Black Sand Beaches in Europe

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Black sand beaches are one of nature’s most luring phenomena. Found throughout the world, there are several intriguing volcanic islands around Europe that are home to beautiful black sand beaches – many of which, can be reached by boat while on your next sailing holiday.

Tip: Make sure to bring flip-flops or sandals when you head ashore from your boat because this sand tends to get quite hot in the summer!

Explore the black sand beaches in Europe:

Europe’s Incredible Black Sand Beaches


Greece’s beloved island of Santorini is home to several black sand beaches, the most famous of which, is Kamari Beach.


  • the indigo waters of the Aegean Sea create an alluring contrast to the granular black sand of Kamari
  • great restaurants and bars that offer an incredible view
  • fantastic place for snorkelling and scuba diving
  • the beach has also been awarded the Blue Flag.

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black sand beach santorini

Tenerife, Canary Islands

Located off the coast of north-west Africa, the Spanish Canary islands are home to several unique beaches. You’ll find one of the most captivating black sand beaches on the volcanic island of Tenerife. El Bollullo has retained much of its natural beauty. Here you won’t find any cafes or facilities – it’s just you and the beautiful Atlantic.

Explore more of Tenerife and the Canary Islands by sea. 

black sand beach tenerife


Vik is located on the southern coast of Iceland and is home to one of the most impressive black sand beaches in the country.


  • the black pebble shore of Reynisfjara is a must-see when visiting Iceland
  • on Reynisfjara you’ll find many seabirds including puffins
  • here you can enjoy the lovely basalt column cliff and sea stacks.
black sand beach iceland


True to its name, the island of Vulcano, located off the coast of Sicily, features several interesting black sand beaches that were formed by the island’s volcano


  • one of the most popular black sand beaches to visit is located along Porto di Ponente.
  • le Spiaggia Sabbia Nera is a great place to relax and swim in southern Italy’s warm and clear waters.
  • you can also enjoy Vulcano’s mud bathes, which are believed to have special healing powers.

Learn more about Vulcano and the other Aeolian Islands and set sail from Furnari on the island of Sicily.   

sicily vulcano italy


Located off the western coast of Portugal, the nine volcanic islands that make up the Azores archipelago has some of the world’s most beautiful and unspoilt beaches including the black sand beach of Praia da Vitoria on the island of Terceira, which is also known as the “Lilac Island”. Another terrific beach is found on the island of Sao Miguel and is called Praia Moinhos.

Discover the Azores on your next yacht charter in Portugal

black sand portugal

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