The Largest Yacht Berths in the World: Top 9 Glamorous Marinas

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From the glamorous marina of Capri to Bodrum’s impressive port, our newest guest blogger, Hannah Hutchinson, takes you on a trip to some of the most opulent destinations. You’ll find the biggest and most luxurious superyachts and exclusive sailing clubs in Hannah’s list of the largest yacht berths in the world. Make sure to visit these great ports and marinas on your next boat holiday with Borrow A Boat

The 9 Largest Yacht Berths in the World

Everyone in the world knows that Miami is one of the best places for yachting. After all, the Biscayne Bay is home to some of the most gorgeous residences, skyscrapers, and views on the East Coast. Plus, with fun activities like shark fishing and water jetpacking (yes, this is ABSOLUTELY a real thing), there are few places in the world better for yachting.

Miami is home to an impressively grand yacht berth, but there are a few around the world that give us a run for our money. Here are some of the largest yacht berths in the world:

Marina Grande, Capri

This Italian marina:

  • has more than 300 berths available
  • can accommodate boats as long as 60 meters
  • there is a basin for commercial ships and another for leisure craft
  • the nearby city of Capri is a truly unforgettable place to visit
  • can be very busy during the summer months, when people flock from all around Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and even farther to enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea

Just remember: reservations are a must!

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the largest yacht berths of the world
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Port de Saint Tropez, Saint Tropez

Nothing screams luxury like a visit to the French port of Saint Tropez:

  • With more than 730 berths available, this port is one of the largest yacht berths in the world.
  • It’s also one of the most famous, serving as the location for dozens of movies, novels, and TV shows.
  • Cruise ships from around Europe come to Saint Tropez to enjoy the cultural diversity of the port.
france saint tropez

OneOcean Port Vell (Marina Port Vell), Barcelona


  • This port may only have 148 yacht berths, but they can fit yachts up to 190 meters long—also known as superyachts.
  • The marina is right near Las Ramblas, the home of FC Barcelona, and many other cultural attractions.
  • Guests staying at the Marina receive access to the incredibly exclusive OneOcean club.
  • It’s a pricey accommodation, but so worth it when visiting the gorgeous city of Barcelona!

Rent a boat in Barcelona and discover OneOcean Port Vell!

Barcelona, Spain

Porto Montenegro, Montenegro


  • Situated in the Bay of Kotor
  • It is the marina with the largest yacht berths in the world.
  • Here, superyachts up to 250 meters long can find a berth, as well as hundreds of berths for smaller luxury and leisure crafts.
  • With a five-star Regent Hotel and luxury waterside residences, this is the yacht berth for those who truly enjoy the finer things in life!
sailing in Montenegro

Grand Harbour Marina, Valetta

The island of Malta is home to this gorgeous marina:

  • boats up to 135 meters in length can find a berth.
  • People flock to Malta due to its proximity to Spain and both the Italian and French Riviera.
  • With Turkey, Cyprus, and Greece just a short sail away, it’s truly one of the best locations to visit in the Mediterranean.
  • If you’re a luxury yacht cruising Europe, this is the place to find luxury accommodations both on and offshore.

Palmarina Bodrum, Turkey

This marina in Bodrum:

  • has space for more than 620 boats
  • 70 berths are intended specifically for superyachts over 50 meters long
  • yachts up to 105 meters in length can find a berth in the marina, where they have access to world-class dining and hotels, art galleries, museums, and historical sites
  • for those who want to visit Turkey in style and book a charter, this is the marina to stay at
Sailing holiday in Bodrum, Turkey

Yacht Haven Grande, St. Thomas

The U.S. Virgin Islands are home to some of the most gorgeous, picturesque locations, which is why Yacht Haven Grande is one of the most magnificent yacht clubs in the world:

  • the largest, with berths for yachts up to 200 meters long
  • it only has 50 slips available, so make sure to reserve before traveling
  • from the marina, you have access to the best shopping, luxury facilities, and dining the island of St. Thomas has to offer
the largest yacht berths of the world
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Marina di Porto Cervo, Sardinia

This Sardinian marina is actually surprisingly remote—fewer than 200 people live in the nearby town.


  • it is a truly marvelous destination for those who want privacy
  • the marina has up to 700 berths, though they are only available for smaller boats
  • there are even facilities to make repairs to luxury yachts and superyachts, and it’s one of the best-equipped marinas in the Mediterranean Sea
sardinia sailing
Sardinia, Italy

Puerto Jose Banus, Marbella

Located on the coast of Spain, this marina:

  • has berths for over 900 boats at a time
  • Built in 1970, this is one of the most marvelous yacht berths in Spain, with 15 hectares of surface area dedicated to housing yachts and luxury boats.
  • The King of Saudi Arabia is one of the regular members of this marina, and many of the European elite make yearly visits to bring their boats to the exclusive yacht club.

These yacht clubs offer prestige, luxury, and exclusivity—everything you could want in your yacht berth. Consider them if you are looking for amazing sailing destinations!

About the author:

Hannah Hutchinson is an aspiring interior designer finishing her masters degree at Central St. Martins College of Arts, currently leading the blog of One River Point. In her free time she tries to fight her wanderlust, with absolutely no success: traveling around the world, getting to know new cultures is her favourite pastime activity.

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