and practice your sailing skills. It is more difficult than driving a motorboat or speedboat, but if you’re someone who wants to improve their skills, a sailboat is perfect for you. If you don’t want to sail yourself, you can always hire a skipper for an additional price.

One of the most popular sailboats to rent in Zadar is Sailboat Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 440 . Offering space for up to 8 people, this sailboat is the perfect boat for a sailing holiday in Zadar. You can rent this boat without a captain if you have a valid boat licence or rent it with a captain if you just want to relax on your sailing holiday on the Dalmatian coast or if you don’t have a boat licence. For some extra fun on board, you can rent a barbecue when paying extra.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Zadar

One of the downsides of chartering a sailboat in Zadar is the fact that they solely run on wind. Should the wind suddenly stop blowing, you might get stuck in the middle of the sea. When this happens, you have no choice but to wait until the wind picks up again. This can become incredibly frustrating - especially if you just have a week to sail around Zadar and the Dalmatian coast.

Another downside of renting a sailboat in Zadar can be the fact that you won’t have enough space to sunbathe on deck. All the equipment that is necessary to sail properly will take up all the space on deck.

Rent a sailboat in Zadar

Rent a speedboat in Zadar

Pros of renting a speedboat in Zadar

One of the advantages of renting a speedboat in Zadar is the fact that they are super fast and super easy to navigate. They are the perfect type of boat to navigate around Zadar and the surrounding area.

Speedboats are the perfect boat to sail around the Dalmatian coast. When coming to this part of Croatia, you probably have a bucket list to tick off all the places you would like to see when visiting. Driving a speedboat means that you get to see more places in a shorter amount of time.

One of the most popular speedboats to rent in Zadar is Speedboat Jeanneau Cap Camarat 6.5 WA which has one cabin on board with two beds.

Cons of renting a speedboat in Zadar

One of the downsides of renting a speedboat in Zadar is the fact that they are relatively small compared to other types of boats. You can definitely sail on a speedboat for a few days, but it is not the type of boat that you would rent for a week-long trip or longer.

Like motorboats, speedboats run on fuel. If you sail on your speedboat all day long and as fast as you can, you will need a lot of fuel - and fuel costs money. With the ever-increasing fuel prices don’t be surprised if you have to pay more for fuel than expected.

Rent a speedboat in Zadar

Rent a motorboat in Zadar

Pros of renting a motorboat in Zadar

One of the advantages of renting a motorboat in Zadar is the fact that they are faster than other types of boats, taking you around Zadar, the Croatian coast and the surrounding islands in no time. You surely get to see everything that you want to see when coming here.

Another advantage of chartering a motorboat in Zadar are their shallow drafts. This makes them the perfect boats to explore the many secluded bays and beaches this part of the Mediterranean has to offer. You can sail closer to the shore and see all the natural beauty from up close. You can swim to the beaches without having to use up all your energy to get there when anchoring closer to the shore.

Cons of renting a motorboat in Zadar

One of the downsides of renting a motorboat is the fact that they run on fuel. The increasing fuel prices can make this a costly experience that you should be prepared to pay.

Motorboat rental in Zadar

Charter a luxury yacht in Zadar

Chartering a private luxury yacht in Zadar is a great way to enjoy your sailing vacation in the Mediterranean if you have the money. Get a glimpse of the life of the rich and famous for a week and see the best Croatia has to offer. Make your dream come true with one of the most popular luxury yachts to rent in Sibenik from where you can easily sail up north to Zadar. Rent Motorboat Ferretti 450 which offers space for up to six people on board, as well as a spacious sundeck, a fridge and a coffee machine. An elegantly decorated yacht invites you to enjoy your vacation.

Charter a luxury yacht in Zadar

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in Zadar?

Renting a boat in Zadar means that you are required to have a valid boat licence and a valid VHF radio licence. If you are not in possession of these two, you are unfortunately not allowed to operate a boat in Croatian waters. Also, it doesn’t matter if you have a Croatian or an International boat license. However, there might be a chance that your foreign boat licence is not recognized in Croatia. There, it is always best to carry an International Certificate of Competency or short ICC.

Anyone who wants to get their boat licence in Croatia can do so through the Administration of Maritime and Port Authority authorities. You can take the test and get your valid licence.

If you don’t have a boat licence and don’t want to get one, you can always hire a skipper. Hiring a skipper with your bareboat charter in Zadar means that your boat vacation will become slightly more expensive, but you have someone on board navigating the boat who knows this region well and can even show you some hidden beaches and bays that you might never find yourself.

Sailing routes in Zadar

One of the most popular sailing routes is leading you from Zadar to Split. Sail along the Croatian coast and some beautiful islands along the way.

A lovely sailing route starting from Zadar takes you to your first stop, Vragada. This beautiful island is not as popular as other islands in this part of Croatia and therefore looks like a very traditional spot with the most stunning natural scenery. Beautiful beaches and blue waters are welcoming you on the island. From Vragada you sail to Sali, a picturesque village on the island of Dugi Otok. Discover this sleepy fishing village before heading out to explore the many hidden bays and beaches the island has to offer. From Sali sail to Kornat i, a breathtaking national park filled with reefs, incredible islands and more natural wonders. There is so much to discover that you will be left speechless many times due to the natural beauty of this part of Croatia. Spend the next two days exploring the Kornati islands to make sure that you don’t miss out on seeing anything. From Kornati sail to Skradin, where you get to dive deeper into the history of Croatia. Many remnants of the past take you back to different periods of time. Zlarin is your next stop. This beautiful island is a great spot to explore the natural beauty of Croatia. Approximately 2700 hours of sunshine each year await you on Zlarin, making it the perfect destination for a sailing adventure. The island is probably best known for its corals. They are traditionally given to newborn babies as a gift, because their colours change in different temperatures which make them a blessing for knowing if the child’s temperature is increasing too much. From Zlarin sail back to Zadar, where you get to wander around the historical streets and squares before leaving the beauty of the Dalmatian coast behind and flying home. There is so much to see in this part of Croatia and the Dalmatian coast that you probably want to return very soon!