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Portugal's diverse coastline, from the bustling Lisbon to the tranquil Algarve, offers a unique blend of culture and natural beauty. Sail with a seasoned skipper to explore hidden coves, historic towns, and sublime seafood cuisine.
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Sailing Guide Portugal

Portugal is more than a surfer's paradise and high waves. It is also a fantastic place to rent a boat and explore the immense beauty the Portuguese coastline offers. The Algarve is known for its stunning sandy coves and beaches, in Lisbon you find delicious food and cozy bars and in Porto you can wander around the magical streets. No matter what you decide to see and do, you charter a yacht in Portugal to make the most of your vacation.

Things to do and see when sailing in Portugal

You can definitely visit the capital Lisbon and walk around Porto, but Portugal has so much more to offer. Discover the rich history, taste delicious food and listen to some traditional Fado music. When you’re done with that, you can find out what else this Southern European country has to offer. To get the best glance at the Portuguese coastline, hire a boat in Portugal.

Activities in Portugal

  • Visit Lisbon - The capital of Portugal is a beautiful city with lots of picturesque and colourful buildings with artsy tiles. Castelo de S. Jorge and the Belém Tower are just two of the many historical sites you can visit in the city. If you want to see something a bit more hip and modern, head to LxFactory.
  • Explore Porto - The Jardins do Palácio de Cristal are stunning gardens you need to see when coming here. The magnificent train station São Bento Station is also worth seeing
  • Head to the Park and National Palace of Pena, located next to Sintra. This castle is a popular day trip from Lisbon. On clear days you can even see the castle from Lisbon
  • The Benagil cave is one of Portugal’s most stunning natural wonders and should definitely be on your bucket list when coming here
  • Cabo da Roca are stunning cliffs with a big lighthouse overlooking the sea. It has been running since 1772.

Beaches in Portugal

  • Admire the turquoise waters and unique rock formations in Praia do Ribeiro do Cavalo
  • Praia da Falésia is probably best known for its red cliffs and super long stretch of sand - almost 6 kilometres! As it is quite a popular tourist destination, you will need to share this spot with many other travellers in high season. In low season you might get lucky and have the beach almost to yourself
  • Praia das Furnas is a stunning beach surrounded by magnificent cliffs and rock formations, as well as the most beautiful blue water
  • Costa da Caparica is a popular beach with locals in the South of Lisbon. Although it can get quite crowded in the summer months, it is still a very pleasant place to soak up the sun. If you want to avoid the crowds, but want to enjoy the warm weather, come here in April or October

Restaurants in Portugal

Casual dining in Portugal:

  • Rosa da Rua is a great place in Lisbon for anyone bringing a huge appetite. The all-you-can-eat-buffet ensures that you won’t leave with an empty stomach
  • DelWrap is a great place in Porto to enjoy a wholesome wrap and tasty salad bowls.
  • Stop by Fabio's RoadStop when sailing around the Algarve and crave some tasty comfort food like milkshakes and a burger

Beach restaurants in Portugal:

  • Alma Nómada in Porto Covo is a very special place on the Alentejo coast. Located in a lovely camping park makes it even more tempting to stop by for a quick bite
  • Gigi’s in Quinta do Lago is not only located in the perfect spot with a view, but offers delicious seafood. Sail across the sea during the day and savour what the sea has to offer in the afternoon

Fine dining in Portugal:

  • ALMA Henrique Sá Pessoa is a two-star-Michelin restaurant in Lisbon serving wonderful meaty and fishy dishes as well as exquisite desserts. The elegant decorum invites you to sit here for a while and take in the atmosphere as well as the food
  • Le Monument Restaurant in Porto is another fantastic Michelin star restaurant in Portugal. Be aware that there are many courses awaiting you in this restaurant

Bars and Clubs in Portugal

  • Park is a fantastic bar in Lisbon where you get to see the city from up high. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a refreshing drink in a relaxed atmosphere
  • Capela Incomum is a church turned into a bar. Sit next to the altar while sipping on a glass of wine or sangria. This is definitely a once in a lifetime experience
  • Call In Faro, fittingly located in Faro, is a great place for a night out. Fantastic music, wonderful vibes and most importantly good shots are the perfect combination for night out after a day out sailing

Explore the history of Portugal

Like Spain, Portugal has an interesting and rich history dating way back to more than 400,000 years ago when the area was inhabited by a species that is related to humans, although Portugal as a country was only founded in 1143. Like many other countries in the Mediterranean, Portugal was also invaded by the Romans and ruled by them until the German barbarians as they were called by the Romans arrived on the Iberian peninsula. The Roman Temple of Evora is one of the most impressive ancient ruins remaining from this period in time. As the Roman empire declined, Germanic tribes took control of the peninsula. It was during this time that the church started to become more popular. The Santo Ildefonso Church in Porto is one of the most beautiful churches in Portugal, but was built much later in the 18th century. The Moore’s arrived in the Middle Ages and ruled over the Iberian peninsula until the Reconquista took back the land. Castelo dos Mouros is an example of Moorish architecture on the island and a fascinating historical site.

