The Best Party Islands in Europe

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When it comes to party islands, Europe has it all. Greece, Spain and Croatia all boast fantastic resorts dedicated to open-air clubbing. Foam parties, paint parties, beach parties, champagne debauchery, DJs, music festivals, private beaches: you won’t be limited when it comes to picking activities. You won’t be short of places to visit either, there’s plenty of party islands to choose from. There’s a whole universe beyond Ibiza out there (although it remains a classic choice, of course, and needs to be done at least once in a lifetime).

Best party islands in Europe:

The Best Party Islands in Europe

Best party islands in Europe

And why only choose one island to party on? Europe is a relatively small continent (as continents go), and many of its islands are in close proximity to one another. Rent a boat and get your party on, boat style.

And here are some party island recommendations to get you started.

Hvar, Croatia

If Dubrovnik is the ‘pearl of the Adriatic‘, then Hvar is its naughty mermaid cousin who loves to dance until the sun rises. In its article on the best beach clubs and bars in Europe, The Guardian mentions no fewer than two venues in Hvar. Hvar has a great vibe and a fantastic selection of bars and clubs. It’s far less crowded than places like established party capital Ibiza but at the same there are enough people from around the world and enough truly spectacular clubs to make Hvar any partygoer’s dream.

For a somewhat meta experience, try island-within-the-island bar Carpe Diem. Head over to the harbour for midnight and sip some bubbly until you get ferried to the bar island after 1am. DJs, swimming pools, campfires, palm trees, dancers, and cocktails out of this world – Carpe Diem has it all.

Other notable venues include Hula Hula – by far the best place to mingle and have a drink as the sun sets behind the waves of the Adriatic. The bar is located right in the rocks over the water – and it’s the place to be for drinks and pre-party mingling.

Best Party Island Europe

Rent a boat in Hvar and explore many hidden gems that can only be reached by boat.

Pag, Croatia

Home to two of Croatia’s most famous clubs, Kalypso and Papaya, Pag is the fifth largest island in the country, and also the one with the longest coastline. Naturally, this means there is a lot of space for beach parties. Come June time, revellers from around the world visit Pag for its famous Hideout festival. The festival describes itself as ‘the ultimate electronic summer party‘ – and they might just be right. The event attracts a huge number of great acts – Jamie XX is one of the headliners this year.Have a look at this video for a glimpse of last year’s electronic extravaganza:

There’s much more to Pag than its music scene and open-air clubbing. It’s a beautiful island with long sandy beaches, surrounded by pristine water. On a very different note, Pag is also known for its lace making and local cheese. So there’s that.

Party Islands in Europe

Zante, Greece

Zante, or Zakynthos, is a Greek island on the Ionian Sea famous for its stunning beaches, secluded coves and wild nights. There couldn’t possibly be a more beautiful location to blow off steam – your holiday snaps will make every single one of your Facebook friends green with envy. There are a LOT of rad events to choose from in July and August: VVIP Sunset Yacht Party, the White Party, the paint party and many more.

Europe Best Party Islands

Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos is of almost the same caliber of awesome as Ibiza, while also preserving its rich history and charming ambiance. Hardcore clubbers can enjoy some of the best open-air parties in the Mediterranean and still wake up and explore the island’s diverse cuisine and natural beauty.

Some of the best clubs include Skandinavian Disco, Cavo Paradiso and Space Dance

Read our sailing guide in Mykonos for more insights.

party island mykonos

Ayia Napa, Cyprus

There are some 250 bars and clubs welcoming partygoers at one of Europe’s most loved islands. Napa Square is where most of the best places are located – and you can’t miss it. Top places to try include Senior Frog’s, The Castle Club and Pepper Bar Lounge.

Rent a catamaran in Greece to truly experience what the country has to offer not only in terms of partying but also history and culture.

Europe Party Islands


Although less popular than Ibiza, Mallorca’s clubs attract some of the world’s best DJs and promoters. Magaluf, one of Europe’s clubbing-destination giants is located here, and it’s home to some of the most famous summer parties – here’s a useful resource for finding the best parties in Magaluf.

group of friends cheering with champagne in mallorca

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