10 Inspiring Nautical Tattoo Designs

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Get inspired by these simple and stylish nautical tattoo designs, perfect if you love the sea as much as we do. Half-sleeves, literary references and geometrical shapes are just some of the types of nautical tattoos you will see below. Make more out of your next sea adventure – book a sailing holiday with Borrow A Boat. Choose from over 8,000 boats across 200 locations in 25 countries and experience the sea in an entirely new way.

Nautical tattoo designs

The small but meaningful:

nautical tattoo
Via buzzfeed.com

The simple:

nautical tattoo
Via Wild & Free by Jordis

The geometrical:

nautical tattoo
Via http://www.jamesnidecker.com/

The circular:

Nautical tattoos
Tattoo by Caitlin Thomas.

The literary:

nautical tattoo
Via skindeeptales.tumblr.com

The half-sleeve:

Nautical tattoo
Via batsxsashatattooing.com

The storybook-inspired:

nautical tattoo
Via http://www.senzz.nl/

The minimalist:

Nautical tattoo
Via youngheart0.tumblr.com

The anchor:

Nautical tattoo
Via www.bloglovin.com

The exact:

nautical tattoos

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