Discover mystical Portugal

The Legend of the Lady of Lapa one about Mary, the mother of Jesus. There have been myths of seeing her in a specific spot, where it was a little more difficult to build a church or chapel than in other places. So the people took it upon themselves to build a chapel in another place. However, it happened numerous times that the image of her left and was found again in the original spot. Eventually giving in to these occurrences, they build a chapel in the boulder.

Sailing conditions in Portugal

A sailing vacation in Portugal is a fantastic opportunity to see the country from a different perspective. Sailing season is generally between April and October with the summer months July and August being the most popular months. In April the weather starts to pick up and the water is slowly heating up. In September and October it starts to become a little bit colder, but the weather is still warm. In the summer, temperatures reach 28 degrees on average.

The Nortada, the dominant Portuguese trade wind, only picks up speed in the afternoons. You should plan your sailing trips accordingly. The winds are ideal to sail north in the mornings, but south in the afternoons. If you are looking for more challenging wind conditions, you can always head further out into the Atlantic ocean and away from the coast. However, the weather conditions can often be unpredictable the further away you sail from the coast. We would therefore only recommend this to very experienced sailors. And remember: Nature is a force that you need to reckon with!

How much does it cost to rent a boat in Portugal?

It is not expensive at all to rent a boat in Portugal, in fact quite the opposite. It is extremely affordable! It will cost you only 28 EUR per person per day to rent a RIB in Portugal on average. If you want to rent a speedboat in Portugal, you will pay 43 EUR per person per day on average. Renting a sailboat in Portugal will cost you 69 EUR per person per day on average. Renting a catamaran in Portugal is the most expensive option on average, but won’t break the bank either. On average it will cost you 83 EUR per person per day to rent a catamaran in Portugal. Renting a motorboat in Portugal will cost you 80 EUR per person per day on average!

What type of boat is best for sailing in Portugal?

Depending on the type of boat holiday you would like to experience in Portugal, the area you will be sailing in and what you would like to do, you will choose your boat. If you want to explore the many beautiful places the Portuguese coastline has to offer, you would choose a different type of boat than the one you would rent if you want to make use of the ideal wind conditions.

Rent a catamaran in Portugal

Pros of renting a catamaran in Portugal

One of the advantages of renting a catamaran in Portugal is their shallow draft. It’s the perfect boat to discover all the secluded bays, beaches and coves Portugal and especially the Algarve have to offer. Catamarans enable you to sail closer to the shore and therefore anchor closer to the coast as well.

Another advantage of catamarans is the fact that they are equipped with a sail as well as an engine. This allows you to sail with the strong winds blowing at the Portuguese coast, but revert to using the engine should the wind suddenly stop blowing. This means that you don’t have to wait for the wind to pick up again before you can move forward to reach your destination.

Anyone renting a catamaran in Portugal is probably looking forward to having a fun, but relaxed vacation. Catamarans are often more spacious than other types of boats, meaning you will probably feel very comfortable and more like in a hotelroom than on board a boat.

One of the most popular catamarans to rent in Portugal is Catamaran Lagoon 42 which offers space for up to 8 people and wifi on board. A professional captain will take care of navigating and operating the boat safely in the Atlantic ocean.

Cons of renting a catamaran in Portugal

One of the downsides of renting a catamaran in Portugal can be their size. While it might be great to enjoy a bit of space while vacationing on a boat, it might become difficult to find a spot for mooring at a marina - especially during the busy summer months when the marinas are generally packed.

Charter a catamaran in Portugal

Rent a sailboat in Portugal

Pros of renting a sailboat in Portugal

Renting a sailboat in Portugal means that you can take full advantage of the amazing wind conditions. It is a well-known sailing paradise for anyone who wants to practice their sailing skills at full speed. Using the wind as your fuel means that you don’t have to worry about extra costs for petrol.

One of the most popular sailboats to rent in Portugal is Sailboat Bavaria C45 Style which is available in Praia da Vitória. Up to six people can sleep on board, making it perfect for a sailing vacation with your closest friends or family. An experienced captain is welcoming you on board and will operate the boat safely through the wild Atlantic waters. The sundeck is a very special amenity on board as sailboats generally don’t have too much space on deck left with all the necessary equipment. Snorkelling equipment and a SUP are waiting for you to add some extra fun activities to your trip.

