Top 5 Snorkeling Locations in Croatia

By Anna

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Croatia is the land of over 1,000 islands and a true sailing paradise – but underwater is where some its best treasure lie. Of all the many great locations, we have made it simple for you by choosing our top five locations to go snorkeling. And the best of it all? You can even connect all these amazing snorkeling locations while sailing in Croatia. Determine where to go and discover the beauty of the underwater world during your yacht charter holiday in Croatia.

Our Top 5 Picks for Snorkeling in Croatia

Vis Island

Anyone who wants to discover a true underwater world should travel to Vis Island. There you will witness a true and undisturbed paradise beneath the sea. The deep turquoise waters are as clear as you can find making it easy to discover nature’s wildlife. Getting to Vis Island is easiest by a ferry or simply renting a boat of your own. It is located the furthest off the coast of Dalmatia and hosts 11 smaller cities spread over the island, namely Vis and Komiza.

sailing the high seas croatia
The beautiful underwater world of the island of Vis awaits.

National Park Brijuni

Brijuni National Park is one of the eight national parks in Croatia. Lying on the coast of Istria and just a few kilometers from the town of Pula, the Brijuni Islands are fantastic for snorkeling and sailing trips. In a national park, the biodiversity is particularly protected so you can find a peaceful and untouched natural environment. Another special feature is the historical past of this island. You can marvel at the many ancient Roman ruins around the island and even underwater. The national park offers guided snorkeling tours, while the main island of Veli Brijun offers something very unique- an underwater archaeological tour! If you want to dock your boat for these, you may do so only at the main island.

visit the culture and history of Croatia
Roman ruins in Brijuni National Park.

Island Lošinj

Located on the coast of Kvarner Bay, this island is ideal for a snorkeling trip. There are numerous beautiful bays, filled with fish and exotic plants. You can also sail up and along the coast of Veli Losinj for your chance of spotting dolphins in one of the many small bays. 

Makarska Riviera

This famous riviera is a section of the Croatian Adriatic coast in Dalmatia and extends for about 60 kilometers. Dive in and discover fish, small octopus, sea urchins, small crabs and much more in the crystal clear waters. Another plus of the Makarska Riviera in Croatia are the numerous beautiful beaches. Despite the high popularity and the many travelers during the summer, secluded coves are still numerous. They just have to be discovered. For this, we definitely recommend renting your own boat. Drop anchor wherever you like, jump into the water, and off you go to discover the underwater world of this unique riviera.

Cape Kamenjak

Another top area for a snorkeling trip at the southern tip of Istria. The visibility underwater is hard to beat and invites you to go looking for spider crabs, seahorses and other creatures of the Adriatic. The caves of Cape Kamjak are also good for snorkeling along with many rocky swimming holes and places for cliff jumping. “Simply let go” seems to be the motto to live by here.

sailing in Croatia
Into the water: Cape Kamenjak

Croatia offers many more besides these top five snorkeling sites. Consider planning a sailboat rental in Croatia to discover them all and create your very own epic snorkeling trip. It would most certainly be a trip of a lifetime!

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