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Sailing on a motorboat in the Caribbean

Sailing in the Caribbean on a motoryacht offers an unparalleled experience of crystal-clear turquoise waters, idyllic islands, and a rich tapestry of cultures. A motorboat rental in the Caribbean allows you the freedom to explore this part of the world at your own pace, discover the stunning hidden natural gems, and indulge in the Caribbean's natural beauty and vibrant atmosphere. In this guide, we will explore the pros and cons of renting a motorboat in the Caribbean, luxury motoryacht charters, great options for every group size, ideal sailing times, rental costs, required boat licenses, and some of the best routes for motorboats in the Caribbean.

The pros of renting a motorboat in the Caribbean

A motorboat charter in the Caribbean is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to be time efficient on their vacation. Motorboats offer faster speeds, allowing you to cover more distances and explore a wider range of destinations.

If your goal is to explore all the stunning beaches you have only seen pictures of thus far, a motorboat rental in the Caribbean will make your dreams come true. Motorboats generally have a shallow draft, making them the perfect water vehicles to explore the Caribbean islands and beaches.

The cons of renting a motorboat in the Caribbean

One of the downsides of a motoryacht rental in the Caribbean is the fact that motorboats solely run on fuel. This makes them generally more expensive as you also need to pay for all the additional fuel you’re using on your trip.

Finding suitable marinas and docking facilities can be a challenge, particularly during peak tourist seasons when demand for mooring spaces is high. Popular destinations may have limited berths available, requiring careful planning and early reservation to secure a spot. Although the marinas are generally well-equipped, this might pose some challenges with a motorboat charter in the Caribbean.

Charter a private luxury motoryacht in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is most certainly known as a luxury destination for those who want to soak up the sun in style. A luxury motorboat charter in the Caribbean is allowing you to do exactly that. Most of the luxurious water vehicles come with more than a basic kitchen and sundeck. In general your motoryacht will be booked with a full crew, taking care of your every need during your stay and a captain that will ensure a smooth sailing experience.

How many people can go on a motorboat in the Caribbean?

The amount of people that can be hosted on a motorboat in the Caribbean highly depends on the size of the boat, the amount of bedrooms available and whether you are sailing with a group of friends or couples - the latter matters greatly, as couples can obviously easily share a bed.

When is the best time to sail on a motorboat in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean boasts a year-round sailing season, but the optimal time to sail is during the dry season, which typically extends from December to April. This period offers calm seas, favorable winds, and comfortable temperatures. However, it's important to monitor weather conditions and be mindful of the hurricane season from June to November. Peak season for hurricanes is between August and October, which means that the Caribbean should be avoided during this time - otherwise you might put yourself and others at risk.

How much does it cost to rent a motorboat in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean certainly isn’t a budget destination, it is known to be a bit of a luxury destination, especially Martinique and the Bahamas, where the rich and famous like to vacation with a bit more privacy. A motorboat rental in the Caribbean can cost you as much as 180.000 EUR per week, but this is obviously a luxurious choice very few people can actually afford. You generally pay around 100.000 EUR per week for a lot of luxury motorboats in the Caribbean. More affordable options start at 2.900 EUR per week during high season.

What kind of boat license do I need when renting a motorboat in the Caribbean?

Aside from the turquoise waters and white sandy beaches, the Caribbean is also known as a place where you don’t need to have a boat license in order to sail and operate a boat. However, keep in mind that the different countries have different requirements.


The best routes for motorboats in the Caribbean

As the Caribbean consists of many different countries, there are also plenty of 7 day routes available for a motorboat charter in the Caribbean. With a motorboat rental in the Bahamas you can even drive all the way to Florida as the Bahamian island of Bimini is very close by. There is also a very beautiful route around the British Virgin Islands with a motorboat charter.

Route 1: Bahamas Island Hopping

Day 1 - Start in Nassau: Start your journey in Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas: Explore the vibrant city and its historical sites, such as the Queen's Staircase and Fort Fincastle. You can take the opportunity and sail around the main island. Explore the natural beauty and interesting landscapes this part of the Bahamas has to offer before returning back to the marina for the night.

Day 2 - Sail from Nassau to Allan's Cay and encounter the friendly iguanas that inhabit the island. Enjoy snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters and relax on the secluded beaches. Consisting of three uninhabited islands - except for the iguanas, of course - this is the real definition of paradise.

Day 3 - Sail from Allan’s Cay to Major Cay: Explore the famous and friendly swimming wild pigs at Big Major Cay. Witness these adorable creatures swimming and frolicking in the turquoise waters. Snorkel at Thunderball Grotto, an underwater cave made famous by the James Bond film. This is a once in a lifetime experience you wouldn’t want to miss.

Day 4: Sail from Major Cay to Pipe Cay: While you're at it, visit the stunning Thunderball Marina, not far from the famous grotto. Take a tender to the breathtaking beaches of the idyllic Pipe Creek on Pipe Cay.

Day 5 - Sail from Pipe Cay to Compass Cay: Swim with the friendly nurse sharks at Rachel's Bubble Bath. Enjoy snorkeling and sunbathing on the pristine beaches without any fear of the sharks harming you in any way. There is also a little pavilion that allows for safe anchorage.

Day 6 - Sail from Compass Cay to Highbourne Cay: Explore the stunning coral reefs, dive or snorkel at the "washing machine" dive site, known for its swirling currents and abundant marine life and sunbathe at one of the stunning beaches. This is a once in a lifetime experience for any diver.

Day 7 - Sail from Highbourne Cay to Nassau: Spend your last day exploring the city's cultural attractions, shopping for souvenirs, or relaxing on the beautiful Cable Beach. Particularly known for its paradisic look, turquoise waters and white sandy beach, you will spend a wonderful day sunbathing here.

Route 2: British Virgin Islands Paradise

Sail from Tortola to Norman Island: Tortola is the largest island in the British Virgin Islands. Explore the capital city of Road Town and provision your boat. Sail to Norman Island, where you should take some time to hike the Norman Island trails. Admire the breathtaking views of the British Virgin Islands and take in the fresh mountain air.

Cruise to Jost Van Dyke and visit the famous White Bay. Relax on the pristine sandy beach, swim in the crystal-clear waters, and enjoy a drink at the popular Soggy Dollar Bar, which has become somewhat of an institution on the island. As the sun sets you should head over to Foxy’s for a fun karaoke night. Don’t miss out on an evening at One love Bar and Grill, where you get to enjoy a refreshing drink as well as some tasty food.

Sail to Virgin Gorda and explore the Baths, a unique rock formation creating natural pools and grottos. This is a truly spectacular site to see. Enjoy snorkeling and beachcombing at Devil's Bay. If you are a hiking enthusiast, you will also be pleased to hear about the island’s fantastic mountainous landscapes and hiking trails. Gorda Peak National Park is just one spot that will take your breath away.

Cruise to Peter Island and anchor at Deadman's Bay. Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing on the pristine beach. Explore the nearby coral reefs and indulge in water sports activities to bring some action into your motorboat vacation in the Caribbean.