Cons of renting a sailboat in Portugal

One of the downsides of renting a sailboat is the fact that the wind is their only fuel, meaning that they are completely dependent on it in order to sail. Should the wind suddenly stop blowing, which means that you get stuck in the middle of the ocean until the wind picks up again. Luckily, the wind conditions in Portugal are quite reliable.

Another downside can be the limited space on board and on deck. Due to the necessary sailing equipment that is needed on board, you won’t have as much space on deck as you would on board a catamaran or motorboat.

Charter a sailboat in Portugal

Rent a motorboat in Portugal

Pros of renting a motorboat in Portugal

If you want to rent a motorboat in Portugal, you are in for a treat. Motorboats are generally faster than other types of boats and easier to navigate. This gives you the advantage of driving from one place to another very fast. This means that you get to see more places in a shorter amount of time, making the most of your time vacationing in Portugal.

Another advantage of motorboats is the fact that they have a shallow draft, making them the perfect boats to discover the many stunning, but relatively secluded bays and beaches the Portuguese coast has to offer. You can sail and anchor closer to the shore, meaning that you get to experience everything from up close rather than just seeing it from a distance.

One of the nicest motorboats you can charter in Portugal is Motorboat Fairline Targa 34 which not only offers space for up to 10 guests and comes with a professional captain, but also offers a free, all-inclusive drinks package. Other amenities on board include a bimini top and a sundeck. For some extra fun, try the SUP and snorkelling equipment you can find on board.

Cons of renting a motorboat in Portugal

One of the downsides of chartering a motorboat in Portugal is the fact that they are only running on fuel. This means that you might get a hefty bill in addition to your bareboat charter. The ever-increasing fuel prices are not going to stop rising in the near future. This is something that you should consider before renting a motorboat in Portugal.

Motorboat rental in Portugal

Charter a luxury yacht in Portugal

Do you have a bigger budget and want to treat yourself and your friends to a fabulous luxury yachting adventure in Portugal? Charter a private luxury yacht in Portugal and have the most amazing time! Motorboat Canados 27 which can be chartered in Porto is a 24.45 meter long yacht that can accommodate up to 10 people. One of the best things about this boat is the fact that the captain is included in the charter. This means that you don’t need to worry about navigating and operating the boat through the wild Atlantic waters along the Portuguese coast.

Charter a luxury yacht in Portugal

What kind of boat license do you need when renting a boat in Portugal?

One of the advantages of renting a boat in Portugal is the fact that you don’t need a boat licence for all types of boats here. You only need a boat licence for boats over 15 meters long and with more than 12 km/h. Boats that are shorter and not as fast, don’t require you to have a boat licence.

Sailing routes in Portugal

The Algarve is a very popular sailing destination for sailors from all over the world. Despite the stunning nature, you can also explore the most beautiful little towns and quaint fishing villages. A scenic route on the Algarve is taking you from Portimao to Ayamonte.

Day 1 - Sail from Portimão to Lagos: Before departing the port in Portimão, you should enjoy a wonderful fish dish as the city is best known to have the best fish meals in all of Portugal. Lagos is probably best known for being surrounded by the most stunning beaches and interesting rock formations. It is also a great place to get sucked into the fun nightlife. You can either start in Portimão and take a detour to Lagos or start your journey in Lagos and sail from there to Portimão.

Day 2 - Sail from Lagos to Faro: Before departing Lagos, you should have one pastel de nata or two at Pao d’Avo Maria. Faro is one of the most popular destinations on the Algarve. This doesn’t come as a surprise! The colourful houses and scenic beaches are inviting tourists from all over the world to stroll around the streets.

Day 3 - Sail from Faro to the islands of Barreta or Culatra: The islands are a true paradise for anyone who wants to take a break from sailing and swim in the beautiful blue waters. Step onto the beach and feel the sand on your feet before jumping into the sea.

Day 4 - Sail from the islands of Barreta or Culatra to Olhão: Discover the lovely fresh produce markets in Olhão before enjoying a refreshing drink in one of the many bars the city has to offer.

Day 5 - Sail from Olhão to Ayamonte: Ayamonte is already in Spain and is a stunning sight with its white buildings. Stroll around the streets and try some tasty local dishes. It is the perfect place to soak up the sun on the 5.5 km long beach.

Day 6 and 7 - Sail from Ayamonte back to Portimão/Lagos: This might be your return journey and you’re eager to make it back in time, but be sure to stop by some scenic bays and beaches before heading back to the port where you have to give your boat back. Praia dos Arrifes is one of the most stunning beaches on the Algarve. Be sure to stop by to admire the unique rock formations on the beach as well as in the water in front of the coast. Back in Portimão or Lagos, be sure to end your sailing vacation with a glass of Portuguese wine and a delicious meal at a local restaurant.

Sailing Locations in Portugal

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