The Best Sailing Apps for Yacht Cruising

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Smart sailing apps have become must-haves for smooth and safe yacht cruising. They’re accurate, easy to use, and extremely helpful for crucial tasks that ensure both boating safety and cruising holiday bliss (they also save you a ton of space on board that would be otherwise taken up by traditional devices).

Check out some of Team Borrow A Boat’s favorite sailing apps that aim to support smooth navigation on a boat holiday:

Best multitasking sailing apps with multiple critical features

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Savvy Navvy

  • It’s like Google Maps for Boats: it includes charts, information on weather, tides, and helps you discover the best places to go sailing
  • You can plan and schedule your routes in seconds – the app will help you figure out your course, calculate the time of arrival and even calculate the fuel consumption
  • More info and download here

SailGrib WR

  • Includes crucial sailing features for weather, tides, currents, routing, nautical charts, NMEA, AIS, anchor alarm, and more
  • Features can be downloaded separately
  • More info and download here

Best sailing apps — weather           



  • Detailed weather forecasts, live world wind map, and local weather reports
  • Recognized by the World Meteorological Organization as the best sports and outdoor app
  • More info and download here



  • Live maps with weather conditions and tides
  • Data on wind (speed, gusts, direction); waves (height, period, direction); and weather (cloud cover, temperature, precipitation)
  • More info and download here
winter sailing clothes
predict wind


  • Clean interface and highly accurate with four forecast models, plus real-time wind conditions
  • Suggests best route across wind, waves, and currents as well the best day to set sail
  • More info and download here


  • Detailed nautical charts for cruising, fishing, sailing, diving and more water activities
  • Charts can be downloaded and used offline
  • More info and download here
planning sailing trip
sea pilot sailing app


  • Very user friendly, with up-to-date charts and a social boating feature for group sailing trips
  • The basic version is free, while the premium version includes features like weather routing and forecasts
  • More info and download here

SeaNav US and SeaNav UK

  • Route planning and real-time tracking with configurable layers (rocks, depths, wrecks, etc.) and unique augmented reality view
  • Fully functional on the Apple Watch
  • More info and download here

Best sailing app — family and group travel   



  • Location-sharing app for keeping track of and finding loved ones
  • Important in case of separation or if someone gets lost on holiday
  • More info and download here

Best sailing apps — mooring and anchoring

anchor alarm

Anchor Alarm

  • A simple and straightforward anchor guard: get alerts if boat leaves the radius (which can be set and adjusted)
  • Search for anchorages in the area where other crews have anchored before
  • More info and download here from App Store or Google Play Store
anchor pro sailing apps

Anchor Pro

  • Another simple yet essential app for tracking location and getting alerted if boat starts to drift
  • Additional alerts include GPS reception and battery level
  • More info and download here from App Store

Best sailing app — finding and booking marinas

navily sailing app


  • A leading cruising guide in Europe with contributions on over 50,000 marinas and anchorages helps you easily find and book berth in over 10 countries
  • Thousands of photos and comments from a wide community of users
  • More info and download here
Segeln in Kroatien
mysea sailing app


  • A leading portal for online berth booking, find and reserve berth in marinas, buoy fields, and jetties ahead of time for a quick and simple check-in process
  • Offers a best-price guarantee
  • More info and download here

Best sailing apps — fun   

Spotify or Deezer

  • Find (or create!) the perfect sailing holiday playlist with access to millions of songs
  • Download and enjoy music offline with the premium versions
  • More info and download Spotify here
  • More info and download Deezer here


  • Capture, curate, and share images and videos of all the incredible sights and experiences of your unforgettable sailing holiday
  • More info and download here
  • And of course, follow Borrow A Boat here and get inspired:

3 boat holiday tips as helpful as your sailing apps

  1. Prep for your boat holiday with the ultimate sailing preparation, the checklist for first-time sailors and the sailing for beginners guide.
  2. Include WiFi with your boat booking to have access to all your online apps throughout your trip and check out other boat holiday extras available for your trip.
  3. Find excellent offers and savings on sailing holidays through Borrow A Boat’s Super Deals

We hope you love these sailing apps and find them as helpful as we do! And we wish you a very happy (and safe) sailing experience.