The Ultimate Guide to Caribbean Party Islands

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Borrow A Boat loves to party. We’ve previously covered the best party islands in the world and zoned in on the best island destinations in Europe for party lovers. The latest addition to our party series explores the best Caribbean party islands:

Due to its perfect weather all-year long, turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, vibrant nightlife and tropical flavors, the Caribbean is the best place to escape with your friends for an unforgettable holiday. If you’re planning a renting a sailboat to the area, we’d definitely recommend island hopping so you can experience as much as possible.

The 10 Best Islands for the Caribbean Party and Nightlife


Where do we even start? Jamaica is an awesome location for everyone who loves waking up in a tropical paradise after partying hard. One of our favourite party beaches in Jamaica is the Seven Mile Beach in Negril. The beach is renowned not only for its dramatic sunsets and long-haired windsurfers, but also for its legendary parties. This is not a tranquil place (the Blue Lagoon might be a better destination for a relaxing day at the beach) – the Seven Mile Beach is buzzing with bars serving ice cold Red Stripes, people from all over the world, live music and street vendors selling sizzling skewers and fresh fruits.

Caribbean party islands

There are open fires and grills offering Caribbean-style food and serving rather strong cocktails served in pineapples and coconut shells. There are numerous events taking place every week – you’re guaranteed to make new friends and have the party of a lifetime whenever you choose to visit. Fun fact: this is also the longest beach in Jamaica.


If you want to party in Trinidad, you’ll have to learn some of the slang. If you want to go out and enjoy the up-all-night and music-heavy nightlife, you might say you’re “limin’ hard.” If you’re looking to kick back at an outdoor bar, you could say you’re limin’ soft. And thankfully, in the larger island of Trinidad and Tobago, you have many opportunities to do both of the above. If you’re with a group, head to Rust Street, where dancehall music from the local bars fill the streets with energy. Or get dressed up and dance the night away at any one of the nightclubs in Port of Spain or San Fernando. Close out the night with the sweet assurance that you can rest your body the next day at a beautiful Trini beach.

Caribbean party islands
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Aruba, mostly known for its rum and romantic settings, is also an excellent choice for party goers. Gorgeous sandy beaches, palm trees, enormous palapas (shade huts) packed with people dancing to the rhythm of the island’s beats, coconut rum, Blue Curacao, tequila and peach schnapps, friendly bar staff who know their cocktails: Aruba has it all. There’s even a party bus (the Kukoo Kunuku party bus). This article talks about the best party locations in Aruba in more detail.

Best Caribbean party beaches

Puerto Rico

The best time for boat rental in Puerto Rico? Any time, of course. If you love festivals, however, make sure to plan your visit either around January or June. In January, the San Sebastian Festival is taking place – ideal if you’re into things like Mardi Gras. In June, the entire island turns into an all-night party for the Noche de San Juan. Puerto Rico is not only the nightlife capital of the Caribbean, but also the birthplace of the piña colada- the quintessential island cocktail.

Caribbean party islands
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Whatever your mood, Antigua will sure to keep you entertained. Whether it’s dancing the night away at one of the island’s top clubs, barhopping or trying your luck at a casino, the island will be sure to satisfy your senses. Recover from the night’s festivities at Shirley Heights Lookout for their Sunday afternoon BBQ, a great meeting point for locals, celebrities and visitors. Grab a drink and some food and enjoy the sounds of the Caribbean as you dance, mingle and relax under the setting sun.

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St. Barts

Get ready for an evening party-hopping on luxurious yachts and private villas on the Caribbean’s chicest island and one of its best-kept secrets. Also known as the Caribbean French Riviera, the island is full of gourmet restaurants, top-notch bars and beautiful people. Spend your Christmas holiday on St. Barts and join other revelers as the entire island turns into a giant open-air party. Grab a drink at one of the island’s fabulous beachfront bars and get ready for celebrity spotting as private jets and superyachts arrive on this tiny island of paradise.

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Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke is the ultimate destination for partygoers and sailors in search of the best tropical libations. During the day, relax on the white sandy beaches and enjoy the island’s laid-back lifestyle. At night, get ready for bar-hopping around some of the British Virgin Islands’ best bars. Cruise on over to Jost Van Dyke for the Caribbean’s best New Year’s Eve and Halloween parties at the infamous Foxy’s Bar or join one of the numerous yacht parties in the Great Harbor.

Swim to the Soggy Dollar Bar, the birthplace of “the Painkiller”, the Caribbean’s most famous cocktail. In the past, the bartender would hang your “soggy dollars” (wet from the swim over to the bar) to dry as you enjoy a concoction of premium dark Rum, Cream of Coconut, Pineapple and Orange Juice, topped with fresh grated Grenadian Nutmeg.

Caribbean party islands
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Barbados is the place to get-away from it all. Home to some of the best nightlife in the Caribbean, you’ll get swept away by the local beats that influenced music icon, Rihanna. Enjoy sunbathing on pristine beaches and surfing during the day then make your way to the south coast to find the best rum bars (Barbados is supposedly the birthplace of rum), beachside clubs and open-air parties or head to St. Lawrence Gap and get a pint at one of the many English-style pubs.

Top 10 summer cocktail recipes Borrow A Boat
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St. Maarten/St. Martin

Cure the winter blues by heading to the stunning metropolitan island of St. Maarten (Dutch side) or St. Martin (French side) where you’ll experience pristine beaches, fantastic food and vibrant nightlife on this island. Legend has it that the French/Dutch border on the island was established after a drinking contest in the 18th century. Consequently, St. Maarten/St. Martin is also said to have more bars per capita than any other Caribbean island today. The island is also home to the Las Vegas of the Caribbean with 14 casinos on the Dutch side. St. Maarten/St. Martin likes to get the party started early so head to the beach for a BBQ as the sun sets, enjoy a few tasty concoctions during the island’s rolling happy hours and revel in the sounds of reggae when the stars come out and the real party begins.

Caribbean party islands
Image by Serge Melki

St. Lucia

St. Lucia is widely known for its pristine beaches, authentic culture and unspoiled landscapes, but it is also the perfect place for adventure seekers and party goers. You’ll be sure to enjoy the alluring tropical plants, flowers and flavors while exploring historic fortresses, small villages and orchards filled with exotic fruits like coconuts, papayas and mangos. During the evening hours, you’ll find plenty going on Rodney Bay Village. Try the island’s local Piton beer, savor local treats every Friday night at the fishing village of Gros during its lively street parties.

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