Investing in Borrow A Boat

Borrow A Boat is among the leading boat rental marketplaces worldwide, and regularly raises capital to aid growth. A fast growing business, and one that is about accessibility and the sharing economy - a business to help boat owners and open up boating to the masses. In the spirit of that we regularly invite the public to invest via crowdfunding, and have conducted several high profile campaigns in the past. These raises are about getting a stake in fast-growing business which can potentially return a very strong ROI in the future via an investor exit.

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Interested in Investing?

Borrow A Boat is a fast-growing tech marketplace business, bringing innovation and accessibility to a large and mature industry sector to help it grow. Borrow A Boat has raised over £3.8m to date since 2017 and is VC-backed with over 1700 investors. Get in touch to discuss investment opportunities at Borrow A Boat.

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Invested in Borrow A Boat previously?

If you invested as part of any of Borrow A Boat's previous funding rounds then you may be due some investor rewards including: A £350 discount on any Borrow A Boat charter over £2k in value. Contact our helpful charter agents to confirm what great charter prices are available to you.

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