The 7 Best Nautical Clothing Brands

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Love the yacht life? Check out our review of the best nautical clothing brands for your next sailing holiday.

The nautical style is one of our favorite parts of a sailing holiday. And while there are a growing number of nautical clothing brands out there, finding the perfect fit can prove challenging.

Whether you plan to embody the glamour of Brigitte Bardot, or are happy looking rough and ready like Captain Ahab, we’re here to help you pack your most functional and true-to-you boating outfits. 

Let’s get to it! Here are our seven favorite nautical clothing brands:

  • Nautica
  • Quba & Co.
  • Sperry
  • J. Crew
  • The Nautical Company
  • Everything But Water
  • Outplay


nautical clothing brands

Nautica is our absolute favorite online retailer for modern nautical apparel. If you’re looking for a simple, classic, and reliable brand, Nautica has got you covered. They’ve been around since the ’80s and have since developed a cult following. On the other hand, if you’re planning on putting down the champagne and getting your hands dirty while on holiday, Nautica may be a little too clean cut.

Quba & Co.

nautical clothing brands

Quba’s selection resembles Nautica’s, but is more functional and caters to a hands-on sailing holiday. They’ve got almost every item of clothing you could possibly need for a holiday on a boat, in addition to nautical accessories for your boat. From stylish windbreakers and nautical pyjama sets, to sailing jackets and swimwear, you’ll find every basic essential at Quba & Co. One thing is certain: You can go an any adventure with this functional nautical clothing brand.



Everyone knows this classic nautical brand. Synonymous with boat life, Sperry was the birthplace of the boat shoes that every sailor owns. Curious about how the brand got started? Paul A. Sperry had the idea of a special, non-slip rubber sole after a slipping accident caused him to fall overboard. The soles are notable for the herringbone patterns that allow them to grip effectively onto wet surfaces. Get your own pair — or shop Sperry’s expanded collection of boat shoes. 



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J.Crew has been a staple of American fashion for decades. Its iconic style is strongly inspired by nautical themes, and their range varies from casual outdoor to smart casual. Note that while J. Crew’s selection is aesthetically pleasing, it’s less tailored for functional, weather-proof usage.

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The Nautical Company

nautical clothing brands

Where J.Crew offers trendy takes on classic styles, The Nautical Company brings home the basics. If you’re looking for casual holiday wear for the whole family, this is your place. They also stock great nautical decor products to dress up your home on the sea.

Everything But Water

nautical clothing brands

Everything But Water offers one of the widest selections of bikinis and resort wear that we’ve seen, with loads of coverage options. From tankinis and fuller-bust cuts, to rash guards and tunics, the garments here strive for an inclusive selection with none of the aesthetic compromises.


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For even more styles and options, check out Outplay’s selection of color-neutral and symmetrically styled tops and bottoms. Stripes, a range of blue shades, and humidity-absorbing fabrics prevail at this nautical brand, so you can rest assured that whatever you grab here will fit into the rest of your boating wardrobe.

And if you’re wondering where these great nautical brands got inspiration for their sea-inspired designs, read our post on the Evolution of the Nautical Style.


What’s your favourite nautical clothing brand?

So, now that you’re all decked out in the best nautical gear in town, what else is left? Oh, yeah — booking that boat! Check out our top destinations for sailing and find some amazing summer holiday discounts here.

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